Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'Tis the Season

well.. well..

Merry Christmas!!

belated, yeah.

my Christmas wasn't exactly the way i want it to be.. i wanted it to be quiet. no fuss.. no visitors (bwisitors to be precise), no videoke.. no loud bangs, bangs..

ya know, simple.

i'm not a relative of The Grinch, but yeah, i kinda find it hard to be on a 'celebrating' mode when lotsa people's got no food on their table.

but they won't have it tho. them wifey and her baggages.. go figure!

long story, short - i was bored.

anyway, Christmas is ain't about me, you or anybody else but Christ.

so, Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!


meanwhile, it's almost New Year.. i still feel the same.. to keep it simple.

no big bangs of firecrackers which by the way, lotsa kids suffered mishaps last Christmas eve.

kids.. kids.. they're getting out of control these days. i mean, whatever happened to them, huh?

i'm speaking as a parent having a first-hand experience. it's not like i can look for my son the whole time cos i gotta bust my chops out there so i can feed this family.. having a "career" wife just makes it worst. she just don't have that motherly nurturing my kids need.

the baby is now one and she spends more time with her yaya (babysitter) than her mah... wifey's like she's just gotten out the cage or off the leash that she's on a roll having fun most of the time spending more time with her friends even on weekends... sigh.. whatta predicament, yeah?!?

i can't blame her entirely.. since time immemorial, i've been content spending time indoors than go out.. well, i've done all (almost, i guess) sorts of crazy things saved for bungee jumping and skydiving, so i kinda lost that zest for adventure.. not to mention, i gotta stay in one piece cos i can't think for myself anymore as now many people depend on me.

the only time i get to risk a bit or do some stupid shit, albeit controlled, is when i'm in the gym.

otherwise, i'm too careful... driving, drinking or just plainly going through the day. i barely socialize or go out with friends... there were plenty of parties and invites when december came in, i opted not to expound whenever the subject is discussed.

if you've been reading the news, so many unfortunate things happened outside cos people these days are getting more crazy and daring.

besides, i'm not getting any younger.

so, i'm either right or i've become withdrawn and/or boring.

anyhoo, i think i've posted long enough, yet i still have more shiz to spill later on.. my brain is about to explode so i'd rather zip it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ball and Biscuit for CHRISTmas...

ya might think i've completely forgotten about this place, yeah?!?


i wish i got more energy to update this... excuses, excuses... i know!!

anyhow, Merry CHRISTmas y'all.. hope things improve next year around here.. in the meantime, lets have a Ball and Biscuit, shall we?