Thursday, June 28, 2012

crack is whack

my right knee feels funny. too much leg work, i guess.

my gym is on a crackdown. locker crackdown, that is. see, i took a pretty good advantage of them lockers. they were quite lax with the whole thing but as the time went by, they are slowly getting into my nerves.

oh well. some good things never last.

goin' back to the knee, i think i've lost lotsa tendons there with all sorts of exercise i've thrown its way. good thing no mishap happened or i'd be on a wheelchair now. see, it feels like there's some lose screw on my right knee that at some point in time while walking on the treadmill or doin' squat, it seems ready to bend or detach itself. weird? you got that right!

another snag. yet another reason to back off from all that gymin'. it's better to drink, dine and be merry yeah?!? NOT!!!

at twenty one hundred and fourteen hours (09:41 pm) i'm ready to hit the sack. i am getting really old, huh? it used to be that i sleep like twelve midnight or in the wee hours of the morning like on a regular basis.

geez, between nine and ten in the evening, it's lights out baby!!! it's been the norm since, uhm... shiz, i can't even begin to remember!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

somethin' somethin'

so we had an excuse to go beachin' today. some dickhead, err, guy in the family had a birthday. off we went.

nice beach. bet we'll come back again soon. but, not the way we went today. we were so cramped up in the vehicle. good for me, i'm the driver. i get to have my seat all by myself. them, it was an exhibition of some stunt you'd only find on TV like that "Ripley's" thing.

then, i hate driving at night. the road leading back to where we're at was so dark and worst, under repair! good thing wifey can drive cos my eyeballs are about to pop looking at the road which, duh, road visibility was at its worst. picture a very dark road, lotsa potholes and heavy rain.

anyway, been watching bio movies or series and stuffs. just finished watchin' Hatfields & McCoys. highly recommended.

time to go ZZzzzzz...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

B i g g i e

yeah, yeah!!

finished watching this guy's bio film, THUS. kinda sad but inspiring as well.


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Manny Pacquiao's last fight was marred with controversy. today's, well, it had to be even more dubious. but hey, you can argue however you want, me thinks it ain't gonna change a thing. i'm not gonna stress myself out over that. even Pacquiao was graceful enough to acknowledge he lost even though he knew he won decisively. i saw it. some of you did. we know what exactly happened. just breath and let it go. let the mob kings, queens and bookies figure it out.

now, gimme my darn popcorn!!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

lived another day

yesterday, i had... well, i dunno how to say it - i wasn't ready to workout! actually, i skipped monday's workout cos i felt i wasn't ready yet. my CNS was still revolting after last saturday's balls-to-the-walls session. since time was pretty tight, when i had the chance to get my arse into the gym, i wanted to start real quick.. but, sister called. we talk for almost an hour. by then, the last meal i took was almost a goner. completely digested, to be exact.

there wasn't any way i'm gonna go out and get some food anymore.. i just soldered on and hope i'd be fine. it was LEG day. that's a capital L-E-G cos it's one exhausting session. anyone who trains legs knows how it'll sapped your energy to the ground.

anyway, i figured i'll do front squat. you don't see to many gym rat do that thing. i do 'em regularly! then, when i'm done with them set i'd go do walking lunges. i imagined, if i wanna have a really nice pair of wheels, i better do the hard things.

so there.

that's when i almost had a mishap.

about the fourth set of doing back-to-back of front squat and walking lunges, i almost fainted. i felt light-headed and it was almost lights out!!

i was ready to collapse, man!

shook myself momentarily and immediately call it a day. that would have been an emergency. the gym would have been in chaos and it would have been another one of those "most" embarrassing moment in my shit-list.

good thing, i got away with it.

nonetheless, today was better. took a nice good meal one hour before hitting the gym and blasted shoulders and chest to oblivion! had a strong session all throughout.

it was awesome, dude!

on the western front, sister just texted me the deets of what went down with my brother and his father-in-law's almost all out brawl... what happened to him and that prick, err, father of his, ain't no laughing matter. but, i'll save that for tomorrow's... i'm too thrashed, hun!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


well, i just received some disturbing news about my brotha abroad. while me and sis were chatting over the phone, he texted sis about him and his father-in-law almost getting into a brawl. if my sister received a text like that from me, i don't think she'd be surprised. i mean, i'm kinda like the guy who gets into trouble with my in-laws and usually, when there's trouble at home or anywhere, it's almost always a brawl!

my bro is like a gentle giant. when we were younger, he'd resort to crying when somebody in schools starts a fight with him. me being the older brah, i take care of the business (his enemies).

you know, i haven't seen him in person for over a decade now. he was a bit of a pain in the ass while he was here. guess being single and all, he's too carefree. he was like a boarder at home and pretty much lived like a king. but, having been married and all, he's pretty much a better man. sister could attest to that. i guess it all boils down to ya know, in-laws living with you.. i know i don't like my in-laws around me -- often. they're OK to see sometimes but when they're in your face most of the time, it gets annoying.. what's bad is when they start calling the shots at home.. and the worst part? they're not even the one that's putting food on the table!!

if i was there and saw what went down, you can bet your ass i'll be the one to do the whopping or get whopped at... doesn't matter as long as it's not him that got beaten. i have always been like that - to my family. maybe some friends. i get really suicidal for them when something nasty like that happens.

make sure when there's a brawl, no one tries to stop it. especially me!! it is important that everyone around knows we're just trying to let off some steam.. somebody's gonna get hurt but no one's gonna get killed, i promise! well, i don't know about the opponent but i don't intend to kill anyone unless the situation deteriorates further.

what happens when someone stops the fight and you end up in a bad position, pray you don't get beaten to the pulp!

anyway, i imagined seeing a better picture of him and his family compared to me and my gang. but what do you know, life's full of surprises.. them twist and turn, it's hard to predict what's goin' next.

i feel really, really bad for him right now.. i wish i can be there for him. i hope they settle it sooner or later. i don't know.

hang in there brah.. i love you.