Friday, March 30, 2007

tired. exhausted. exasperated. burnout.

whatever you wanna call it, that's how i'm feelin' right now.

sister arrived yesterday. eversince, i've been in the driver's seat. i haven't driven a cage on other days except sundays. so, it's once again a "new" experience for me to be caught in rush hours (which i usually breeze through with a motorcycle), extreme heat (it's summer, remember?), dealing with assholes on the road (be it a stupid pedestrian or a crazy drivers alike) and maneuvering through thin roads (i'd say 90% of our roads are two-way street only) can be such a pain in the ass.. literally.

kindda fun though but my freakin' work keeps bugging me. i'd get calls and text messages and it's usually important and urgent.. like it's a matter of life and death all the time. no kidding dude. it's hard to enjoy being on vacation leave when i have to think about the implications if i don't get the job done. sigh... talk about "vacation..." i'd love to be off of my job for a while these days... they are soooo inconsiderate!

it's gonna be this way in the coming days... i'll never have that "peace" of mind when i'm out there trying to be a brother, a security, a driver, tourist guide, helper, etc. etc. etc.

i'd love a bucket of beer roght now but i have to wake up early tomorrow and "meet and greet" our former babysitters and househelp at the pier..

so, have a good one to YOU.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

some pictures during our last "meet and greet sessions...."

EB and BR

one of our EB's at a friend's place

well, i finally had a nightlife.. that was, "One night only" though. since we had an Eye Ball (EB) again for the nth time, i decided to drop by Beach Roots (BR). yeah, you read it right, BR is coming back to life. i thought it would be the last time i'm gonna type the name when i mentioned it a few post ago.

so, we had an EB again at Handuraw's Pizza. though pricey, t'was yummy! had a good laugh and exchange of opinion and ideas with more than ten people who attended. why only ten, you asked? well, it's still a new forum. it was just setup early this year. nice thing about it is its quality of people who regularly visits and checks the site..

oh, and mr. AJ was kind enough to foot the bill! yeah, had pizza, some burritos and san mig light - FREE.

man, the good stuff just keeps on comin, eh?

about 12mn, we adjourned and i went straight to BR. found lui, earl, paul and later, johnlee. feels great to meet old friends again. lui did mention about his last text message.. it was actually the trigger point and the deciding factor of my nightlife deprivation days.. though i was in the mood for a scene change for many months now, it was his message that me made wanna go homebody in a snap.

so, the place is cool and there's plenty of space to move around. you can sit comfortably with your legs wide open... hehe.. my balls were having a ball!

plenty of chicks to drool on but it's a little dark to get a good look at them... some of the bar owners before at Mango Square partnered with each other and came up with a new setup. i don't feel any regrets whatsoever for not joining in. it feels good to be free from all the "politics" behind the management. not to mention, the stiff competition. if and when i jump into the bar business scene, i want it to be mine and mine only. no if's and but's.

my observation though is, it's a pretty tight place to move around. i don't wanna preempt anything but with that setup, it spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E in the making. they should allocate enough space for people to roam around, especially for those who wants to go to the CR, or to another bar.. well, it's still new and there's plenty of room for improvement... so there.

home by 4am.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i'll write this in a hush...

eight more days and sister's comin' home... i'm super excited with the new shoes she bought for me... those were, according to her "high end" pieces of foot equipment. that would be nice to flaunt in the gym.. hehehe... thanks sis!

now, everytime she's home, it always spells F-U-N! F-U-N! F-U-N! we'll be spending a lot of time in the beach, the night outs, and all the gimmicks she and her friend could think of... i love you sis!

wonder when my bro's homecoming... he's been there since 2001. hopefully soon bro...


last sunday afternoon, we had a good time swimming at the pool of Family Park. my kiddo, Neil, is getting gutsier as time passes by. he jumps around and slides by the pool for adults. strangely, he's not hanging around the kiddie pool area often. and, the boy can swim, though barely moving, at least, he's trying to get through the other side.. as for moi, my strokes are getting better and my stamina's improving thanks to the cardio workouts i've been having and a smoke-less routine.

the first time we went there, i could hardly breath after a lap or two of freestyle. last sunday, i had a blast! a few more sundays and i probably could make 10-15 laps of non-stop swimming... it's a little hard to do that though cos a lot of people hang around there on sundays... and some even do their talking right in the middle! worst, its zero to nil (i doubt if there's even any) visibility on the lines below it.. thus, it's almost a sureshot you're going astray when you reach the other side of the pool.

i'd like it a lot if we can do the swimming sessions at the abellana sports complex this sunday. it's much larger, clearer and clean waters, much deeper and people can't simply hang around somewhere. we'll see about that SOON.


i'll have our EB's (Eye Balls) as my inspiration to look good. since becoming a regular yakker in some forums (ten, more or less) i noticed how frequent they have this meetings.. and even though i hate pictures, i really don't have a choice cos a lot of people bring their cams during these EB's... mine included.

so, more than a month after getting back in the gym with no reason at all but to feel better about my conditioning, there's even more good reason to sweat it out in the gym... those EB's!

tell you what, it's exciting to join these EB's...because...


anyway, my friends open a new bar/s somewhere uptown.. i'll probably check it out over the weekend and see if i should regret not joining-in the classy group of "bar owners club..." well, i'm at peace with my decision so i shouldn't feel any envy or regrets whatsoever... in fact, i should be happy for them cos they're living up to their dream... they are an inspiration for thriving people like me.... congratulations are in order, i believe...

curtain call and the fat lady sing... adieus amigos and amigas..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

saw the making of this video and bhoy was it a painstaking process... and somebody's fingers bled for all the guitar riffs.. not to mention, some leg/s got burn baby.... love this music video... at any given day...

do watch closely....

somebody stop ME!

am i gay?

listening to this song according to one comment is soooo gay? what? WTF?

if i felt like crying does that i mean i'm kindda gay... ahhhh, fuck off!

listen, be smart or get off my case....

and by the way, if you don't know how to listen and view streaming videos from broadcasting sites seamlessly, then you ain't too smart either... you know the drill, right?
i'm with my buddy, strong ice beer, right now. damn, t'was tempting to go out earlier and visit the newest bars in town... meet friends and drink all night. but NO, not this time... i'm practicing restraints and consistency these days.. i can still very much hold the urge, thank you.

btw, i'm listening/viewing this music video right now and it's pretty funny looking at Kamikazee band spoofing the "queer eye for the straight guy" hosts... hey, check this out...

i love the music a lot...


was looking at my friendster's account and was amazed at the number of friends i have... some, i could not possibly ID.. guess i got a little too friendly, huh? i'd say fifty percent of them are those that i really know... the rest, i just add them up or vice versa... for whatever reason, i'm keeping it close to my chest.


i'm gonna be wasted in a few minutes and my fingers are having trouble typing the right letters so, i'm gonna cut this off and enjoy the rest of the night before i say any bleeping words... i'll be watching more videos, thanks to internet, youtube and metacafe, i don't need to go out and have fun.. it's all down here in my crib...

oh, and i've got an SMS from my friend... too late buddy, the "dude" is wasted.


and to all the friends i've messed up before and a few whom i'm messing now, accept my heartfelt apology... i don't know if i meant it, but whatever it is, we all know there's a reason behind all the drama...

nuf said, goodnight.

Friday, March 16, 2007

this was one's nice....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

this blog needs an overhaul.. hehe

sorry fans (my assuming-ness is in the works today, so, indulge me) for barely making it here... i'm not really that busy.. in fact, i've got plenty of time, but i'm using a few it on something else. so, whatever i lose here, i gain it somewhere else.

yeah, i might have to overhaul this blog tonight or tomorrow. wait, tonight? it's friday! why am i gonna burn brows on a friday night? you wouldn't know or even have the slightest idea why if you've been spending time figuring out why pluto is not a planet anymore instead of visiting this cool place...

i'm a "homebud" now, remember?

well, i don't plan anything during weekends anymore... but sundays is a sure swim day for the family. be in the beach or the pool... i've got to get me a swim trunks before i get myself infected with STD for renting one often.. hehehe

also, the house is turning out beautifully as days go by. much of the paintings are done - both interior and exterior.. i'd say we've covered eighty percent of the job.. wifey bought a few/new furnitures and the one thing i am dying to get my ass on is the living room set we've ordered days ago... i can sleep sitting on it while watching TV... it's huge and one helluva comfy sofa to sit on...

the workin' out session i've been having more than a month now is doing great.. i'd like to brag about my improvements and how fabulous it's going, but hey, i ain't doin' no shit like that today...

i've made new friends... a lot of them and i can only count with my one hand the people whose into vices... most of them are health conscious, family-oriented, caring and responsible souls... and i definitely, definitely love the new scenery and company i've shifted myself into...

i wouldn't really have much trouble shifting from one trip to another cos i am very flexible and versatile with the way i deal with people.. most of all, i don't need to be someone else to fit-in with them... i can always be ME.

and the best part of this new experience? i am well accepted and they enjoy my company.. excuse my honesty, but that's bragging aside...

why the shift? present time calls for it.. i saw friends losing respect for each other... it's hard and awkward to elaborate but it's easy to see... i myself felt that... having spent too much time jamming with friend/s, you lose the "magic" and the respect a wee and I DON'T SUBSCRIBE to that idea.

i am in "hibernate mode," suffice to say.

while on this mode, i'll be putting up another BLOG wherein i'll post all those funny jokes i've encountered while lurking in the NET.

the LINK to that.... later.

and i just love Angel Locsin...

you think the above image is original?

Sunday, March 11, 2007


this is not a good time to write... my energy's drained, had a row with wifey, CSI vegas is currently showing and worst of all, nothing inspires me at the moment.

anyway, i had a good learning time with our company's recollection yesterday. i'm no catholic or anything and neither an atheist, but i have to say i've pick-up few pieces of "new" tools in dealing with life. though i'm not totally agreeable with everything the recollection master said, it was generally something i've been meaning to hear and a necessity... sort of a refresher course about the basics.

i guess, since everything these days are handed to us in silver platter, we've forgotten the very basic things we've learned before... about respect, discipline, service, commitment, etc. and everything about the world seemed "practical." when in fact, things aren't really what they seem... it's all about having too much liberty, sex, lust, filth... well, in short, SIN.

yesterday's activity got me grounded again... not that i wasn't, but grounded in a different way and seeing things in a new perspective.


earlier, i was at my forum mate's place. it was his birthday. this guys is a german expat... we're supposed to go "park-ing" today but i can't say NO to this guy.... a very nice, cool, genius and down-to-earth person.

neil was crying cos he had everything prepared for what was supposed to be our scheduled sunday swimming session at the family park... the googles, kicking boards, etc. and i have to cancel it. sorry kiddo.. promise next time we'll hit the pool like crazy...

i love the route i'm taking now... more healthy and family oriented... i'm looking forward to next sunday already for our newfound weekly activity.

going back to earlier's party, we had a good chat over bottomless coffee! geeez, i must have drank 10 cups of some brazilian tasters coffee. oh, the food was way, way plenty for a few peps, but whose complaining?

played billiards and were served with whatever those drinks only Guenter knows what. though i barely see my "drunken master" friends these days, but hey, i've got new ones whose trips i can easily ride along.... next saturday, they're inviting me to some trek to mt. manunggal. it's an overnight activity. have to really give it a good thought cos i've never been to such activity, much more, place.

one friend of mine can attest how i've been wishing to do such activity during those nights we're too wasted to make sense... and here it is!


i've just read over at my friendster's account bulletin that our defunct bar, Beach Roots is re-opening again, soon. well, good luck guys!

we're supposed to start a new one again but due to financial constraints, past experience (or should i say "bad"), and the location, i was a little hesitant to jump into the "bar ownership" scene again. the thought of having one is cool but running it with friends whose personality changes when they become your business associate/s, i say let's better stay friends. it's not like i'm saying this without basis... i've seen it all and it ain't funny.

but i wish them all the best. i hope this time, they'd run it better and avoid any conflicts in the future... i'll be there guys... soon.


oh yeah, this forum thingy brought me another gift courtesy of my mate all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, SR2. he gave each one of us a 2GB flash disk. now, i can't stop this new found hobby/interaction of mine... it gets even better as days go by...

anyway, that's it for tonight... keep livin'.... boys and girls...

note: edit this tomorrow when my brain's fresher...

Friday, March 02, 2007

political turncoatism

well, had a changed of plan last night. my posse from qatar texted me in the afternoon and asked if i'd be available for some chat-sessions later.. who? me? of course pal! all scheduled appointments: cancelled.

good thing when i boot up my system, all four led-indicators of my modem lighted up.. meaning, i'm on-line hombre!

since re-installing everything on my system, i haven't had the chance of installing Yahoo messenger just yet... i never had an inkling i'll be needing it til last night. nah, even my siblings wouldn't chat with me over the net... there's always the phone dude.. or so i thought.

wrong, but happy to see my pal sporting a long hair and a freakin thick mustache.. thanks to webcam..

though he initially planned to stay there for two years, he told me he'd opt to not extend his contract... the bhoy is homesick. he said, the money he earns couldn't possibly equate being far from his GF, folks, siblings and friends... told you dude..

a month ago, i read someone said something about how hard it is to be living here with a meager salary and dealing with the high cost of basic commodity... but no matter how hard and difficult the times is, it's also about having fun with your job and being with the family. so, even if your budget barely make both ends, so long as you're enjoying with your life, i say, CHEERS to that!

that was "someone" saying all that... can't agree more.

anyway, still had a chance to play Call of Duty after our two hour chat... now, i feel better!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

hmmmmm... takes forever now to post a new story, huh?

i've been really busy lately. barely noticed the months fly by... already it's march? whow! time flies when you're havin' fun indeed...

what's keeping me busy when i'm not downing no booze no more and been going home early the last few weeks, you ask?

the answer my friend is: SECRET.

(OT: i can friggin hardly concentrate doing this post even now.. )

so, anyway, i honestly don't need to go out these days to have fun... cos the things i can do to enjoy and celebrate life is boundless.

like time just passes by so fast... i wish i could do some more before my trip to la la land...

guess what? it's friday and it's usually the ritual of us friends (real, fake or whatever) to go out and paint the town red during these days, but tonight, my plan is to hang around the house, go to the rooftop, get some six packs of strong ice beer and chill while watching the stars... and possibly hang out with wifey and neil if they're up to it. haven't been there for a while though it's just a few steps away from my "battle room."

then there's plenty of movies to watch on DVD... no, i'm not gonna tell you if it's pirated or otherwise... he he he!

and, i have to learn how to use the darn photoshop software so i could make me a nice signature for my forum handles... still haven't figured that out yet!

what's more, there's also the flash software i haven't installed since i bought it months ago... i'm very interested how those "masters" of web design create those nice and flashy animations... i'd love to make one of my own... someday.

to top it all, there's huge, huge space on my hard disk that needs to be filled-up with a lot of PC games beybee! most of the games i already installed there, i haven't accomplished or finished yet. some, i barely touched. it'll take days to complete one game... imagine a few more?

shet, i can go on forever and waste more time but for anyone to have fun, it's all in the mind... even when you're sitting still and listening to some music spells fun already!

let's celebrate life!


what else?

well, i'm very excited my sister's coming over last week of this month. our yaya's (babysitters) since birth and now living in manila are also coming over with their children... all expense paid by sistah... of course, she's bringing in some goodies... i'm smiling ear-to-ear here.. heh heh!

oh, my bro in NJ is gonna get married this month too! wow, what an eventful month this is!

bar business, scene and hopping is out of the picture as of the moment..

done yakking dude... 'til next time...