Friday, February 29, 2008


Dental caries

earlier, i had a different kind of pain. my molar needs some repair.. while i'm at it, i had my teeth cleaned... feels free now with all the plaque and decay removed.. dang, it hurt a lot when the dentist did some drilling in there to sorta remove the rot/s in it... shesh, the pain was almost unbearable at first but later on it felt better.. gotta take care of your teeth, dawg or you'll end up like me, drilled!

shoulder's feeling better, thank goodness.. i was losing my patience a few days ago.. what the hell it would take to make the friggin pain go away, but, it's looking good now... i soooo miss the gym already.. can't wait to get down to business and chow down those irons.. for real.. dimwit!

come monday, i'll test the joints if its good to go.. just some light training and build my base from there... i know my legs are pretty strong so i'll probably hit 'em hard and good..

now, it's almost summer and i can't wait to see this...

... in the beaches....

oh yeah!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

makin' repairs..

how you like the new banner, eh?

still on "healing mode" these days... gotta take my time.. chill.. hibernate.. learn.. roll.. though patience isn't one of my virtues, now is the time to "practice" it.

more thoughts later.. my friggin PC here ain't no good for viewing.. just huge video display (icons, letters and graphics) cos our IT galz haven't found the damn driver of this relic machine... talk about low-tech and old school, hombre... this here fits the description...

tea time!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

blogger, on.

it's tough these days... personally and physically, that is. oh, i'll have to keep 'em to myself at the moment.

my shoulder's prognosis (coming from yours truly, of course) ain't too good either. pain is still there but i believe it's slowly subsiding... i have faith it'll be healed and by monday i'll start grinding again, but i'll be wiser this time..

meanwhile, gotta deal with personal issues, bud.


Monday, February 25, 2008

back burner

my right shoulder's pain hasn't gone away yet.. i dunno why.. shhoooo!!!

i guess now is the time to fall back a little bit. it's been almost a year that i have been bangin' iron practically straight up.. as in no break at all!

and now, the nagging pain hasn't subside yet... worst, i tried to swim a few laps in the pool earlier and i may have aggravated the darn injury s'more... talk about some tough luck, huh?

i'm looking at a week or two (please God not two weeks) of not lifting or doing anything to bug it, cos lately, it's really, really starting to annoy me.

i guess all that "300 Quest" has to take a back seat for now... so frustrating, tell you that...

i need to plan my gym routines so this chicken sh!t injury won't happen again in the future.. i think i'm doing too much overhead pressing for months now... my quest for a nice and shapely shoulders and chest burned me down in the end, i guess..

training instinctively, that was my program... i need to write it all down so i don't burnout again... strategize.. strategize.. strategize..

meanwhile, AaAaAaAaRrRrRrGgGgGgGg!!!!!!

yeah, it hurts like that.. ouch!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

game over

i'm bored.

bored. bored. bored.

but maybe it's just today. i don't feel like posting anywhere.. heck, even reading can be monotonous...

but i'm happy to see this guy do front squatin' some friggin ridiculous weight.. gotta do that stunt someday...

oh well...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's My Age Again?

this video spells F-U-N!!

just coolness.. to be out there running naked... must be, uhm, liberating, eh?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



anybody out there?

it's dark in here...

actually, i'm on "reading mode...."

not much to post..

my right shoulder is now in pain.. that's some news...

the wear and tear bug caught up with me..

like a million times already...

thanks to my new gear..

a wrist support..

i can pull things better in the gym now...

even some gym-ass' hair...


i'm about to hit the sack...

... and i'm writing this stupid post...

got my biceps pumped to the max earlier...

so it'll look something like below in the future....


Monday, February 18, 2008

yesterday's workout was short but sweet. i should be doing that kinda workout in the future... got my chest, shoulders and triceps fried doing tri-sets.. shortened my rest periods and was in burst mode the whole time..

anyway, can't talk much cos i'm in the middle of a "situation" that needs to be dealt with accordingly... as in pronto!

so chao!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Song

my gosh!!

Taylor Swift is just sooooo b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!

oh man.... what a babe..

Congratulations, anyway.

Singapore wins Amazing Race Asia 2

Singapore — The Chinese Gardens of the Lion City was the final pit stop of the race. Collin Low and Adrian Yap of Singapore wasted no time to reach it and step on the mat to become the winners of AXN’s The Amazing Race Asia Season Two.

Collin and Adrian ’s win made them instant celebrities here and also in the region. They also went home with the grand prize of $100,000.

Sisters Vanessa and Pamela Chong of Malaysia came in second, while favorites Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez of the Philippines placed third. Marc and Rovilson’s placement was a victory in itself compared to country’s ninth and 10th ranking last year courtesy of Aubrey Miles and Jacqueline Yu and Ernie and Jeena Lopez, respectively.


was glued to my seat watching this one... i thought our team's gonna win it cos they were ahead right from the start of this last friggin' leg... only to get stucked in the last roadblock that had team Singapore, who were last to arrive in the location, figured it out easily... WTF??

GGgggggrrrrrr!!!! mapya!!!


i've been burning brows looking and searching for the title of this sweet and lovely sunofagun song... finally got it!


i have this fetish with girls who plays guitar... always blows me away..


oooohhhhhh.... i love that guitar...



saw the movie but heard the song month/s ago... nice!

heartwarming.. emotional.. dramatic.. adventure.. riveting..


Friday, February 15, 2008

curtain call


this week's far better than the other week.. my wrist is working fine and i've pretty load up on almost everything. my chins are getting stronger in terms of number of repetitions and i'd most likely work on it in the weeks to come.. months had passed, yet i continue to suffer muscle pain.. to me, that's a good sign that i'm progressing.. cos if it doesn't sore, that means i'm not doing enough.. nah, you wouldn't understand the logic behind the "pain and sore" thingy unless you're a man on a mission or you're trying to attain some personal goals like me... so, try or skip it, momma..


devoured seven eggs earlier... yuck!

but i gotta.. this is serious stuff.. do or die.. all or nothing.. no holds barred kinda stuff i'm entering into, baby!

maui's looking a lot closer to that labrador dog up there...

Thursday, February 14, 2008



i'm having one... yeah, baby, yeah!

the lowdown, first.

went out with wifey last night.. had dinner in a Jap restaurant (no, it ain't fancy, nancy).. bought some cake for all of the household people to devour.. unfortunately, on our way home, the mini-van (which wifey drives all the time) was having some radiator problem.. worst, smoke started to come out from the rear... perfect.. just perfect.. a lovely Valentine's day in the making...

finally, it overheated and we had to find a place where we can leave it for the night.. what's even more worst, it rain hard and fast!

to make this tragic Valentine story short (cos i hate story-telling but i read a lot of stories) we ended up going home riding my motorcycle in the rain soaking wet all over... nice.


but it was still a good day considering how hard i worked my shoulders up... in fact, it was so hard i wanted a massage so badly i'd rather forego dinner.. and it was hard to find a place to dine at the mall.. it seems that all people have made prior reservations.. some had to queue in order to get a table.. wow, how romantic, love birds in candle lights?

but i gotta go.

more blahs later...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wassup with Valentine?

yeah, sorry i'm no hopeless romantic i couldn't care less with "Happy Hearts Day" mambo jumbo... no sir!

in fact i will be romancing the iron bars later... it'll be sweet, intense but heart pounding and downright cold.. one of the many cold valentines i'll ever have, actually.

how fitting, eh?



got me some new gear this week. a lifting belt and a pair of wrist supports. considering my current lifts had been steadily growing i needed some safety gears to keep me off injury.. especially my spine and wrists.. my wrists had been nagging me lately, but there's no way it would stand in the way of my resolve - 300lbs baby!

i'm doing it and there ain't no way some sissy pain would hinder me in achieving this mission... not even some sexy gal with legs spread wide...noooo---oowww.. maybe when i'm done i could... y'know.. ahem.. ahem...

but not today, bimbo!

got more "Valentine themed" story to tell (like the one above) but i gotta go somewhere south.. my employer thought it'll be nice to send me there so i could do some dirty works for him and his friends.. that's what i do for a living, by the way.. it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it!

thanks to that image above, i am now inspired.. just perfect for Valentine's day!!

I...... wish you were here...


my leg press hit the 665lbs mark just recently.. another milestone and a personal record broken.. whoa!

Monday, February 11, 2008


oh man... dunno what to say except for some good ol' workout (again) i had yesterday.. still trying to recover and am pretty darn sure i'd feel a little drowsy later today...could use some kicker here to get me groovin'....

geee, tried something new and bhoy, when crunch time came, i was gassed. tri-set's a kickass! it's more challenging to do.. saved me some time too... but not that much cos i lingered a wee bit more to get s'more sets and reps goin..

what can i say? love the thought of holding on to those bars.. i feel invincible and i often get that natural high feeling.. ditto with snorting MJ's.. heaven beybee..

dumbbells are the staple of my workout on mondays... it's just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L hoisting them up and down.. especially when i'm about to "devour" the heaviest of 'em all.. you feel me?!

delicious... exhilarating.. orgasmic... yum!! yum!! yum!!

it is as if i'm not hurting here... lol

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Super Sports Food

i'm obsessed with peanut butter. not only a good source of niacin, folic acid, phosphorous, and vitamin E, peanut products also contain significant amounts of phytosterols thought to protect against heart disease and cancer (got that from the web, thank you).

and it taste a whole lot better than your usual junk foods.. even with no sugar on it.

not to mention, a good source of protein for a gym rat like me.

how ya like that?

so now i'm reading all that i need to know how to make one of my own... i already knew how, though, thanks to that guy in Carbon market who pointed to me where's the best source of 'em... went there and watched how they mix 'em all up.. the peanuts (roasted in vegetable oil), some sugar, salt and well, margarine or butter.. your choice.. easy.

but still i want to make my own version.. one with my own concoction.. suited for my wants and needs... not too sweet.. salty.. oily (or buttery if you may).. just real peanut butter goodness..


Friday, February 08, 2008


time to write some chicken shit post again... hah!


fine.. fine!

well, i'm disappointed. two words: "do not over-promise, just over-perform." dang, that's seven words right there.

ok, time to get serious here. i'm disappointed i still haven't gotten my much-awaited-over-hyped-belated christmas gift yet. i'm trying to forget about it and my expectation had grown lesser and lesser as the days passed by.

whether it'll come at my doorstep anytime soon, your guess is as good as mine.

another setback happened just recently too. i ordered from a guy in Manila who was selling PureCEE. although he didn't promised he'd move heaven and earth to deliver the goods at the estimated date we've agreed, i expected that if it were to arrive off target, it'll slack just for a few days... not friggin' weeks!

but it happened... as shit always do..

anyway, i have to start from the scratch all over again... i need to contact his associate to get my supplements.. yadi yada... aaahhhhhhh... just pfhurrfect, fella!

newsflash: lower your expectation or you'd end up like Britney!



some guy, actually, a very old farting DOM (dirty old man but digs teenage boys) who goes around the gym wasting half of his time looking at those teenagers' bodies and spreading gossips and lies to every dicks who'd rather "socialize" instead of exercise - got what he deserved.

he was telling people around that Rey (yep, that Rey guy who helped me a million times) is on Steroids. now, if i was guilty of doing something like that, y'know, being "juiced" by "something" that gives me some "out-of-this-world" strength and allows me to grow like those monster bodybuilder you saw in competitions, i wouldn't deny it. i'll admit at the very first instance you suspect i'm ON it.

but spreading vicious lies like that ain't good.. especially with people who bust their asses in the gym the "natural" way. Rey's legs and calves are puny.. they're frail.. no matter how heavy he squats and do calf raises, they don't grow a millimeter! maybe if he were on 'roids he might have grown a few inches by now already... but he's not.. cos he's not.. heck, i can even squat heavier than him, modesty aside.. he's been doing 200 lbs. ever since i saw him squatting, yet i just broke my personal record.

his body, therefore, is not proportional..

too bad for Rey... he heard all about the stupid gossip cos some boys from the hood spread it like wild fire..

so, this pervert DOM: marked.

yesterday, Rey quietly did his thing.. keeping his anger within.. minding his own business, working his sets.. he was doing rows while sitting on the floor... it was heavy... when this DOM walk by his station.. .

"so, you're using the floor doing rows now, eh?" the DOM blurted out.


Rey yelled like a deranged man, let go of the handles thereby dropping the weights hard spiraling downward of the row machine...



then flexed his muscles and show the DOM his angry lookin' face..

the pervert got the shock of his life.. walk away and tried to compose himself.. i guess he got the message later on as people inside the gym wouldn't wanna get close to him every time he tried to go near them.. it's like he contracted some kinda STD (sexually transmitted disease).. well, i guess most guys sympathize with Rey yesterday.. almost everyone hated that DOM.. he likes to give advices, tease newbies or fat people and makes harsh remarks of just about anyone even those guys he knew way back then.. talk about being "friends" when you're around but hits you when you're just relieving yourself.. haaaa!

what an ASS!

ok, this is too much for you.. gotta go now.. love your folks.. go home early... don't stay up late... drink your milk... don't eat fatty foods... exercise.. smell the flower.. work hard.. take a break... don't be late... keep yourself together...

yadi yada....

Thursday, February 07, 2008

beer, i love.




i guess i spend too much time inside the gym, huh? haven't had the time to hang out with friends since the Sinulog festival.. well, Earl came by our house about two weeks ago and we had some cheap brandy while watching some DVDs.. concerts mostly.. Woodstock '99 was great.. lotsa booby flashing from the ladies in the crowd.. my, my.. i'm too darn innocent with these things.. as the cliché goes, ignorance is a bliss... indeed it is.

well, one reason why i haven't been going out is probably because i'm too focused with what i'm doing now.. after all, bangin' iron ain't easy just to waste 'em all to alcohol.. and alcohol hampers muscle growth.. not only that, i'm usually not able to perform well on the next day or i'd feel weak and drowsy... worst, unable to report for work.

so basically, sucking down on alcohol SUCKS!

but human as i am, i do need to go out sometimes, socialize with friends, enjoy the view and well, suck some beers to sorta, unwind..

thus, anytime tonight or tomorrow night, it'll be beerfest, suckers!


i'm really enjoying myself joining forums that are, well, away from "home.." if you catch my drift.

once i fired my first "salvo," it'll be the beginning of a beautiful journey for me... and all of these things i'm doing right now helps me a lot in my "new" passion.. bodybuilding.

each day, i learn new things and the knowledge i get had been steadily growing.. thanks, internet!

now, it's time to get down to business.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Zest up!

it was tough yesterday. i almost had an accident in the squat rack. good thing Rey was there to help me out and i pulled it through... thank goodness..

274 lbs. baby!

yep, i squatted 274 lbs. but i was spotted (helped) by Rey. i got to 250 lbs. on my own but since i wanted to max out swingin' i added 24 more pounds.

... and that's when things got a little crazy. i was trying to slowly elevate myself down but Rey tried to control the tempo.. he was moving a little too fast and i was caught off guard.. i practically released holding on to the bars as i was trying to balance myself at the bottom position.. man, that was scary!

well we came out in one peace so i'm happy to be alive.

after all that, it was like some blood-sucking vampire zapped all my energy i had to forego doing ab works..

my deadlifts are a bit mediocre.. but i'm working on it.. it's actually a win-loss situation.. you get stronger in one exercise but you lag on the others.. but it's better than nothing, i guess.

well, today i hit my back.. nothing spectacular happened.. this week, my workout had been average so far... sigh.

i guess it's mainly because i'm trying to work around the pain of my right wrist and i don't wanna aggravate its delicate condition..

anyway, i'm keeping my spirit up by reading some tough talk from the bodybuilding gurus... i could use the spankin' y'know..

on to more readings....

Monday, February 04, 2008

Confession: I Am Antifat

(got this from Chris Shugart's blog.. just cool how this guy writes.. my new "IDOL")

I'm a bad person.

I am. Bad, bad, bad. I suffer from a new type of prejudice. I'm mean and inconsiderate of some people's emotional needs. I propagate negative stereotypes. I'm inconsiderate, cruel and insensitive.

You see, I'm what they call. . . antifat.

I admit it. I'm against excess body fat. I'm one of those bigoted bastards who thinks being fat is unhealthy, so I'm lumped into the same group as sexists and racists.

The other day I suggested to a fat person that perhaps a grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and unsweetened tea would be a healthier lunch than a plate of deep fried flour, a side of transfat, and a glass of sucrose.

Clearly, this was a form of hate crime. I might as well have burned a cross in front of a black church, beat up a gay guy, or kicked one of Jerry's kids. I'm antifat, and that's apparently just as bad.

I didn't know I was antifat until I read a new study presented at the ACSM's Annual Meeting. In the study, 317 kids between the ages of 11 and 16 were surveyed about their attitudes toward fat people.

These middle-schoolers were of the opinion that fat people consumed too many calories, ate too much junk food, and didn't get enough physical activity. They also said that fat people were less healthy than leaner people. The study's author noted that negative attitudes and stereotypes develop at a young age and something must be done to curb this antifat behavior.

This would probably be a bad time to propose my theory for ending world hunger: grind up obese North Americans, make them into a delightful summer sausage, and feed them to starving Ethiopians.

Yes, I'm a bad person.

I used to be a fat person too, but in an act of self-hatred and auto-discrimination, I lost the excess lard. In a subsequent string of antifatism, I started lifting weights and eating lots of healthy foods. Then, in an effort to recruit more people into the antifatist regime, I started writing articles about how to lose fat, build muscle, get strong, and live longer.

Adolf Hitler, eat your little black heart out.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to cure this antifat disease. Maybe I need counseling. Maybe I need an intervention. Maybe I need sued by NAAFA. Maybe I need to develop a fat fetish and become a chubby chaser.

Or perhaps the best solution is to just get fat again. Even fatter than before if possible. Because honestly, this eating clean, training hard, and having self-discipline thing takes work sometimes. It sure would be easier to eat crap, avoid moving around much, and bitch about discrimination when I couldn't fit into a seat at the movie theatre.

It's tough though. It's hard to give up my antifatitude. I just feel really good being lean. I'm healthier, I'm happier, I perform better, I'll live longer, people treat me better, and I have a lot more sex now.

But I'm going to work on it. I'm joining a support group that meets at McDonald's every day at lunch. And at dinner. And three times a week at breakfast. The first step, after fortifying yourself with a Triple Thick Shake, is to admit your problem:

"My name is Chris and I'm antifat. But I haven't used the word 'fatty' in 13 days now. And this morning I ate a box of Lucky Charms with chocolate milk poured over the top. My doctor said I could develop Type 2 diabetes in another year or two if I work really hard at."

Then everyone says hi and claps for me.

Yes, I'm a bad person. But I'm getting better. I really am.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

swim to sawa

30 laps!

haha! how you like that, eh?

got me a new gear... a pull bouy. that's the thing you put in between your legs so you don't have to worry about kicking hard to stay afloat..

it's good cos i can now swim continuously as i'm able to manage my oxygen use efficiently.. i think this is gonna be a routine now every Sunday.. swim hard!

Neil loves to swim and he can only get better in time..


sister called earlier and she's got some good news.. but we'll talk all about it tomorrow..

Friday, February 01, 2008


i love you!!
here's my current internet connection speed..

as usual, good job, Globe!

it's been over a year now but your service still sucks!

it's like having a dial-up connection again... wooohhhoooo!!!

they keep enticing people to avail of their "promo" practically anywhere.. at the mall, to the streets, villages, etc. but hey, they're not working to improve their connections.. it's been downhill for me since the beginning.. you have no idea how crappy the service/s i'm getting from them...

just one of the thousands of disgruntled customer here.


it's war!

me and wifey had a row last night.. sorta shouting match.. she started it and i'm really not the kind who would sit silently while being shouted at... especially when my testosterone levels are down... i could really flare up in a snap.. gotta watch my temper... tsk.. tsk.. i think i kicked and broke something..

but it's over now.

in fact she's being "nicey-nicey" again this morning.. she wanted me to go to their town's fiesta (where she's born and her momma lives) cos she invited some friends and they will be there to "videoke" the night away... and they needed a clown in the person of moi... joke.

but you know i hate going to fiesta's. i'm not thrilled to eat some crispy skin of a roasted pig.. or those fatty fried whatever that are rich in bad cholesterol and trans-fats.. no buddy i ain't shoving those to my mouth.. i'd rather have that bland taste of boiled eggs or some protein shake than any of those they cook during parties.

they all left last night in order to prepare.. must be grand, eh?

while i'm left all alone to fend for the house.. sweet.

good thing my best bud left me with some DVD's. live concerts of REM, Bryan Adams, Eagles, etc.... damn, it's good!

even though all alone and only the dogs as my company, the cheap brandy helped me sleep like a baby.

anyway, i just hope wifey wouldn't insist on making me go to that darn fiesta... please NO!

that's US right there... Neil singing his favorite "The Day You Said Goodnight" while i hold the mic... just a li'l over the edge.. if you know what i mean.. of course, there's wifey.. enjoying...