Monday, February 26, 2007

6 years

reading through malou's horrific yaya tale felt a little creepy.. but it happens. though i wouldn't say i'm lucky, six long years of service from my house help and counting is something to be thankful.

neil was almost three years old when she came in and join the family.. a few months after and a september 11 tragedy, my younger brother left for NY. from five people living in the apartment, we're down to four.

we treated her like our own... through the years we've managed to give her a few raise to keep up with the times... whatever perks we can afford her, we gave.

the years didn't went so smoothly though. there were times she wanted to quit, "go home and rest.." knowing how adept she's been to the daily grind and the policy of our household, we tried to convince her and lured her back.

but now after six long years, she feels it's time to get married, stay-out and maybe start a family of her own... though she promises not to leave us behind, especially the kid she nurtured since two, it is but apparent that one of these days she'll leave us for good.

yesterday and the days to come, there'll be three people living in the house at night cos she's now being fetched every night by her soon-to-be hubby...

life goes on for all... we all move on...

trust me when i say this, i'm made for situations like this.

..... to be continued..

Friday, February 23, 2007

more Beats

no kidding i wailed like a baby after listening to this song... i remembered my pal, earl. he's one big, huge Beatles fan... we used to hang out in the old apartment watching VHS tapes of all Beatles greatest hits... we sung their songs out "loud and proud" months before he left for the middle east... missed Beatles a lot but i miss my best friend most.

wherever you are pal, do take care....

Monday, February 19, 2007

what can i say, i like this one!


got my rig back together, but not before i tore them apart... yeah, i took the motherboard out and run the whole thing from the outside.. much like those techie guys do when they test those PC components you wanna buy.

i guess i learned a lot from the whole experience... and i mean - a lot!

while i was in it, bought a new chassis (CPU casing as others may refer to) and additional cooling fans. one for the hard disks and the other for the exhaust.. all in all, there are seven fans running in there.. hehe, kewl, eh?

it's a pretty hefty price for learning but i have to say, it's worth it. should be. i'm still breathing (even with all the lost) and learning at the same time. i can honestly say that i'm better off than those who build your PC at some store around the corner... why? they just put everything together and couldn't care less if things are running neat and smooth inside. from all the store i've been hopping through the past few weeks, i'd say few are really knowledgeable enough about the whole PC modding and pimping thing... if you get the drift... lemme know if you don't.

one store here that sells the stuffs modders like me are looking for is ArcTech. the rest are bunch of shits! hehe.. sorry... cos they don't know nothing, that's why. most of the cool performance parts are sold in imperial Manila and they barely sell them here cos according to them "it's not moving in the inventory." now, if that ain't baloney, i don't know what is.

i got a whole bunch of pics here to show but since i lost all my utility softwares, i can't resize them just yet... there are online services to do the job but takes a good while and i hate waiting. hmmmm, i'm gonna get me one tomorrow no matter what it takes... abangan!

have to say it's quite satisfying and fulfilling to get the whole rig running again.. it's time get me some beers for a job well done... cheers!

nuf said.


oh, i miss my mp3's... good thing i haven't thrown the CD's yet after ripping them off... some of them, i gave to my posse, Earl. i thought he could use some of them... anyway, i fancy my system as there, i got a wee bit generous.. ha ha! crap! i can't get them back now cos he's gone to Qatar!

before i forget, to all the ladies out there, sweet, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous and sweet (i know, i know... i mentioned sweet again for the third time), Happy Valentines sweet-ness (foul!).

peace out.


oh wait, here are the images...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

smooth and slick

my home PC crashed two days ago.

yes, i'm very sad and frustrated. in it were files i've been keeping since college. my thesis, personal effects, mp3 collections, important documents and a whole lot of pictures... my software utility collections were also scorched with the whole thing.

so, shoot me for not backing all that up. i was able to keep those file for eons... i've never, in my wildest dreams thought i'd lost them all just like that. snap!

well, i'll live... that's for sure. thought me a good lesson.. no, a hard lesson.


better have one loyal, good, cool and best friend than having ten asshole friends. i live through this philosophy all my life. that's why after all these years, i know i can be a friend of anyone, anytime... but that's it, "friends."

it's a good thing i'm not into this party thing that much anymore coz i don't have to force things to happen. i don't have to make it a point that fridays and saturday night should be a "gimmick night." i don't have to go out of my way to meet friends somewhere, some place and be drunk all through the night. i don't have to "want" their company and waste my money and time talking about their angst with the world or their sexcapade with a bitchy whore... no, i don't have to put up with those shits.

i can live alone. no, my family's company is fine with me... that includes the dogs too. i can watch TV all day or surf the NET 'til i drop. i can drink my favorite beer in the company of others.. thru the NET that is and even have a better and a different form of conversation than being out there somewhere where i dunno how the hell i got home... doing anything new excites me.. dunno bout you..

when i grow tired of doing these "new" things, i can always message my "friends" out there... hangout and have fun again.. that's the beauty of being able to adapt to whatever comes your way... you can easily roll with it.. No BIG Deal.


reading the news today and seeing the current CRAPS, i mean crops of politicians running in the coming May elections...make me wanna puke! bunch of TRAPO's (traditional politicians), recycled and remnants of political dynasties are scampering for a political seat, be it from the administration or the opposition block... same colors actually... many don't have anything to stand on and are bunch of butterflies... political that is. they jump from one party to another. not to mention the actors and the actresses who wants to have a piece of the pie... opportunistic species breeds the political arena.. we want change? dang, i wish!

maybe we can all put them in one place like the coliseum and nuke 'em all! ha! ha! ha! that would be a sight to behold...

i guess i'm losing hope with our current political structure. everyone's got their own little agenda.. not too hidden by the way!

shit, i still have to fix my PC and i'm here yakking!!


Thursday, February 08, 2007


(Valid after marriage or if you are not married)

Your character, path in life and health

You are clever, joyful, resourceful and adventurous at heart. You enjoy visiting new places and being exposed to new ideas. Diligent, alert and impeccably tasteful, you tend sometimes to be overly critical, especially toward yourself.

You are individualistic and selective, and love reading and researching. You are very bright and will never waste your time on dead-end pursuits. You are a good organizer and can successful get other to perform unpleasant or boring tasks. You are a creative person.

In spite of your success, you constantly fear failure. Generally, you are excelled in arts, medicine, commerce, archeology, and teaching. You can succeed in so many areas that your real problem revolves around choosing your field of specialization. You are attracted to everything, but nothing "grabs" you.

You are multi-faceted - as reflected in the shape of a pentagon. You are likely to be unpredictable, inconsiderate and uncompromising toward yourself. Generally speaking, you are attractive, gregarious and truly empathetic. You recover quickly from life's blows. At times, you are troubled by anxiety, though externally you are able to maintain a serene facade.

In love, you are faithful, overflowing with warmth and generosity, and become jealous and suspicious only if given good grounds. You don’t like to argue, but if dragged into a conflict, you will stand up for yourself.

You are very helpful to those close to you, and offer them generous financial aid. You are always willing to give any type of practical assistance needed.

Usually, you don’t like to ask other for help. You enjoy comfort and hate waste. You are willing to have a good relationship with relatives as long as the latter do not interfere with your life.

About your love and sexuality

When it comes to love and sexuality, you are in the middle: You exhibit all the positive characteristics concerning love and sex, as well as all of the negative ones. Consequently, your approach is nervous, jumpy and unpredictable.

Your sexuality is not remarkably good, but your enthusiasm and single-mindedness make up for it. Many say that you have a magnet inside you, that is, you are influenced by and attracted to external factors in your environment. These factors are attracted to you, too. And then, when the objective of your attentions changes, the magnet changes its course.

You are the type of lover written about in books. You are the jealous and unfaithful lover who appears in criminal reports in the media. You are the ones people follow blindly... or recoil from!

The central issue concerning you is the ability to allow a sexual and love relationship to develop beyond a one-night stand. And this is a real problem. Your live is full of crises, and ups and downs when it comes to this important realm.

You are quite a gamble for numerology. You are unpredictable, and numerologists find it difficult to characterize you in view of your nature. But it is important to remember that love and sex are actually the triggers - the prime movers - of emotional life for you.


Your character, path in life and health

You are strong, practical, bright, imaginative, intense and blessed with a great deal of creative energy. You are dreamer and have a tendency toward melancholy. You are trustworthy, you will never betray a trust, and you carry out all your commitments. You are willing to sacrifice a great deal for your loved ones. You are impressive and charming individuals, but sometimes have difficulty expressing affection and feelings.

You are very ambitious and will try to take advantage of any opportunity to get ahead. You are interested in money and social status, and are willing to work hard in order to attain your goals. You are able to reach positions of power and authority. You are individualist by nature, but readily adjust to new situations and are in fact able to achieve good results through conventional channels. You are responsible and self-disciplined, and are blessed with the ability to overcome failure and disappointment without requiring support and assistance from others. You are interested in history and the arts, respect tradition and admire individuals who excel professionally. You could be a lawyer, business people, politician, scientist or writer.

In love, you are faithful and devoted and need constant confirmation of your partner's loyalty. You are horribly jealous, though try to free yourself from this tendency. You cannot stand the fact that your partner shows an interest in someone else, a trait that frequently leads to separation. You tend to get involved in fights and arguments concerning the principle of things.

You are not especially concerned with order and cleanliness, though you are willing to adapt yourself to your partner habits. You love comfort and luxury, but you are ready to make with less. You are willing to cooperate with relatives, but will not make a special effort to do so. Although you seem to be balanced, cold and distant, you are actually prone to extreme moodiness. You are gentle, generous and sympathetic to the weak and suffering. Your financial situation may fluctuate sharply.

About your love and sexuality

You enjoy a good, strong sexual nature, and are frequently quite impressive. Your potent sexuality is often wasted, since you tend to do everything slowly, in a considered manner, after researching, examining, and testing, and when you are finally ready... the door slams in your face!

You find it difficult to understand that love and sex is a realm where more is hidden than revealed. You act as if you are following a recipe, and will never add salt to the soup before adding pepper...

It is therefore important to differentiate between your attempt to feel your way, and your conquest, as there is a tremendous difference between these two stages in your life. Likewise, for your own good, it is important for you to understand the difference between the means and the end.

This analysis was created by ____


yeah, i'd like to believe them.... really!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

to my princesa... wherever you are....

not the coolest video really, but i like the music a lah!

90's muzik rock dude!

nice rendition of APO's original song.... Anna

Sunday, February 04, 2007

i, me, myself and mystery

this morning, i received a call from my "forum mate." they were a bit concern why i haven't been posting there for days... well, i'm honored to be "wanted." see, i'm always there or it always appears as if i'm there all day even when i'm not. that's because i don't logout from the site even when i'm not sitting in front of my desk.

when i joined them middle of last year, i didn't have an inkling i would practically overtake the number of posts of the most people who were the pioneers of the site. practically blab my way to the top, huh? i'm only second to the guy who called me earlier.. it may not mean much to you or anybody, but for some, it's actually a feat as some site feature them as "top posters" or "contributors." and, it also means that you, as the top poster of the site, is adding a few spice to a serious discussions... especially this one coz it's mostly about government complains, suggestions and anomalies.

just months ago, i got the "Global Moderator" assignment and i didn't even asked or offered myself to it. some guys there had been wishing for that "prestigious title" but didn't get one. i would have been content being a nobody there... at least my opinion wouldn't be subjected to impartiality.

well, last week i took a leave. i dunno for how long (two weeks was the original plan) but i had longed wanted to distance myself a bit cos people wanted too much information about my personal being... like where i shit.. what's the name of my penis... y'know, something like that.. joke!

so, i'm feeling too much heat around the corner,lately... if you know what i mean..

seriously, knowing me, i thrive on being unknown. i do better being away from the "limelight." in fact, i wouldn't have joined those EYEBALLS if not for the constant prodding of my peers over there. and the pictures? i hate being on them. if it was just me, i'd rather be sitting here and be heard than having to be physically present in those "freedom parks" shouting, debating and making myself heard.

i love mystery. it keeps me going. i like people who are mysterious. they make me feel wanting. but somewhere down the line, the more i yakk in those many forums i joined in, the more i'm exposed. and that makes me feel very vulnerable. call me sissy, coward or stupid, but it scares the shit out of me when people starts stepping inside my "firewall."

whatever i decide to share personally in this "CyberNation," i don't expect people to take it... much less swallow it. i respect others thoughts and i expect the same. if somebody does otherwise, expect me to return the favor. i open bits of personal info about me and that's it. don't go further down where the line had been drawn.

ladies and gents,

today's lateral thinking...

missed this one. my HD crashed a long time ago and all my great music video collection died with it. thanks to YouTube, i can view them again....
finally, finally, finally!!!

got my big butt-ass enrolled back to the gym. damn, i lost the initiative again! it's gonna be tough going through the whole cycle but i have to do it... it is one of those first steps that's really the toughest to do but once you take it, it'll be easy to roll over as time passes by... well, here's hoping.

after months of leaving that gym somewhere downtown, i remembered leaving some stuffs in what used to be my locker. call me sentimental but one of the most precious thing i left there is my shorts. yep, i love that piece of clothing so much i would pay a reward to get it back... though it should be smelly by now but hey, what's the use having those machines getting your laundry done, huh? a sachet of Tide powder and it'll be neat again.

damn, my jeans are getting tighter everyday and it's getting harder to lean over with those protruding bulges.... aaaaarrgghhh!!!

well, it's bad enough getting old, what's worst is being out of shape... not to mention, those metabolism whatever isn't doing you no favor these days... just when you need it the most!

so, what's the plan? no plan at all. coz everytime i start planning on something, shit happens along the way... you know how i feel right now? am very, very frustrated with myself for having allowed myself to stray away from the things i used to do to keep me fit. ahhhh, guess it comes with the territory.

here's sucking it up!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

last night, i went to my friend's place. we had a few beers, a Red Horse. didn't thought it was my lucky night.. his cousin was in town and he had to tour her around the city... well, lucky coz he treat me and the rest of his cousin's company, free food and drinks.

we had a grand time watching those gays in the uptown's comedy bar.. haven't been there for a year, i think. now my throat hurts for all that laughing i did.. syit!

hours later, we drop his cousin and company back to the place they're currently holed up and we went back out for more beers... this time, we went to a party place. guess, my "luck meter" was at all time high coz i got acquainted with a hottie young lady... well, nothing much happened other than us talking... y'know...

for months or weeks (whichever comes first), t'was the first time i got home at 4AM again! i was sooo drunk i could not remember how i made it back home... but i did remember not making it inside the house and slept in the garage!

well, that's my story of the day.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Uploaded by goryo13

no comment.

missing toad

out of this world

was looking at the rigs of some people somewhere in the NET and found mine quite inferior.. wow, it's jaw dropping and downright crazy how they MOD their PC's dohg...

i'm way, way far behind these peeps... and, they can easily change any parts of their PC that are just a few months old.. sheeeT! i wish i could do the same. mine's going two years and the only thing new there are a piece of cooling fan, some cables, a dvd writer and a video card.. just bought the cables and the cooling fan recently and i think i'm not buying anything new in the future... no point "pimping" an old machine, bud.

here's there RIG... btw, it's OK to droll...

nice, ey?