Friday, August 16, 2013

Monday, August 05, 2013


i'm on a roll.. i know.

well, before this thought escapes my toasted brain cells, here goes my little epistle tonight.....

i have two groups of friends. well, one isn't part of this group. he happens to be my best pal.

anyhoo, this first group are my friends from work and we go a long way back. they are now former office-mates of mine.

we still hangout once in a while. it's definitely more fun in this crew.

the other, well, they are my wifeys friend's hubbies.

this crew is just as cool but are more on the serious side.. obviously, you can't let your guard down when you know the wifeys are hanging out together with us.

anyway, so what's the point?

well, nothing really.

i sorta just wanna put them out in here. i rarely have friends cos i'm quite picky. worst, i prefer to be alone most of the time unless there's an "adventure" worth risking it all. i mean, yeah. there's still that "all or nothing" attitude left in me.

even my son Neil feels alluded with my style. i can't blame him really. i wish i'd be more outgoing and sociable. it is what it is. you can change your skin but what's inside your heart, it remains. i think my bro and my sister at some degree have this loner characteristic in them.

we hang out last Saturday with the fun group. it's been over a month or two since we last saw each other. as usual, we never run out of stories and stuff to talk about. i thought we were done with the half full of whisky but then my other pal whip out a half empty whisky! damn, dude?!?

and then, we gulped the beers in can 'til this pal yet again pulled another trick off his bag. some drink i don't know what but we sipped on it anyway.

good thing my other pal who brought along his wife who happens to be our ex-office-mate also kept prodding him to hit the road already cos right around this time, we were on the brink of being of out of it. lights out, baby!

so, there goes my little episode for tonight. too gleeful it's a holiday tomorrow!!

peace out.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

i LOLed!

was commenting yesterday about this scandal and found out my comment was included in the write up today. it's kinda nice the writer took notice of what i said.. jokingly, of course.

it's for you to find out....

Friday, August 02, 2013


tonight, i got the last laugh.

well, i had some doubts and apprehension going to the gym tonight. tired from work and possibly a DOM (google is your friend!) from a previous workout.

not only that, while negotiating to park in the open parking area, there wasn't any vacant space. going out, still undecided 'til i reached back to the main road. if i turn right, it's home. left, i go back and try to park in the covered area.

did the latter. ample space. no more excuses.

saw this turk guy who is really jacked and effing strong. i've always thought i'm stronger but every time we bump in the gym, either i'm always at the tail end of my workout or de-loading... meaning, he sees me doing pussy lifts.

in short, i wasn't too impressive.

so when i saw him walk inside the gym, i go "i will outlift you tonight bro" on my mind.

while i was lifting the 100lb dumbbells (DB's) doing decline press, he stared intently. he probably think i was gonna struggle with it. t'was hard but i made it. then shoulder press the 95 pounder DB's... check. deadlift almost 400lbs.

he can bench 200lbs alright. also seen him do the 100lb DB bench press. but he can't beat me with the shoulder press as well as the deadlift. i didn't even squat yet!

lesson to be learned here: don't get too cocky. you think you're the best, but someone out there is better than the best. for cryin' out loud, he's probably juicing for all i care. this right here bud is nothin' but organic.

i have better stories but too lazy to think or post 'em all. worst, SmartBro came up with this stupid and downright unfair smart bro fair usage policy wherein they'll be happy to cap your internet speed if you reached a certain bandwidth use. sucks!

anyway, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...