Saturday, December 31, 2011

well, whadyaknow? there'd been party all over and hanging out with friends.. thus.

anyway, it's almost New Year... are you feeling optimistic of the year to come? or is it really the end of the world, so we should party like it's the end of the world, ehy?

ah, whatever... we'll cross the bridge.

this last few days of this week had been fun! i couldn't really tell ya the nitty, sleazy gritty of things as it's quite *cough* *cough* "dark." hah! literally.

but it wasn't all fun cos as i've mentioned a few post below, the weather had been short of brutal these days and yeah, i had bouts of fever, flu, LBM... ya know, the works.

geezz, my BFF is here...

chiao everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


very handy.

in these times of drunkenness and hangover, you would wanna stock-up on them.

alcohol causes dehydration... thus.

remember though, this isn't about you.. or me...

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

ooohhhh... mmhhyyyy....

seems like a virus is goin' around... i gotta a feeling. the weather is just crazy these days, huh? everyone i know or bump into are having some kinda flu or coughing incessantly. i, myself is having some kinda dry throat. better get your vitamin C handy. eat your veggies and lotsa fruits... maybe some orange or pineapple juice.

nuff said.

what happened in Mindanao recently just shows how our world had decayed so fast. this year had been marred with catastrophe after catastrophe i've lost count.

in recent years, we all witnessed that too. tsk.. tsk..

it's just how it is. ya gotta stay positive.

anyway, holiday is coming up. i gotta tell ya, enjoy the cholesterol but keep things in moderation. at the end of the day, all of those thing you put inside your body, they are gonna come back to you in one way or another... remember the golden rule "what you sow, you shall reap."

here's sending you some positive vibration... and a happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

party, party!!!!

party here, party there, party everywhere!!!!


i'm getting fat again!!!

anywho, this is all gonna come to pass. things are gonna go back to normalcy when January comes by...

that's the big hope.

after suffering some kinda bummed elbow, it just made my transition to the 5/3/1 program a lot, lot sooner than expected.. it's better this way as i barely overtrained.. everything's set so no more unnecessary skirting here and there.

better F-O-C-U-S.

the Excel spreadsheet wherein i chart my progress with them big lifts is also done.

meanwhile, four more days...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

overtraining.. could kill

i finally hit a one RM (rep max) of two hundred twenty pounds (220 lbs) on my barbell bench press the other day. it was a glorious day for me! well, if you're a hardcore lifter, that ain't much really. some can even get twice, thrice, four times as heavy. in my case however, it's BIG cos i've been benching since many years back wrongly.

once i got the proper form and it happened not too long ago, the numbers went up, finally.

i got a little too excited and well, overtrained along the way. my right elbow is a bit sore. my shoulders and upper pec are probably inflamed. i know when i overtrained cos the next morning, my body feels unusually warmer.

i have to stop some upper pressing movements as of the moment.. instead, had some lower body exercises and did a lot of pull-ups, chins and neutral positions (palm facing each other)... in that particular order as it represents the hardest to the easy part.

just trying to train smartly now and listen to what the body's saying. ya don't wanna force the issue when you know you'll end up injured.

i'm gonna do Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 really soon and hope to stick by it. i'm a fan of his training style and no BS comments and advise... pretty straightforward. however, i don't like his music, religion and steroids. any other beliefs not related to training, i have to skip it.

two days later of doing all sorts of chest exercises, am still fried.

i really have to start tapering down on this thing.. i'm not getting any younger, aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

so. there.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

that's all i have today... enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Christmas

so we just had our Christmas party last Saturday. as far as i can remember, it all went well. nothing exceptional happened.. especially with yours truly.

didn't got wasted to the point of blackout or did anything gutsy.. under the influence, anyone gets ballsy or do some of the stupidest unimaginable thing to mankind.. i should know, i had a few misfortunes like that.. heh!

for many years now, i haven't won anything major-major in the raffle draws.. seems like lady luck had been stingy with me since forever... shower me somethin', will ya!

i'm getting a lot of flak with my job these days... sadly.

i can come up with many, many valid excuses.. like how hard it is to cope-up with the increasing sales, additional branches to serve, the many people i depend with who are unreliable and how i'm doing all this single-handedly whilst all the other companies who do this kinda job have at least two people to compliment each other.. yeah, excuses.. excuses..

but nah, i could have done better. modesty aside, even with all the excuses mentioned, i can really roll with them punches.. i mean, it isn't really that hard. i just need more time and focus. maybe, a few motivation here and there. a pay hike would be the clincher. yay!

anywayz, lets see how it goes. if i feel like i can't handle the heat anymore, better get the F out of the kitchen!

to me right now, work is just a necessity to get by.. it's not something i enjoy doing anymore. in fact, if i get fired tomorrow, it would be a huge weight off of my shoulders.

you know, you slave yourself to get that desired result, but people don't see the effort behind all of it... all they see is how "easy" you come up with the conclusion.. so they go "why's it taking this long?" or "how come this is the one that came out when it's supposed to be this and that?" all the why's and the how's can really stress the shit out of you... if you take everything too seriously, ponder hard on it and take 'em to bed, you could really end up with nightmares.. LOL!


some. people.

rant off.


since upgrading to IOS5, my iphone (3GS) had been marred with lag in loading apps.. bummer!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

night shiftin'

well, it's tough. working out at night. sleeping is the hardest. peeing frequently is worst.

so, i tried for two straight nights to hit the gym around seven in the evening. i'm not really new to this time except that i haven't been doing that for quite sometime now. it's crazy, tell ya that. too much crowd slash poseurs all over. there are a few strong mofos and select serious lifters. other than that, i couldn't care less what the others are doing.

the cardio area is really full. you'd be lucky to get a slot with them machines.. even the hard-to-use-ones-cos-they're-exhausting-to-do are all jammed packed as well.

there's a lot of consideration when working out at this time.. drinking or popping pre-workout cocktail is definitely a no-no when you have to sleep early cos you need to wake up early... for two straight nights i had trouble sleeping cos i had too much caffeine.. a key ingredient in my pre-workout drink (jack3d). last night i had to sip some brandy to calm my nerves cos the jitter is unbearable.

no caffeine usually means a less than stellar workout especially at these hours as my body is used to relaxing and well, for eons, it means downhill after office hours for me.

that's one of the big reason why i need to hit the gym during the day.

i don't really mind the time.. what's important is i get my behind in there.. the predicament comes in later.. like it's so sleepy driving home and when you wanna sleep, you can't.

when i workout, i usually consume a gallon of water rather easily. i try to shave off that amount of water in the evening but, boy, i'm still peeing like a faucet at night.. i'm seriously thinking about getting an adult diaper so i can sleep like a baby!

guess i'm gonna have to solder on for a few more days.. weeks or months.. we'll see how this goes.

on the bright side, there's plentiful of eye-candy during these times.. when most people are off from work. i just wish i didn't have to wake-up at five in the morning to prep for my food for the day, bringing Neil to school and my arse, off to work... haaaaahhh... i gotta win some lotto jackpot somehow so i could live like a king!

then, i can workout at night 'til i drop, sleep like a log later (or party if i can't sleep yet), and wake up the next day when i wanna. how's that for a life, yeah?

dream big, right?

being lazy is a bad idea though.


bad vibes envelopes the house these days... i hope for 'em to go away.. soon.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

yo mah angel

how time flies, yeah?

mah baby is gonna be two year years old in like days. seems t'was just yesterday when she came to us and we were all messed up with her crying and all... how're we supposed to take care of this baby that we didn't even  plan to have?

to be honest, we're just glad to have her around.. even with all things considered (read: time, effort, sleepless nights, expense, etc.), she just made our home exciting again... Neil is growing up fast and he's not cute anymore, sadly haha!

our little Angel is quite cuddly and affectionate.. ya know, she just loves to be carried around the house.. amazing how i can go lift heavy ass weight and kill it in the treadmill or other cardio machines, but when i carry her, i tire out rather easily. she's getting heavier everyday, by the way!

you know what time it is? it's twenty hundred hours (20:00). i'm gonna be doing leg work tomorrow with all the squattin' and pain in between. it'll be glutes, hamstrings and quads.

yes, it's twenty hundred and five hours now.. am way pass my beauty sleep. LOL!

i'm gonna be watching some porn movies and hopefully be able to go to la-la land early... so, i'll see you when i see you.. chiao!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

whatever happened to these beautiful ladies?


today didn't go as expected. nothing's planned though except that there were things i reckoned it was gonna be but it all went to zit.

i expect some important emails; to do exactly this but digress along the way; a fruitful reply; an adventure.

boy, was i disappointed.

yep, that's all i got.

some days...


Friday, December 02, 2011


i had a two day off from the gym... well, one was a needed respite, the other was just too much work. yeah, the work had been really riding me these days! it doesn't help that my effing supervisor is up my ass with pressure to get things done.. i'm actually having some kinda headache right now. ugh!

so much for that and on to my favorite subject...

another awesome shoulder workout today!

it didn't come as a surprise as i've been busting my chops to get my numbers up in doing shoulder presses. i've pretty much set a new PR (personal record) doing shoulder presses from the pins. roughly 190 pounds for a good three repetitions. i think that it had something to do with my grip strength. someone said and i agree that your ability to move the weight starts when you grip the bar. it's like when you hold the bar, you just go and picture tearing them apart. Dave Tate said something along that line and i must say, i'm a believer now of that principle.

anyway, i've pretty much gotten stronger in almost all facets of lifting.. but i'm not there yet. ya know, it's exciting and there are days that i look forward to just reaching my goal... it feels remarkable to have gotten that far and moving such amount of weight but at the same time it's frustrating when i realize i can't move any more weight cos my body, especially the CNS (central nervous system) is signalling me it's over. it is tired and exhausted and even though the mind is willing, the body has been weakened considerably.

so those are the highs and lows.

kroc rows and farmer's walk had gotten my grip stronger. they can also withstand longer use... in short, they tire a li'l longer than usual.

meanwhile, poseurs are scattered all over the gym like dog shit. hah!

you know, they must've started workin' out yesterday and today they're wearing top-tanks already. show-offs!

others look like they know their thing.. they go start bench pressin' with heavy ass weight but funny thing though, they just move the bar like a few inches off the rack. then after just 2-3 sets they go call somebody (usually, personal trainers) to help them move the weight. yeah, to sorta spot them but them PT's end up lifting the weights themselves.

i got one word for these people, LEAVE YER EGO AT THE DOOR, YA DIMWIT!

ok that's and handful, gotta a problem with that?

but, kidding aside, i use to be like that myself. these days, if i can't do it properly, i eat humble pie and lower the weights. i get better stimulation doing that and it's gotten me even more stronger.

last but not the least...