Saturday, April 28, 2007

tagay ta bay!


took me forever to write again. hey!

i've got few thing to take care of... sorry all.

so, what's up with me? i'm great! i've been shaping up my lifestyle. it's hard doing these things when nothing seems to inspire me... but i have to find a way to rekindle some lost flame... this time, for the right reason. i can't possibly think of anyone to inspire me right now except to look forward to days being in the beach or spending some weekend bar-hopping.... looking fit and buff.. hehe

not too long ago when i can't resist anything alcoholic that's being offered to me. practically gulp them down as they come my way. and the smoke? oh, the smoke... simply irresistible, baby! i dream of smoking one every now and then... when i'm with friends who can't stop smoking their lungs out, i'm tempted to jump in and do some puffing... today and now, i haven't lit one.

since i managed to survive this long without that darn poison-weed and practically cutting down my booze consumption to almost none, i thought i can also do other things and be able to sustain it... so, yeah, i went and entered uncharted waters to test myself and to prove to everyone whose been very critical about my "change of scenery" mode including wifey, my manager (whose also my smoke buddy for years now), officemates, beer friends and everyone who can't accept the fact that people do change for the better and some do make a difference.

well today, i've been able to sustain it boys and girls and i will continue with my resolve no matter how painful, difficult and tiring it may seem.

case close. next.


meanwhile, we've had more EBs (Eyeball) in the past and more still coming up but i guess everyone gets burned out once in a while. i probably need to switch my time spent there back here again.. i dunno.. you know me, i keep changing my mind all the time.


wifey's grandma died a week ago and as usual, all that "ceremonies" and "rituals" are again practiced with feelings. i feel for people who have gone to the other side but let's save our energy, time and money for all that hullabaloo and whatnot to better things... i dunno what but i think we can find one.. given the resources...

if and when i die (knock on wood!), i don't want to burden anyone to go through all that stuff... i would rather have me cremated as soon as i'm not breathing anymore. weird.


work sucks right now with all that shit our HR's making us do in the morning.. so many times are wasted for all that BS. my job right now always gets me in to the "hot seat.." the pressure i'm getting practically from everyone these days ain't funny at all. i'm afraid i could snap one day and just go to the mountains and be a hermit.


as always, the good Lord has kept me together from all this "spices" in life and i can still managed to enjoy whatever good that comes my way... still and all, whatever cross you and i's way, appreciate and learn, dude...


Saturday, April 14, 2007

got a little tired of blogging lately. been doing other interesting stuffs. sorry, no beers or night outs. just wholesome, clean fun. weekends are supposed to be my "beer day" but i haven't had the urge to buy me one or go out to the sprouting bars in Cebu. i think they are all over the place now. got invited by my beer bud, lui and dex last night but i was in la-la land already.. too late, dudes.

besides, i'm too tired and exhausted even by just turning this PC on and play NBA live. guess this is a sign of old age, huh? just when my PC's really nice and cool, that's when i couldn't find the time to tinker with it... pity.

worst, i couldn't get my thoughts together for this post... damn, too many things to do, too little time... i'll just compensate my shortcomings with this picture using my sis' cam... nobody said you should like it...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

my sis' dawg, POWDER... it's 2:30am and i'm still surfing... i hope i can write something tomorrow about B-E-A-C-H

'til then, out for now...