Sunday, August 31, 2008


gonna be a busy week... i'll be in "burst" mode in all the things i'm gonna be doing.. hope to accomplish a lot with that.. meanwhile, everything's great except for some minor snag.. got a lot of thoughts goin' i better keep 'em tag on a note cos i'm thee most forgetful person in the whole wide world.. in case you've been to Mars..

soooo looong... farewell....


for now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



uhm, nothing much today.. got no gift.. no party.. no greetings.. no hangin' out..

sooooo ordinary, in fact.

but thank God i made it today..

party time!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

18 'til I die

here goes nothing....

so we hang out last Thursday night.. t'was fun.. yeah, kinda.. sorta..

crazy week, tell ya that.. started working out again and both of my buddies from faraway places came by with just a few days intervals.. not a good thing if you mix alcohol, cigarette and gym in the same sentence.. no, i didn't have a smokin' relapse but i inhaled just as much with those darn second-hand smoke from everyone in the places we've went.. shet, those girls smoked their lungs out like hell!

can we play golf instead (like i know how)? how about we trek some mountain, eh? maybe bike some trails.. i don't mind drinking beer while we're at it, hombres!

but can you guys quit smoking already??!

you too, girls!

i'm just annoyed sniffing through those chicken-shit fumes everytime we go out..

i mean, c'mon, i'm there in the gym killing myself to be healthy (what an irony, huh?), lifting hard and doing all that cardio, and you guys (yeah you too!) couldn't care less about your health let alone mine??

how could you?

basically, that's quite the scenario whenever we hang out.. my friends' smoke and the places we go - filled with smokers.. tisk.. tisk..

i'm getting really old.. i can't appreciate loud music.. neither drive hard and fast anymore.. pretty much, i'm living a monotonous life these days..

i'm no longer cut out for edgy stuff.. in fact, i'm sooooo toned down nothing excites me anymore..

oh wait, of course the 120 pound dumbbells...

... and then me and Lui went out again last Saturday.. quite frankly, t'wasn't something i look forward to.. not with all the drinking and inhaling more second hand smoke.. AGAIN!

however, it all boils down to that.. at least, most the time.. i gotta roll with it for the time being.. cos this dude only comes to town once a month..

last Saturday, i just felt tired and sleepy as the night wore on.. i felt my stomach was ready to explode with all that San Mig Light we downed.. kinda crazy cos i never felt drunk the whole time.. just it: tired and sleepy.

well, i did had a grand time doin' leg exercises earlier that day.. squat, deadlift and some lat and bicep workout.. i'm still testing the level of strength i have with the new bars, equipments, plates (olympic bars, kilo's instead of pounds, etc).. but one old fart who saw me squatting said something like "look, we have an olympic lifter over there!"

if you're impressed, old man, i'm not.

definitely, the new stuffs i'm using hit my muscles differently.. a new stimuli on the horizon, i guess...

i've been soooo used to the old gym's equipment that i no longer feel any pain or sore after i hit 'em hard.. now, i'm feeling them again.. like for days, mate.. and I LOVE IT!

goin back to our beer bingin' escapade, good thing we found some company.. some guy and his lady friend introduce themselves to us.. they figured we should just share tables.. whatever.

perfect time for my plan... ESCAPE!

sorry buddy but i gotta do it.. flee.. disappear.. vanish..

or i'd be home soooo early again.. four o' clock in the morning!

off i went and the story ends.

yesterday was a holiday but i spent good hours of my "rest" time in the gym.. bangin'.

i am still trying to settle down.. still grasping for the right combo.. figuring things out... man, it's definitely not easy to move in to a new place when you're so used to the old one.. but as the cliche says, "nothing is permanent.. everything is impermanent.. change is the only reality..."

it's no bed of roses for both gyms, tell ya that.. it's all hard work.. the new one needs some mental fortitude cos i'm a noob here.. no friends.. no spotters.. no nothing.. it's gonna be me and the iron.. for now.. the respect will come.. sooner than later, i hope..

when you get respect, you get some help.. thus, it is important to build one especially when you don't have a training partner.

at least that's what i thought.. right now though, i'm fine training alone.

i'll turn a year older tomorrow.

if you have gifts, please find a way to send 'em my way.. PLEZ!

i'd be thrilled..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the newbie episodes

now i wanted to come in naive and ignorant.. i went to my new gym last Sunday afternoon.. t'was quite so i was having a ball.. sorta my little show.. only one instructor was around.. i could've use a walkthrough with the equipments but heck, modesty aside, nothing there i couldn't figure out..

the instructor was nice enough to just leave my sorry ass alone, thank you.

i went right away bangin' the dumbbells.. i've been meaning to "eat" 'em first.. shesh, 75 pounds of pressing and i'm gassed... losing strength, to be exact.

to think i just came back (for the nth time) from a grand vacation and i was warming up with those heavy dumbbells already.. what the...?

the succeeding sessions weren't a breeze but i was getting the hang of it.. people around couldn't help but stare.. "whose this noob lifting like shet already, eh?" "is he warming up with those?" "what the heck is that amateur doing?"


anyhoo, 120 pounds is a tall order, mate. if i can't carry those dumbbells by the end of this year, i won't feel bad.. looking at them is just plain intimidating.. it'll be an honor, rewarding and super feel good if i can get pass over those weights on the day i 'sorta' promise myself i'll conquer 'em.

uhm.. next year? we'll see..

anyway, another buddy arrived today... we'll go party yet again.. hopefully that NJ dude can come with us... if he hasn't flown back yet.. whatever, i'm ready to rock.. smelling good and dressed for the occassion... i happened to have a place to clean up now.. hee hee..

by the way, that night we hang out with my NJ pal, it was a very expensive trip and one helluva night to remember.. my apologies, but that's how far i can afford to spill.. the rest, i'll keep to my chest..

i miss my Firefox browser.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

third eye blind

third day in the new gym... working my way in.. intimidated at first but turn the table around mid-session... so far, good.. but no sooooo good.. still feeling things out.. since it's much colder there, i tend to rest a little too short causing me to be bursting again for the next exercise.. only to find out i'm still tired.. shet, eh?

anyway, when the smoke clears, balanced my bearings and everything's in order already, i should whop some serious ass, err, i mean sessions as i progress.. meanwhile, goin romancing the iron now..


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

thanks cio!

we painted the town...


yeah, we did.. but can't tell much about that.. my mouth is sealed, hombre!

i'm off to the gym minutes from now.. will tell ya more about it later.. aight?!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

i'm ready...

soooooo bored, mate.... i'm jittery.. excited.. hyper.. and i'm ready to burst!

but instead of banging, i'm sitting here lame as a duck.. i might start tomorrow already if all systems GO, otherwise, Monday it is.

oh, we had a great time, if you've been wondering... me and my pal from NJ, we hang out, bar-hopped, swap salivas with the opposite sex, group sex, orgy.. and did i mentioned we had sex with lotsa ladies?


no we didn't. not in a million years, i guess.

i sent him a message that we might have to postpone it cos he just arrived and he needs to spend time with his family.. etc.. etc..

and it falls on a weekday.. meaning, i'm not "dressed to kill" if you catch my drift.. i'm wearing a lousy slack and a pussy shirt jack.. not prepared to party with an apparel like that.. and i have to wake up early the next morning to bring my son to school.. everything just don't add up to a good morning the night trip..

he conceded..

well, it's supposed to be tomorrow, so ideally, it's a holiday on monday... we could go and get wasted 'til dawn.. great!

until then, everything's subject to change.. doesn't matter to me though.. got some serious "game" goin' next week and the last thing i need to get my focus right on the money - is to get wasted..

hhhmmmmm.. i'm just wondering how i'll fare with the rest of the new guys i'll be spending the next 365 days with.. i'm excited but at the same time jumpy..

i feel weird and fat for being off the gym.. however, my motivation is peerless..

the break definitely freshened me up.. three months of hard banging and i'll chill the same way again..

everytime i do this, ya know, taking a week off, i feel smarter next time around.. no kidding, mate..

i mean, i learn new stuff.. able to assess my previous performance, and contemplate better for another round of bangin'.

anyhoo, i'm tired of psyching my self out..



Thursday, August 14, 2008

the eagle has landed


my pal from NJ has arrived!

i dunno but he called earlier and we're supposed to hang out.. like morning the night!


anyway, cheers to my fingers crossed.. yay!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

deep hibernation


Martin Lawrence did that.. Blue Streak, remember?

i'm sooooo raring to go wax it up in the gym, hommie!

i dream about it.. i kept thinking about it.. when i eat, drive, work, watch TV, etc.. etc..

gotta stick to the plan though.

it's funny my joints are creaking up again like the last time i took a break.. loosening up, i guess..

they'll be fine come game time...

these videos are my inspiration...

Weighted Dips

Weighted Pull-ups

should fuel more of my desire to kickass in my new gym... GGGrrrrrrr!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

idle mind


so nice the rain.. you just wanna go down and roll over the sheets.. preferably with some warm body on the side.. heeeee!!

yeah baby!

gotta go.. hate posting using a keypad instead of a keyboard.. the rest is goin' smoothly as planned.. well, except for some "bugger" around..


Monday, August 11, 2008

just chillin'

so i went to my former gym(yet again) today.. got some orders to deliver.. i've been selling some supplements there and it's only lately that things are starting to pick up.. heeee! just when i'm about to leave them.. the instructor slash gym manager slash coach slash my favorite spotter - had been my biggest client so far.. practically bought most of my stuff.. from BCAA's to amino, fish oil, calcium/magnesium, etc... sold some of my stuff in other gyms too!

he buys from me cheap and then sells 'em to the members.. i don't have to sell my stuffs to the members.. he profits a little here and there.. in short, everybody's happy.

sales was brisk, by the way..

Benito, the assistant coach told me my due is up.. i said, "i'm taking a month rest, dude.."

"really? why?"

"got some shoulder pain to deal with... need to heal up." i said.

he wouldn't believe me.. most of the guys there won't. me, taking a break is next to impossible for them.. they saw me work my ass there and grind like hell.. whilst everyone who had been earlier can't break a sweat, i'm already perspiring profusely with just a few minutes of warm-ups and lifting..

one bummer happened though... a guy who had a history of shoulder injury, re-injured his right shoulder again.. damn, he was the flavor of the hour.. they have to hurriedly ice his shoulder cos he can't move it.

his instruction to Benito was to rid of all shoulder exercises.. hhmmmm.. how do you do that? every move you make requires some shoulder movement.. even if you're squatting or doing leg work you still need to move your shoulders when you're putting weights on the bar or machine..

anyhoo, he did lat pulldowns and that's when he got stuck in the middle.. even with the most minimal weight, he still injured his shoulder.. tough luck, i guess.

saw him wincing in pain as they frantically put some ice on his shoulder.. that was the first time i witness somebody getting hurt like that.. shet, just when i'm about to leave you guys, you startin' to act up like that?

i'm fortunate enough (or some angel's watching me) to not suffer the same fate as that poor guy considering how hard and heavy i do my thing there..

hopefully not in the near future wherein i'm about to tackle even more bigger challenges... may the good Lord take care of me...

7 days more to go before i unleash everything out.. again!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


bad.. bad.. bad..

i'm having digestive problems.. damn that late night binge on food and alcohol..

and the damned brandy too!

we had a great time.. hoo-hum.. blah-blahs..

my buddy came by.. went with my officemates at some videoke joint.. had our own "mini-concert" as the night wore on.. the best part of 'em all of course is the part when my pal shared his FR (if you don't know what FR means, tsk, tsk.. bad luck for you, bud) about this textmate/s of his.. damn, his persistence and better use of his down time (read: idle) proved fruitful.. he's on his way of bedding most of 'em.. he already had one last week!

there was even one who texted around 12am that she's just nearby.. he may wanna "come" over.. some lucky guy, huh?

he's definitely good at engaging them to talk about sex (or is it the other way around, bud, right?) he had me read some of their messages and boy was i having a hard on, ey?

"love you's" were thrown like hot potatoes in between them.. nice goin' there buddy.. i'm soooo envious, mate!

i mean here i am grinding my ass in the gym for hours.. lifting the heaviest i can, growing as much muscle i can muster, yet i can't find my way to a girl's undies.. my buddy, uhm, he's not muscular and all.. he's neither big or small.. yeah right, in between... but he's good with words, tell ya that.. girls, ladies, women out there, watch out for this guy.. he he he!

these days, his priced possesion is his two cellphones.. he'd go crazy if they'd go bonkers (read: low battery to dead).


meanwhile, i've cleaned out my closet last Saturday at my former gym.. didn't say goodbye's or anything.. i'm sure i'll be back.. but not after a year.. i'm on a mission in this new gym.. i'll swept all of that dumbbells (push and pull 'em) before the year ends.. ambitious? very. in fact, it's bordering impossible. they have a 120 pounder dumbbells.. i'd probably warm up at 50 then work my way up.. initially, i'd probably reach between 80-90 pounds.. that's my modest assesment.. or i couldn't... considering the break i'm talking, i could lose some of my strength along the way.. i hope not.

that guy right there is pressing a 120 pound dumbbell.. you feel me now?

another mission would be to do weighted chins, pullups and dips... i'll go wherever my strength leads me.. i have a better chance of realizing this goal in the new gym cos their equipment utilizes thinner bar.. meaning, i can grip 'em better.. hold on to them longer and distribute the use of my strength (hands, fingers and forearms) to other muscle group.. well, before i jump ship i actually tried performing them and dang, t'was a breeze, homs!

lets hope this break don't end up with more drinking and eating binge.. gotta focus on the GOAL at hand... wish me luck.. i need it soooo BAD!

more kickass DB action below..

that guy is doin' the 160 pounder dumbbells.. sooo much more challenging

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

farewell massacre

time to chill...

got a whole week to rest, relax and recreation... this break is better than the last time wherein i had to get off the gym because of a nagging pain/injury.. now it's pretty cool as i was swingin' wall-to-wall on my exit..

definitely, i'll visit my mates there once in a while.. i gotta.

farewell for now, fellas!

it's actually timely that i opted to move out NOW cos new gym-membership in there had been swelling like hell! like new faces come in everyday, mate... kinda crazy if you think about it, but it's good that a lot of people are now taking care of their bodies... it's also worth mentioning that they are one of the cheapest if not the cheapest of 'em all in terms of monthly fee..

i reckon, it'll be different in the new gym... new equipments to learn.. new faces to meet.. new weights to surmount.. new rules to abide.. new environment to adapt..

well, we'll all be familiarizing with each other.. expect a rude awakening when the time comes... i'm ready to hustle, babe!

the entry plan: i'll get in and leave my ego at the door.. i'll be completely naive.. ignorant.. i'll let them walk me through.. i will listen.. i will hear.. i'll absorb everything.. i won't react, but i would respond.. heck, i'll even play coy..

when the smoke clears, and i mean when everything's done and over with - the whole nine yards of setting everything out, it's time to get down to business.

now, i didn't went there cos "i love the place" or there's plenty of hotties everywhere.. or the people smells better.. or it's "clean.." or people there seemed high-hat.. elites and whatnot..

to socialize and be "IN" with those darn high-society climber gang>> no friggin' way...

it'll be all business.. and it'll be like that for one whole year.. yep, i enrolled for one good year since they offered me a discounted price.. like half of what they normally offer on regular days.. t'was a promo price, homs.

still, the price is twice the amount of my former gym.. what's good about paying a tad higher is you get a better quality overall... like the place, equipment, people, yadi-yada...

and especially the people.. not too crowded anymore as what Tina told me.. well, i was there once and dang, just a handful of people were there, mate!

good if you're a wimp lifting puny weights.. bad if you're lifting hard and heavy.. you could get stucked with a bar over your neck and no one's gonna help you.. you moron!!

anyway, gotta hold back the excitement.. enjoy the break.. map out a new program... anticipate a li'l bit... and be physically and mentally prepared when the day comes..


wifey wants us to get married -- in the church.

she's soooo determined to be "blessed" that she's willing to do it even on a mass wedding!!

now, i don't really mind going through that whole married thingy even massacre style.. y'know, being intimate with the other 49 couples, and altogether in chorus saying "I Do's.."

that would be great.. a sight to see, yeah?

and did i mentioned it's free? yep. free wedding ring, costumes, make-up, video, etc..


ABS-CBN will sponsor and cover it.. great! the best!

from fitting the suites and gowns, to taking the necessary seminars, etc.. they'll cover you.. like you're in a reality show.. instant fame, eh?!

no fucking way!! there i said the dreaded word.

i'll do that no problem, but minus the circus please... it's not even solemn anymore with 50 couples swearing their love and loyalty "til death do us part.." in unison with each other.. and you have to "dramatize" the whole event s'more? i'd rather put a bullet in my head than go through that.. seriously.

and what's with 08.08.08 anyway? why are soooo many people getting married and excited on that day?? you guys are sooooo.. duh!

i better go check my lottery ticket.. i bet my hard earned 100 bucks yesterday.. i might have won the jackpot!


jacked up today... we'll talk tomorrow..

don't be late.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

emo time

this week's the last hurrah for my current gym... i'm goin out with a bang!

though i tried in earnest to keep it low.. as in being unnoticed and invisible, most of my mates there just can't keep their eyes off when i'm lifting.. what's a 330lbs deadlift, anyway? you should watch Dave Tate or Kara Bohigian squat and military press that weight, respectively, and you'll be blown away!

geez, i'll miss the convenience of pulling anyone of my mates to spot me on my heavy lifts.. the usual chatters.. the jokes... the friendship.. the respect i earned.. i know now what it means when people say you can't demand respect, you earn it.. it was a long road to get here, but i can't stop now.. i'm gonna aim higher.. no, not that respect thing.. it's something personal that i know in my heart i can attain..

shet, i'm being emo again.. better go now.. more on this "farewell tour" in the days to come...


Monday, August 04, 2008

moving out

sealed and stamped.

yeah, it's official, i'm moving out.

i will miss my pals out there.. uhm. my fans too!

i have pretty much build a good following there.. they'd say "here comes the powerlifter!" or "Hulk Hogan!" and the usual stares got me smilin' when i'm done with my sets... and i'd often tell them "nah, it's not really heavy.. just takes a lot practice.."

i don't like the attention though. i always preferred goin there low profile.

and now i will be living the gym that helped build and mold me this way... of course, i was always self-taught 99% of the time, but i did pick up some useful learning along the way..


more on this later, homs.

Friday, August 01, 2008

a new challenge on the horizon...


dang this new system of ours.. keeps rebooting.. freezes all of a sudden.. shuts down on its own.. friggin challenging, tell you that!

some websites are either blocked or the settings had been altered.. mine's speaker had been "circumcised" so now i won't hear nothing.. you gotta love how they do it here, eh?

no nightlife so far.. i wanted to hang out but i guess i'm gonna have to wait for my buddy to arrive.. the workouts had been stellar.. so stellar and eye-catching that i'm 99% of the time wiped out when i'm done!

anyway, felt like a "freak" in there lately.. some guys just can't stop staring when i'm doin' my lifts.. they've been taught the primitive ways thus they're stuck with the same weight since their last gain.. what's the problem, hommie, can't add a few pounds no more??

plateaud forever??

but comparing my lifts to the guys at bodybuilding forums and you'll see how puny they're actually are... if this beach boys just try to do some reading and research and not rely on what had been taught by those skinny "instructors" who'd been "lifting" all their life, yet never added and inch of size to their frame.. that alone should give them a rough idea they're being taught some guileful ways on the get-go.

i rest my case.

Rey had been an ass lately.. he is obviously insecured. just saw him stared intently at me while i went down to squat 290lbs yesterday. i could have gone to 300 or more but i stop there cos i felt a little tired from the other day's session.. why he's being in ass, you ask? he's been teasing me.. y'know, take me out of my game.. that i should join a contest since i've been lifting hard... and what's the point to all of that.. blah.. blah.. blah.. he's been the one accused by an old fart gym-member to be on roids and he's turning the table on me as i, apparently am catching on him, strength-wise... y'know, calling me around, in jest of course, "roids!" and that's what i call him too, by the way.. returnin' some favor..

some people would actually believe that shit considering my lifts look "extraordinary" to ordinary mortals.. they'd probably think "you can't lift that heavy if you're ain't on something..."



of course you can, moron. do away with those chicken-shit curls and kickbacks and do some serious compound exercises --- first!

not the other way around.

Rey's calves looked like that of a supermodel.. ha ha!

it's been like that since i first saw him, yet this "bodybuilder" had been lifting for years.. he usually works his calves first.. hard and heavy all the time, homs.

and i'm wondering why he can't grow it.. his upper body is pretty huge yet his calves/legs looked like the knees of a horse.. seriously, man.

unfortunately, he hasn't change his routine, thus, no matter how heavy he puts them to, they ain't growin one bit.

of course, i can't go and teach old dogs new tricks now, can i? especially in his case. not when we're in a "i'm the veteran here and you're just a noob" situation. and oh, the pride, mate.. you should consider that.. so, i let him be.. but i know he'll be watching me eat more iron than him.. but that won't be for long.. it's the perfect time to move out!

good thing, i tried another gym a few days ago.. they've got heavier dumbbells, plenty of cable equipments, safer machines, better pullup bar, easy on the shoulder parallel dip, sauna, shower room (i won't stink anymore.. haha!) and a whole lot of amenities.. boy, looking forward to having a ball there..

i don't hold an ounce of grudge on Rey.. in fact, i'm happy i've known him.. he still taught me a few tricks.. but when i got really close to his size and strength, he got shaken.. i mean, "whoa! i thought i'm the strongest here? the guru.. the respected?" then i came along.. i don't mind that if it happens to me.. i mean, someone out there will always be better than you.. more hungry.. more focus..


it's a fact.. a reality.. accept it.. embrace it.. it's a vicious cycle - you and i have no control over..


now, i'm hungry.. for food, that is!