Sunday, January 29, 2012

i wasn't gonna hit the iron today cos it's Sunday... who has no life who workout's on Sundays, huh? well, i didn't really have much of a choice. we had a brownout since last night 'til the mid-morning.... man, was it HOT and boring?!?


since i couldn't dump cos we didn't have water on the tank no more and, worst, i couldn't take a bath! imagine that?!?

lets wander....

last night i got pretty hammered and wind up with somebody who had like a Mabuhay Miles for being on the job since, uhm, 14 years ago? man, if you compare that to a car, it's like, have you been to the moon and back already?!?

notice there's no gender or thing mentioned here so feel free to draw your own conclusion... hik hik!

well, yeah, i got hammered and i wasn't "fit" to move some weights today. not!

now, lets go back to the topic on hand...

i gotta tell you man, it's nice to workout on Sundays... you kinda like own the place, if you catch my drift. it's especially true for me since, modesty aside, no one there is as strong as yours truly. in short, NOBODY. MESSES. WITH. THE. DUDE!!!! say it like Jim Carrey in that Ace Ventura movie, yeah? replace "DO" with "DUDE" and you're set.

lets hope today goes as planned.

take care now and enjoy the rest of the day....

Thursday, January 26, 2012


lazy got down from the train... what that means is, i'm effing getting lazy again 'bout this thing right here! yaikz!

well, if i really think hard about it, i've been a bad boy at getting really lazy with everything, to be perfectly honest.

lazy with work, them workouts, the chores.. etc... etc..

i don't think i like this road i'm taking. after such a busy few weeks early this month, it's been pretty much downhill. guess i relaxed.. a bit too much... ya don't wanna know how... hik hik!

anyway, still knockin' some serious weights off and the strength had been short of outstanding, albeit less consistent.. getting enough rest in between workout days is definitely important to me now. i feel stronger when i'm fresh. so that means i just go by feel. if i feel like i haven't recovered fully enough, i'm not gonna force the issue. mostly, i'm good to go late afternoons whilst before, early morning was a habit.

i use to do a lot of cable pulldowns before... but my lats sored a lot, lot more doing pullups, chins and the neutral grip. i'm learning how to kipp so that when it gets harder to pull myself up, my legs kinda kick-up a bit to sorta give me momentum.. nice move.

indeed, there's so much to learn but so little time.. right now, i wanna yap s'more but... it's just it, i'm so primed for bed..

Happy Birthday to my best pal, Earl.. he's really older now.. better get married and have children already man!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

in the zone

gotta write in spurts here.. it's been one helluva jump start for 2012. things are slowing down though as i got everything under control. but just like any other time and any other given day, ya gotta be prepared for whatever's being thrown at you... or you'd get caught with yer panties, err, i mean pants down.

well, it is inevitable we'd slowed down. the production of our new models had been halted/delayed due to the flooding in Thailand last year. hopefully, by second quarter we'd go ballz-to-the-wallz again.


i feel pretty fresh in the gym as of late.. took a three day off. been focusing on the big lifts and lessen the accessory exercises.. it's pretty consistent at how i've managed to go there.. late afternoon slash early evening.. i think i'm stronger at these times.. it didn't matter how many jackasses are gonna be there or the number of poseurs or wannabees doing all sorts of stupid and crazy things.. i just go and get my lifts done and get out! the sooner the better.

since i had a long weekend, went to do squats and deadlifts on the same day. boy, did i fried my CNS! in fairness, i was strong as a bull... then earlier, my number in my 1RM with the bench was still the same, but.. my confidence with that lift had gone up! i have no more doubts of whether i can lift that weight.. it's a done deal.. next stop, two hundred thirty pounds (230 lbs).

that's a lot considering i fried my CNS the day before.. imagine if i was like well rested. it'd be awesome!

meanwhile, i gotta go sip some brandy coz i feel pretty edgy yet again... took jack3d for my pre-workout and the moment i lie down in bed, it feels weird. hmp!

one more thing, internet had been intermittent for quite sometime now, better get this fix, Smartbro people!

slurp... slurp...

Friday, January 13, 2012

I Explored

am still here... just a combo of being busy with work and catching up with the workouts cos man, they're pretty tight to synchronize these days.. you either do the one thing and just completely abandon the other. i'm talking about the "now" days. maybe when the dust settles and things at the office tapers off i can do more things again.

yesterday, i had the chance to take for a spin the new Ford Explorer. what a sweet ride! it was nerve wrecking at first, but heck, i did drove a BMW 7 Series before and it's probably priced at 100 to 150 percent more than the Explorer... that was a long time ago though thus the nerve!

if i win on a Lotto draw (which i haven't had the time to bet on), the Explorer will be on top of my wishlist. i'm not too familiar with its features but judging from what i've seen and tested so far, it is one hi-tech,  freaking fast and muscular piece of ride!

well, it has a V6 engine for starters. the ignition - keyless. you just press a button and you get to start and stop the engine. the seat automatically adjust when you start the engine and it pulls back when you turn it off giving you ample space to move and easily exit the vehicle.

when you go on reverse, a video shows you the rear view. man, i can go on and on and on.... but simply put, it's no wonder that we have a long list of customers in the waiting list for this SUV cos Ford nailed this one perfectly!

learn more about it HERE.

in my job, it's one of the perks i get to enjoy.. i get to drive all sorts of car under Ford and at one time, BMW's but the top honchos of my company let the dealership go so they could focus more on Ford which is growing like a plague (pun intended) here in the Phil.

at first, i'm extra careful but as the vehicle and i gets comfortable, i put the pedal to the metal when opportunity arises. hee hee

well, that's all i have for you right now. if you've got a spare of around 2.4 million pesos, you might wanna buy one of that Explorer baby.. sweet deal for a sweet ride.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

rain, rain...

more rain.

no.. not complaining here. not at all.

just, uh, bit bummer when you wanna go out and well, hang out.

your gonna get wet-ty.. if there's such a word.

compared to my brah, Earl who had his time in the middle east to seek greener pasture, and all that pain-in-the-ass story about enduring the heat and not having access to potable water.. (there was water alright, but it's laden with salt... cos them people uses sea water and process it to sorta mimic what we're here enjoying, the precious H2O, which by the way is so abundant that we're literally flooding all over the place!)

i'd rather soak and bathe in the rain.. everyday.

so yeah, if i have to make a choice, i don't mind having more water than otherwise. but you better learn how to swim cos by the looks of things, water from rain isn't exactly going away anytime soon and floods all over our country as well as some parts of the world is like the "IN" thing right now.

in the meantime, as to the job front, well, the year pretty much started with a bang for me. i'm swamped with work again these days!

kinda crazy to be honest. but i gotta keep it together. it's not the best time to snap or crack. basically, it's never an option.

just roll with the punches and hope to come out still in one piece.

hope tomorrow the mini-van is out from the shop. it's been sitting there for four months. wifey was nice enough to really ran it down to its last breath, then got a new one... then, completely left the former to rot in pieces.

how nice, huh?

i can't really do all the &^$* work cos i have tons of things to do myself. she's very dependent of me about these kinda thing ya know, having the vehicle checked-up, repaired, maintenance, etc. and it's really hard to make time when i'm just as swamped with my side of life.. however, when it's stuff that makes her happy or she enjoys doing, she'd gladly go do it or tag along with whatever's making her excited.


talk about priorities, yeah?

on the lighter side,

kidz just love this!

Monday, January 02, 2012

2012. in the beginning....

it's New Year yet again.. no, i don't do all that resolution crap. i find it bragging. but it's nice if you want to be accountable. in a way, it's good. at least you'll be pressured to really make do of what you've been saying... at the same time, it'd be nice for your friends to gloat over your big effed-up.. that is, if you fail to keep up with what you've been bragging... so, unless you wanna eat some humble pie for the nth time, ya better shape-up and make all of 'em resolution happen.. otherwise, ya might wanna keep 'em to yourself --- shut yer piehole!

choose your battle.


well, what triggered that post above was whilst relieving myself at the comfort room in the office and reading some newspaper, i stumble on this section where showbiz personalities were asked of their new year's resolution.

whatever makes you sleep at night, hun.

meanwhile, i'm seriously thinking about migrating to wordpress.. have my own website, ya know. i should include studying web design and programming in my bucket list. the knowledge i'd get from that would be an awesome addition to my growing "toolbox."

it's not free anymore, though.

i'd like to risk a bit this year. try my luck on other fields. i was gonna post a long one tonight... only that at 21:10 i'm already feeling soporiferousness.. nice word, huh?


so, to make t h is l o n   g story sshhZZzzzzzzz...