Saturday, December 27, 2008

preacher wannabe

how was your Christmas?

mine? uneventful.

well, does it have to be bangin' with all the food, drinks, friends, gifts and whatnot?

i don't really think so.

i'm no religion fanatic nor close to the good Lord right now but this i know...

we're celebrating Christmas because of the birth of Jesus, aight?

hhmmmm... if my memory serves me right He was born in a manger.. nothing flashy there.. no big baptism after-party.. no big-time drug lords, err, big-shot politicians as godfathers.. nada.

i don't even recall Him celebrating Vegas-kinda party during His birthdays.. unlike Pacquiao, eh?

so yeah, i couldn't care less if my Christmas ain't fancy like yers, homie.

so why am i saying this?

it's just amazing how people could put up with all that hassle and stuff going to the grocery queuing in line that takes like forever, buying all sorta gifts, party like a rockstah, etcetera, etcetera..

i mean, hey, have you even greeted Him "Happy Birthday, Lord!" whilst you were there enjoying the most dramatic moment of yer life?

like it's your party, huh?

do yourself a favor, honey.. thank the good Lord for the blessing you've been savoring.. if you're not as "lucky" as some people and all you've got this year are mostly, *cough* *cough* pain, you still have to be thankful cos you withered the storm, you survived and you are so much stronger now than you were before..

just sayin'.

so how was my Christmas? i was too tired to party, ya know.. as my post below says it, i got carried away doing arm-work in the gym i ended up lying in bed for a good number of hours just chillin' and musing.. thinkin' about how this year had been.. job-wise, there ain't much... but i've grown on other areas, so i'm happy.

if i wanna be "somebody" at work, i would've been it, but then it ain't gonna be fun.. as most guys and gals who got ahead of me.. they ended up quitting... some were too stressed and wound up sick..

to quote Beatles:

"i don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love..."

in other words, you can have a huge payin' job, but if you're not happy, what for?

anyway, time to call it day.. i had a good bangin' time earlier (for the nth time) in the gym.. some people stared in awe.. i get some 'respect points' among the pack for doing what i did.. next year will be awesome.. instead of buying me that wireless internet so i could go surf at home, i bought some supplements twice the amount of the latter to sorta up the ante.. this lifestyle's pretty expensive. as you get deeper, your supplementation needs goes higher.. you need pre, peri, post-workout drink.. not to mention, the stuff you've got to chow or guzzle down after waking up or before you hit the sack.. then you need some joint lubricants, etc. whew! it gets trickier as you progress.

it's still fun and challenging so i'm all for it.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas.. all over the world.


Merry Christmas, Yo!

yay! just finish workin' my arms earlier.. damn, huh? it's the eve of you know what, yet i'm waxing hot in the gym... is there any life for me at all other than this??

nah. if you consider the number of gym rats working out today, you'd be floored. guess we just wanna burn it before we gorge later.. even then, i don't think i'd be eating too much either.. just enough, i guess.

oh wait, saw somebody earlier.. some kinda ghost.. hee hee..


i could've gone out of my way to 'meet and greet' her but then, nah, it's better this way.. no frills, no hassles..

keep moving forward.

on the other side of the specter, whilst out partying somewhere uptown inside a bar, this caucasian dude elbowed my tummy on his way out of the bar.. not that it hurt (just annoying nudge) but enough for me to notice what he did.. felt pissed and so was my partner that night cos he too noticed the prick's actuation.. when he came back, he tried again but i parried it successfully.. we had some confrontation but didn't led to a brawl, good and fuck him very much..

since i was too tipsy to think straight why he did that, the morning after, i went down to my cave, closed the door, turn the lights off, meditate and gave it some serious thought.. oh i get it.. he thought we were making a move to that three ladies fronting of us.. tsk tsk tsk.. to think we just arrived there.. some loser, eh??

that's how you treat Filipino guys, you moron?? you're probably upset you didn't get your LBFM (google search, honey), right???

right. next time i'll be more sensitive to these kinda pricks roaming around bars..

anyway, 'nuff said.

Happy Holidays Yo All!!



Monday, December 22, 2008


t'was a long weekend.. kinda regret some that went down.. i think i'm gonna keep 'em to myself for now..

anyway, nothing bad happen so i'm just thankful.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

12 Days

geez, what am i supposed to post tonight??

kinda hard having all those nice thoughts i had earlier just vanish thru thin air.. tsk.. tsk..

i am really getting old.

by the way, we in the gym call him Mama Rudz cos the late mister is "gifted" with man-boobs.. LOL! may his soul rest in peace.

yeah, they're kinda huge and distracting whenever he takes his shirt off..

oh yeah, i have been invited by some PT in the (new) gym to join their christmas party (gasp!) to be held tomorrow at some mountain view place.. nah. not yet dude.. maybe next year.. maybe never.

i don't have any super-close buddy yet.. just acquaintances.

i know i could easily get close to anyone considering i'm no ordinary gym-rat, modesty aside, but no, i prefer we down lotsa salt first before we'd start hanging out.. besides, it's quite distracting to be friends and get cozy with everyone.. you'd end up wasting time trash-talking instead of pumping iron.

i dunno bout others, but that's just my thought.

on the other hand, traffic is really, really heavy these days with all the people going out of their way hustling through the christmas rush... pretty stressful driving around or buying stuff with everyone all over the place... i think i'm gonna faint, man!

more pain is when people don't follow simple rules.. take crossing the street, for example.. the government build all these expensive skywalk (you have to count the kickbacks, thus, expensive) so people could cross the streets safely and in order for vehicles to flow freely.. but the darn violators just don't wanna exert a little effort to climb up the stairs.. they want everything quick and easy.. bunch'a morons, eh?

risking limbs and life to get there faster.. what if some car crashes on you?? you think you can still go to where ya goin' "safely" and "quickly?"

you're either going to the hospital or the nearest morgue, dimwit!

sorry.. gotta rant sometimes.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mama Rudz

went to my former gym earlier... what can i say, i miss the guys.

yeah, they are my homies.. no matter what.

i got the surprise of my life when i learned of an old timer whom i had the honor of working out with died of a cardiac arrest.. he used to joke around that i should be "competing." i dunno why he says that crap.. i presume Rey had been spreading some BS and he just kinda pick it up (tip: learn more about Rey by searching this blog up) and tag along... he appears to know exactly what he's gonna do whenever he's there showing everyone some unusual 'moves' never been done by the usual gym rats.. ironically, his physique doesn't show any improvements whatsover despite the years he's been eating iron.

anyway, though i earnestly avoid talking crap with him, we'd sometimes end up doing so.. i find the person sensible enough that i had to sorta impart with him what's on my mind.. however, Rey was kinda pissed with him.. he's the only one with the balls to insinuate Rey used roids.. in return, whenever Rey had the luxury of disrespecting the old man, he'd gladly do so with gusto.

Rudy, that's his name by the way, likes to eat.. he'd tell me he'd order some of his favorite Kare-Kare or Lechon (roasted pig) just to satisfy his urge.. this dude already suffered a mild stroke before and yet he just can't resist the temptation..

long story short, he died.. one of the reason why i went there is because i dreamt of this guy last night.. he was very much alive and in his usual self.. conversing and just doing his sets in the gym.. since i missed my homies and all, i pop in there and was shocked to find out Rudy is gone... forever.

sad, but that's life.. at least he died old enough and had a good ride..

see you next life, Rudy.

on the flip side, my heart got bigger when Gaga, the in-house instructor slash spotter slash good friend, told me when exactly i'd be coming back.. cos he misses the lifts i do around there.. man, those were the crazy days, tell ya that!

in fact he's reserving the "prime spot" locker just to get my butt back in there.. they still don't know i have transferred.. YOU!!! this is just between us, huh??!!


yeah, i missed having you guys around too.. but i gotta do this.. to be away with the homies... i need to grow on other areas.. there are so many things i have now that i sorely don't have there.. already, i can press heavier dumbbells and my squat's looking fierce.. i wouldn't have done that if i was still stuck in my old-school gym... my options had expanded whilst before i've already reached my limits..

not to mention the distractions from you know who..

meanwhile, i'll still be visiting them once in a while.. catch up with anything.. hope not some dead mate comes up again..

crap, i didn't make it to their annual physique competition held last week.. they've got better contestants now as compared last year.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

breaking new ground

20 kilos multiplied by 4, 80.

multiplied again by 2.. thats 160 kilos... x 2.2 that's 352 pounds.. plus 20, the weight of the bar.. sssshhhhh!!! i'm trying to do the math here!!!

372 pounds.

that's my new PR for squat.. wehehehehehe!!

Merry Christmas!!!

four equal plates side-by-side.. exactly how i wanted and pictured it.. and now, i gotcha.. sweet.

that's the good news.. now on with the bad.. 5 motorbikes raffled but didn't won a single.. not even a friggin blanket for whatchamacallit's sake.. tough luck.

and finally, for the ugly and i hate this part: it's Christmas and i'm not "liquid.." that's, uhm, rather my glamorize way of putting it, but really, i'm just cash-strapped, dam'it!!!

the culprit?

it's all that 'SALE!!!!' all over the place.. y'know, those super-duper discounted prices of the stuffs being sold in the malls these days.. sooo tempting..

resistance is futile, homie.

anyway, gotta get back to work cos i've got lotsa them waiting... aarrgghhh!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

time after time

i'm soooo full!

no more time for chatters... tomorrow. maybe.

i'll save it 'til then.

happy holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

pharty bhoy

ok, ok i had one too many... no, it's good.

bad thing though is, i'm writing this under the dark... picture this: no light.

everyone seems to be having fun with all the dance muzic... nice.

oh yeah, got to post this... they've been raving about how buff i am considering i'm simply wearing ordinary shirt... right!

here ya go people... touch my arms, homie!


a few more drinks and i'm goin' to la-la land... gotta keep it together.. too early to snooze yet... 10pm.

hope to win the darn bike tonight... fingers crossed!

happy holidays!

Friday, December 12, 2008

calm before the storm


quite a day to top the week... tomorrow will be our Christmas Party.. weeeeee!!!

yay! like i haven't grown old with all these parties.. i know, i know.. such a bummer of me, huh?

anyhoo, i had a good session earlier, notwithstanding all the shit-work i had to hurdle.. my biceps are on fire, baby!!

tomorrow.. hhmmmmm.. i really can't worry about it.. but i have a plan..

i'll figure something out when i'm about to "cross the bridge..."

peace and love.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


there ya go again...

why o' why suspect me of being ON "gear?"

nope there ain't no way in the world i would even if i can..

lemme break it down for you... gently.

when i was a baby, i was told by my elders i had congenital heart desease.. an enlarged heart, to be exact.. i spent months after birth being confined in the hospital.. my late dad even had to scour for funds in order to bail me out.. damn, eh? too young and too fucked up already??

oh well.

next reason i can't touch roids is simply because i dunno how screwed up my body had become after years of alcohol and necotine abuse.. that's not to count the few bouts i had with *cough* *cough* drugs... damn, huh?!

well, the drugs ain't that much really... just amateurish MJ's and syrups... to tide my curiousity..

but i was heavy on alcohol and a BIG smoker... definitely, those vices could've dent my heart.. one way or another.

thus, there ain't no way in the world i'd entertain the thought of messing around chemicals that i don't have the slightest idea how to use, much less know the side effects of it on my body.

but then now that i've channelled my energy into something useful and getting good at it, some folks in the gym thinks i must be ON to something to be that strong and intense.


i could take that as an insult or a compliment.. i prefer the latter.

to say i'm ON to something simply means i'm no ordinary guy waltzing around the gym like a headless chicken... i definitely know how to run my thang..

i must be BIG that they noticed.

and STRONG too!

whatever.. i'm amused at how they could easily come up with that conclusion, but hey, i'm just as entertained..

saw many "juiced" guys in the gym.. they look better than me, tell ya that.

i'd prefer that it's a level playing field and that nobody takes roids..

but it's their lives and they wanna get there fast, take the shortest route and get HUGE easy.. even if i could afford it, health and money-wise, i still wouldn't do it... nothing beats getting "there," naturally.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hello and goodbye

bet'cha know already who won the last fight, yeah??

well, i feel bad for Oscar.. for real.

the picture paints a thousand words... him sitting at his corner looking puzzled and in pain.. not a picture of a multi-titled former champion from different weight divisions.. not to mention, an Olympic Gold medalist.. it's no ordinary feat, homie.. not one Pinoy has ever won a Gold medal in the olympics, if my memory serves me right.

so yeah, i would've thought he'd be swinging like hell for his "farewell fight/s.."

on the other hand, Booo Hoooo!!! to all those Pacman doubters.. next time, keep it to your arse, ha!

now, t'was nice watching the fight on PPV with an Eat-All-You-Can buffet on the sides.. the food we had - awesome! for 350 bucks, it's all worth every penny...

unfortunately, i downed cups and cups of brewed coffee before the fight... next thing i knew, i'm on the verge of having a nervous breakdown come fight time, damn it!

there were a number of people who reportedly have died watching the Dream Fight.. good thing i'm not part of the statistic.. hee hee hee!

the crowd just went crazy when everything started - all cheering for our countryman, Manny.

when Dela Hoya quit, the place just went mad!!

good thing i was able to keep it all together considering i was soooo hyped-up, thanks to bottomless coffee...

leason learned: don't drink lotsa coffee while watching Pacman fight.

congrats to Manny...

but sympathy to Oscar.. don't wanna see him go down like that.. but that's just life, hombre.. better retire and enjoy the moolah's you've earned.. life is good.

Friday, December 05, 2008

kim & nicole

damn, these bitches got me all confused for a while now...

'til today.


the gas guzzlers are back on the street, yo homie!

obviously and thanks to the drop of oil/crude/gas in the world market.. we've got cars all over the streets, again.

our place, i guess, has the most fucked-up streets in Cebu City - narrow, rough, waaayy to many cars and people, limited to nil alternative roads.. you name it, we have it!

anyhoo, driving in and out of our place is definitely something i don't look forward to.. good thing my lower back is made of steel these days or it could've broken down a long time ago with all those pot-holes and rough roads i have to pass through.

during those times when the gasoline price soared to the roofs, vehicles traversing our area had dramatically lessened.. now, it's starting to jammed the streets again..

damn. damn. damn.

sucks both ways, eh?!

and since i'm talking about traffic and vehicles, lemme rant s'more.. besides, you don't really have a choice anyway..

what i really hate with some drivers i encounter while i'm driving either a bike or a cage, is when these assholes try to revved up their engines and try to intimidate me with their loud pipes or their hyuuge trucks or SUV's to sorta say, "hey, i'm loud and big.. better get outta my way!!"

sometimes i fancy carrying a sub-machine gun and just pepper those friggin' tires of them shmucks!

then there are those PUJ's (public utility vehicle) who would race you up front only to cut your way off... some drivers, eh?!

then there are snakes.. those fuckers who swerve in and out of traffic like they must be suffering from diarrhea or having some kinda itch down there.. they just have to drive that way to reach their destination - fast.

and some drive sooo slow like, hello??! ever use your side mirror or rear-view mirror, dimwit?? traffic is building up because of you ya stupid mother-fucker!

you should be driving a hearse!!!!

ok, i am calm... woo.. saa.. woo.. saa..

nuff ranting... for now.



i hate you!!!

yeah, i'm on DOMS right now.. ya know DOMS, right? no, not Dirty Old Man Sucks..

good. i know you're smart... otherwise, start digging, meathead.

i worked my arms the other day (the other day don't mean yesterday, right? cos i don't mean yesterday). as always, i pushed myself to the limit like Manny Pacquiao.. even if my "other self" kept sayin' slow down or stop, i just keep pushing and pushing.. thus, now, even though i took a rest yesterday, i'm still sore.

as scheduled, i'm supposed to be back in the gym today, but the thing is, i'm feeling sore..

need to test the water.. later.

for tomorrow...

it'll be WAR!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


it's amazing how you can actually amaze people with the natural things you do.. meaning, by just being "normal."

like yesterday.

as you very well know, i had guzzled enough beer last monday that i thought of not going to the gym the next day... well, you guess it right. i didn't.

so yesterday it was...

i hate legs day.. i often have butterflies on my stomach when i squat.. it feels like i'm gonna blow my friggin' head off holding my breath.. walking back and forth the rack to get on and off the bar - an ordeal.

the front squat is just as pain in the shoulders as it is in the neck.. you definitely have trouble breathing when the bar is stuck tight unto your neck causing it to partially block your windpipe.. unracking is easy but racking the bar back to its place when you're tired pumpin' it up and down to the ground... a challenge.

since it is the hardest for my quad routine, i do 'em first.. one set, two set, three set... we're talking volumes here, bud.

on to my top set, people starts staring at me.. that's around 350 pounds or 160 kilos.. i'm trying to figure out why they're looking at me like that... must've been the thought of my back breaking down, or i couldn't go back up... or i'll just fall flat on my face!

or i just might be crazy or something!

anyway, i finished the 'ordeal' safely, thanks good Lord.

then a guy came up to me and said "that's over 300 pounds, doesn't it hurt your back/traps?" and i said "nope."

he must've been wondering why i'm not using some pussy foam to sorta lessen the pain with the bar and its weight digging-in on my back.

so i go (obviously catching his drift) "the foam makes the bar shaky."

"ah, ok."

i went further and said "it's actually my lower back that sores a bit when everything is done and over with."

then he went asking how i got there... ya know, the weight i'm able to put up with.. i said something like "i did it progressively.. loading the bar a few pounds each time.." but we all know it ain't really just it.. it's like a combo of things..

ok here's the secret: work your lower back, stupid!

i don't see a lot of guys doing good mornings and weighted hyperextensions.. all they do with their lower back is hit it with that machine thingy..

that's why i'm a big fan of Dave Tate and WestSide Barbell for their straight-up and no-nonsense approach to powerlifting.

i still have a lot to learn and lifts to surmount.. i just need to be careful or it's game over.

be back with other things to talk about.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nine Balls

damn the drinking last night.. my friend arrived and as usual we hang out. we played billiard while guzzling beer.. but before that, i hit the gym hard.

after, my testosterone drop flat on the floor... i was just drained.. sucked to dry and ready to roll over.. figured i could use a massage.. i've been contemplating on getting one since last week.. good thing yesterday was a holiday.. one hour and thirty minutes later got a text message from this pal who i haven't met for almost two months..

t'was nice catching up with the dude.. we played nine balls.. won the first few rounds, but later he was able to get into his rythm and i started to lose.. a lot. sucks to be piling balls often, but i played decent and still won a few ones later.. and when it mattered most, y'know the last game, i was victorious!

nope, it wasn't luck at all... just sweet, straight-up shooting baby!

later, we went to some "happy place." nice place tell ya that.

but i can't stay late.. i need to wake up early to bring my son to school and i need my friggin' beauty sleep... to hell with those hot vixens!


tonight i'm contemplating whether i should go and hit the gym.. it's legs day.. *yawn* i know..

i don't wanna do it half-ass.. maybe if i could take a quick nap, things would be better...

later alligator... ZZzzzz...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

QuaD CannoN

i dunno what happened yesterday... t'was legs and lower back day.. i work my legs twice a week.. usually, the first is i do the whole nine yards.. quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.. while the next legs day is like yesterday's.. just the quads and then i throw in some lower back exercises..

started with the front squat.. 1 set.. 2 sets.. etc..

on to my last set, my quads started to sore.. worked it last tuesday yet and yesterday's friday, but then it's still friggin' sore??

what the??

ok, so nothing i can do there, momma.. it's just it.. i'll roll with it. besides, it's the lower back that needs more attention..

went ahead doing back squat, deadlift, hyperextensions, good mornings, and that lower back machine..


i'm losing motivation these days.. hitting the iron is like an ordeal - not something i look forward doing.. guess that cancelled week-off is the culprit.. i should seriously consider taking that.. maybe next month.

i'm usually raring to come back after a week off..

this, however, is exciting...

i'll be watching it on PPV...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


i feel bad for my yaya (nanny). she has breast cancer and she's been suffering from it for years now... it's beyond help. sigh.

she's been doing all that self-medication from herbal medicine to whatever it is that's being hyped up over the radio or TV... to no avail.

she's getting thinner by the day and in bed most of the time.

my heart was ready to explode yesterday when i called her up... she tried to keep things "normal" and still talk in high spirit.. of course, i know how bad her situation was and am just trying to put up a brave face in the midst of all her sufferings... i'm just not ready to concede that any day from now, she could be gone.. she's just the nicest person in the world to me.. so much nicer and kinder than my ma..

all my prayers to you, yaya...


meanwhile, i've been having this weird dizziness i dunno what the heck is going on.. kinda vertigo.. then felt some kinda pang of pain on my head every now and then.. i hate the thought of being sick in the head.. of all places, i'd rather that it ain't the head..

maybe this has something to do with all that holding my breath when i'm lifting.. ya know, like your head could burst for holding on too much air.. aaaawwwww!!!

so much for that head thing.

we die.. we die swingin'...


Neil just had his first boy scout camping.. gotta hand it to the kid.. he's just full of life.. so much excitement going on in him.

last night, he was all agog with the preparation. then this morning when i woke him up, he was just rolling around the bed, but when i mentioned he can't make it to the camping, he just jump right up and went to devour his breakfast.. next thing i know, he's all dressed up and good to go!

i wish i have the same energy and zest.

happy camping, kiddo!

40 winks comin' up...

take care, y'all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

balls to the walls

credit card companies are very good at enticing you.. ya know, tempt you to sign-up, loan or get that friggin' (scheming??) zero-interest mambo-jumbo.. then, they're at best when they start collecting... you gotta pay, homey!

my colleagues had been having a "ball" with credit cards issued to them left and right.. some didn't even have to apply, dayum! their personal infos had been sold and therefore spammed!

i on the other hand have to slow down with these things.. it kinda dawn into me i've been swiping more than i could even sneeze.. doesn't make sense, right? i figured you're smart enough to catch my drift.

so there. my officemate got a knock on her head when she realizes her bill had balloned like her fatass.. oh yeah!

we all need a li'l knock on the head sometimes... wake up call to be precise.

with the looming world crisis, we really can't go on a spending spree unless you've got lotsa money to spare or you're earning like a rocksta, eh?!


now on to my favorite topic...

i am now very strong with the parallel dips.. i'm surprise with myself too!

whilst it was a struggle before as i am, uhum, BIG for my own good, now i can push myself up with ease. guess you can call that progress, sweetheart.

i'm ripe for a new gym "tool." a dipping belt... i can do weighted dips.. weeeee!!!!

330 pounds of squat minus the olympic bar's weight is becoming easy.. i love it when people stare in disbelief.. not too many people in the gym can squat deep and heavy, so i guess i'm an exception.

my biceps, to borrow Ah-nod's words, are my mountain peak.. it means exactly that...

modesty aside, i believe i can only get better... in time.

'til then, mwah!


just love MIA!

Monday, November 24, 2008

next phase

i'm BACK!


i'm switching gear now.. keep my body, particularly the muscles guessing.. i'm doing pre-exhaust exercises.. though i'm still working on that 1-hour per session time frame, i might have to stretch it a bit.. i'm doing it so i don't have to worry about the next session... like if i'm too beaten to whip it up s'more.

if we're on the same page i'm guessing you dig this.. otherwise, "come in from dark..."

just remember one thing: this blog is BUGGED, dammit!!

can't spill everything here... so sorry dude.

now i'm tired eating chicken... i have to keep on changing my meal.. sweet potato, banana, brown rice, eggs, wheat bread.. then i have to get my protein fix at either A1 or at Miller Hospital.. one serves broth or grilled fish while the other specializes in soy.

nuff talk.

busting out.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


"Sometimes I get the feeling the aspirin companies are sponsoring my headaches."

~V.L. Allineare

as promised, i went to, albeit shilly-shally, hit the iron today.

felt nauseous in between... damn!

just lift a little over half the weight of my PR's... better than nothing, i guess.

feels like i'm friggin' shrinking with those "off days" already, eh!

my target time of completion (which as y'all know had been an hour or less since, uhm, do some readback, well ya?) drag to almost two hours.. well, i needed to rest a little longer in between sets... i'm still trying to get my darn bearings after being sicko, smart-ass.

half way through i was ready to call it a day.. 'til i caught my second wind..

still and all, it wasn't great, alright. felt exhausted too early, had dizzying moments that i'm ready to pass out, but glad to pull it through.

i dunno what's causing this giddy feeling.. it's been days, man.. i hate it!

i guess i needed to be reminded i'm still HUMAN.

be well ALL.

Friday, November 21, 2008

it's the throat.. the culprit behind this sicko feeling.. i can feel it now.. however, the fever is gone, thank you.

anyhoo, hope to be back bangin' tomorrow wherein i plan to hit all bodypart.. it'll be wall-to-wall and ass-to-the-ground session.. i hope to finish it in an hour... else, a few minutes more shouldn't hurt.

so bored now.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i'm feeling that way.. it's weird.

you know, that feeling wherein you dunno what's going on inside your body, but you know something is not right.

good thing i'm gonna rest tomorrow... maybe at work too..

could be the weather.. the *argh* training.. or the after-workout showers.. y'know, that old wives tales that we shouldn't take a bath after a vigorous activity..

could be anything.

whatever it is, i hope it ain't too bad... "health is wealth..." my momma always told me that.


remember that colleague who was gonna "seriously" workout cos she's tired of all the teasing about being fatass and big eater?

she progressed a bit but came spiraling down months later.. she's been eating a lot and skipping the gym.. like almost everyday!

told ya.

you gotta be "all the way" when you do this stuff or else, forget about it..

i'm soooo not feeling well today.

be well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Zero Hour

what was supposed to be a toned down session turn out to be intense.. dayum!

well, i know it's supposed to be my tapering-down week... so i gotta keep it cool..

memo to self: i'll keep that in mind.

yesterday i opted to stay home and play Generals Zero Hour. i'm playing the challenge mode.. i remembered playing it and setting the difficulty level to Hard year(s) ago... pretty much completed everything.. though not in flying colors but heck, felt good when it was all over.

when my PC came back to life a month ago, started playing it over again... i hit a snag on the last part... no matter what i do, i couldn't figure out how to beat my darn enemy... i kept trying week after week but no success.

i know i can beat her (a woman by the way.. Chinese to be exact). so yesterday i finally devise a plan - never give up and make sure i have plenty of resources..

after weathering all her attacks and making sure i have lotsa money to spend on weapons and upgrade, i finally hit pay dirt.

lesson learned: never give up.

and then make sure you've got lotsa money on hand (that keeps on coming) to spend... don't spend more than what you can earn.. don't swallow more than you can chew... lastly, no mercy!


very applicable to real life, yeah, ése??

meanwhile, got no more shiz to tell other than say, hasta la vista, compañero 'y compañera!

Saturday, November 15, 2008



you got a problem with my stand?



i don't think i'm gonna go rest for a week after this training cycle.. maybe just a few days off.. feel things out on how "run down" i am..

i'm still training like hell though.. gotta push it extra hard while i can, but just the same, practice caution... don't wanna go through joint pains EVER again.

i'm not breaking new PR's as of the moment.. can't progress all the time, hombre.

i'll slow down a bit next week but it'll be insane again after that... still 'strictly' on a one hour per session... i'd STOP even if i'm not done with my sets when my time's up.

besides, got a lot of shit sitting on my lap.. can't waste all my time lingerin' in the gym..

oh, i forgot to tell you i haven't tried "cutting" yet... i was gonna, but nah.

can't do.

i'm trying to work like a horse here.. no way i'm gonna eat like a rat.. na-ah!

maybe... just maybe.. next year before summer.. but that remains to be seen.

good news to my fans though.. ain't morbidly obese yet.. ha ha!

here's hoping to make the cut.

peace out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

No Way Never

what's with all this hullabaloo about "equal rights" and the right to get married even if you're both of frigging the same sex??

people people people....

get real pansies!!!!

worst of all, these movie stars, celebrities, icons and whatnot, who by the way are supposed to be our "role-model," are the ones doing it or pushing for same-sex marriage.. what the hell is happening with the world today, huh??!!

our moralities... values... beliefs...

all down the drain?

i better switch religion... like become a Muslim or something cos it's gone waaaaayy too liberated around here..

maybe become an Extremist.

God created Adam and Eve... not Steve..

you wanna be gay or lesbo, fine... getting married?

don't. push. it.


Monday, November 10, 2008


time flies!

and i'm not even having fun, troll!

yay! it's crazy... it's just 6am earlier and now it's friggin' 9 and i haven't done anything 'productive' yet... suxx!

i learned a few things yesterday.. didn't went to the gym.. instead, i went on a reading rampage.. while on it, i interacted with someone whose an inspiration to the natural lifters and bodybuilding.

great learning... and great guy.

check him out HERE.

the dude shared his 'secrets' and was very generous with his training schemes.. very knowledgeable.. liked his precise approach to everything... down to the last details, mate.

tough act to follow.

what's even more amazing about this dude?

he's only in his early 20's... a very bright future is waiting ahead for this hommie..

anyhoo, not much to yak no more.. peace out.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Dark Knight

want more, duh, stale?

a reaction to a movie this time.

what do you know, i just saw "The Dark Knight."

i know, i know... sooooo yesterday of me.. i'm not into movies these days no more... in case you've been to Mars.

damn, gotta agree with Robert Downey Jr here when he said,

"My whole thing is that that I saw 'The Dark Knight'. I feel like I'm dumb because I feel like I don't get how many things that are so smart. It's like a Ferrari engine of storytelling and script writing and I'm like, 'That's not my idea of what I want to see in a movie.' I loved 'The Prestige' but didn't understand 'The Dark Knight'. Didn't get it, still can't tell you what happened in the movie, what happened to the character and in the end they need him to be a bad guy. I'm like, 'I get it. This is so high brow and so f--king smart, I clearly need a college education to understand this movie.' You know what? F-ck DC comics. That's all I have to say and that's where I'm really coming from."

didn't get the friggin' movie either.

but yeah,

about it.

it's just a movie with all the high-tech gadgets and lotsa BAM!!

it's action-packed too!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mr. O

everyone seems to be raving about him to be the next Mr. President... kinda late, but hey, better late than never, eh?!

so, congrats Mr. O

hope you'll do well with your promises to effect a "change."

a change that would make America come out from the crappers and help the rest of the world economy.

other than that, i couldn't stress myself with whatever problems you're about to inherit from your predecessor.. or my brain would explode!


another stale story to tell.. duh!

we had our Halloween Party last friday.. darn costume party is a pain in the arse, but we went ahead, anyhoo.

oh there was free beer! and did i mentioned our employer thought it'd be cool if we have a Funeral car as props?!

yeah, we did... the real deal, mate.

t'was a good timing since one famous Funeral parlor here had their Lincoln serviced in our dealership..

pictures were taken, alright.

heard about ORB?


we had unlimited access to free beers as management decided we'd have kegs of 'em... must've been good tiding, eh?

i guess i'm just it: a bummer.

didn't have a glass, a shot or whatever whatchamacallit.


after feasting on some roasted meat, veggies and some sweets (no rice, by the way), stand by a tad then sneek my way out to hit the road.

guess i'm waaaaayy too over beer-y drinking nights these days, huh?!

you bet.

lets just say i'm getting better with the "change of scenery" thingy... it's all routine now to say "NO," "i'm done," "PASS," and that helluva excuses i can come up with to indulge in something no good.

meanwhile, it's rest from the gym today.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


i'm tired of writing... this crap right now, i just have to let it out.. so, bear with me.. you hear?

uhm, i mean, you read?

why i'm tired? well, i've been doin' a lot of work.. in the office and at the gym.. the office.. that's the easy part even though it's a li'l stressful.

in the gym however, i've pretty much turn up the heat... like in all corners, hombre!

one hour of bangin' ain't easy, tell ya that.

so i finally devise a way of limiting my time but at the same get as much volume in my workout as possible...

i've discovered H.I.T. the hard way.

instead of pyramiding the weights, after a brief warm-up, i start lifting from the top of my work set..

whoa! you should try it sometimes.

'strong guys' in the gym should be wary of me... they're strong, alright... but they're on roids!

at least, i know of some... i know the signs and symptoms of one who is on 'gear.'

i am a natural lifter.

i'm in route to eating 120 pounds of dumbbell... in time.

90 pounds is still tough... but months ago, 80 pounds was tough too!

now, they're not an 'enemy' no more..

someday, 90 pounds will be easier and it'll be my 'friend'... soon.

when that happens, i'm ready to move up the weight yet again.. mu ha ha ha!!!!

i caught Meo, the resident bodybuilder, peek at me whilst i eat those dumbbells... 30 pounds more Bubba and we'll be equal..

my squat is up, by the way... i got to 330 pounds earlier and that excludes the weight of the bar.


i'm a little upset, though... i didn't squat sooooo low like the guy below:


tired. bored.

and out.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hamilton wins it

Dude finally nailed it this time... Congrats!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

tomorrow, i will be "Adam" during our Halloween costume party..

go figure.

love listening to THIS station.. especially tomorrow.. try it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



my lower back is in pain...

i might have a slipped disk already.

nah... couldn't be.

what the hell did i do??

more on this...


Saturday, October 25, 2008


what do you know... i knew i could do it.. i can smell it.. it's just around the corner..

90 pounds dumbbell bench press: check.

done deal.

i did it, hommie!

first i got it to four repetitions...

i figured, shoot, could be a fluke, y'know..

went back again just to be sure... and did five repetitions!!!


next stop: 100 pounds.

this will take time.. yet again.

i'm not gonna make a fanciful forecast... i'll keep it real and simple.

i should hit 'em anytime come December.

well, that of course is possible if my shoulders and elbows won't nag me.. lately, i'm starting to feel a pinch of pang on both my elbows.. so, training smartly includes working out the rotator cuffs and warming up my elbows with some pushdowns before i do some major exercises.

this one hour per workout is definitely the way to go.. i should have listen before.. i'm too hard headed to think i'm "right" and feelin' "mr-know-it-all."

anyhoo, guess i need to do that.. to learn.

now that i tried it and know first hand, i can feel the difference..

still have plenty of energy now as i'm not wiped out.. makes me want to go to the gym even more... unlike before when it kinda scare the crap out of me... cos i'm still tired and on DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from the previous session/s.

chillin' time....

Friday, October 24, 2008

pushing back

oh yeah....

even though my wallet's pretty loose these days (read: cash-strapped) at least, my shirt's tight.. wahehehe!!

yeah, i don't wanna read the news too.. only the good ones, i supposed.

what goes up.. must come down..

if you're down, there's no way to go but up..

life's a ball.

sometimes you're up... and sometimes you're down.

either way, we'll learn.. we'll get stronger.. we'll survive.

with so many people out there in the "land of milk and honey" losing their job, work doesn't seem to suck now, eh?

no, this ain't some kinda pep talk..

just sayin'..

i've got 7 days more to go to get to 90 pounds... i'm gonna go grind it 'til i hit it..

set this one on stone: i'll press the friggin' 90 before this month is over.

it's a deal.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i don't have much yadi-yada today... i'm still reelin' from all the workshit and yesterday's session.. that, besides i'm bored.

i got my home PC's video card fixed. can't afford a new one yet.. not on these times, especially when we've got a boatload of uncertainties hanging by... and personally, i'm just as in bad shape as Wall Street's.

no, it's not a joke.

it's been really busy this week, but am glad to have stick to the plan of spending just one hour sweating it up.. kinda missed a few workout but at least i'm not wiped out when it's over..

work?? hhhmmmmm... work SUCKS!!!

my psycho detector tells me a good friend of mine is coming home this weekend..

i'm excited.

haven't been hanging out for quite sometime now.. we'll see if the excitement translates into "fun" come party time...

'til then...


Monday, October 20, 2008

one hour

yep, i am now doin' a much needed, self-imposed and strictly one-hour-session-only in the gym.

no more wastin' time... i've read it like a million times already - that only within an hour you'll get the most optimal and efficient muscle building stimulation and, only in that period can you keep a leash the spike of stress hormone.. anything over, a plethora of cortisol release would go haywire.. i gotta listen to this folks.. after all, they're not called expert for nothing..

get in, get out.

that's my new motto now..

but there's a catch... i can't really say it here.. this blog is BUGGED!


anyhoo, it'll be better sessions ahead.. hopefully.

i'm keeping a tab -- like every minute so i could pace myself.. it's good.. i get to keep myself aware all the time.. sorta use my head a li'l bit more when i'm in the gym.. somehow, things had become mechanical.. gotta break free from the 'norm' and do something different..

meanwhile, work is getting crazier.. dunno how to explain it, but things just don't feel right..

wonder if it was even right from the get go - to begin with.

hhhmmmmmm... it's a wait and see situation..

bye now... take care then..


or is it the other way around??

Saturday, October 18, 2008


we could all use a good laugh..


Friday, October 17, 2008

i don't really have much to say right at this moment...


buckling down

i'm tired of being tired.

i mean, it's almost always a 'wipeout' session for me everytime i'm done in the gym... i know i should limit my time there.

i'm gonna revise my program starting next week.

i'm gonna start backing down on my training... been training smartly, but it ain't smart enough.. but i have to experiment to know where i hit or missed.

i don't have any joint pains right now.. that's a big improvement...

well, today i slowed down in the gym - purposely.

we'll see how this goes...

i'm craving for cashew nuts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i'm getting a little impatient... i sooo wanna hit the darn 90 pounds dumbbell bench press this week.. but i might have to wear a helmet and a mouthpiece cos the damn weight could go crashing on my face if i mess it up.. i could squat 300 pounds, alright. however, i'm unimpressed.. people in the gym are starting to noticed me.. i'm earning my "stripes" slowly.. three plate on each side ain't fierce.. if i get it to four, i'd be totally happy and satisfied.

now, it would really get me "there" if i'm like others who do this thing in these order: lift, eat, sleep.. i would've gained lotsa strength, size and muscularity.

but nah, i'm no millionaire.. gotta bust my ass.. earn a living..

oh yeah, even with my current situation, i still beat a lot of younger guys who have plenty of time to sulk in the gym.. like for hours, momma!

even the resident bodybuilder 'lauded' me for my squat strength.. another PT told me, "sir, you might wanna wear a belt.. we have a serviceable belt for your safety and convenience.."


like i don't have one.

only pussies wear belt, dimwit!


told him to chill.. got mine but i'm not at the point where i need one... at least, not yet.. wait 'til i get to the top.. livid and ready to pass out..

those "macho" boys are starting to nod at me.. sorta compliment, i guess..

usually they talk among themselves... and i really have no choice but to listen to those fags.. and why do you have to ask me why they're fags??

they're bunch of vain kids...

but as of late, i got a feeling they want me "IN."

one actually bade goodbye to me when he left the gym..

so yeah, i don't need to play "cool-cool" with these boys.. i just do what needs to be done... and if you do it with the best of your ability, some people would actually notice you.. and wants to be your friend!

it's the law of nature, hommie.

you try hard to be one of the pack, you'd end up looking needy.. clingy.

you just do what you do best, skip being trying-hard, then they'd most likely accept you for who you are.. not for what you're trying to be.. y'know, pretending.. putting a front.. an image...

of something you're NOT.

as i've said, i'm not there to make friends or being chummy with the oh-so-hot girls...

i have a mission.. wanna know?

man-up.. do some back reading now, eh?

well, i wouldn't mind having a few friends along the way.. and have some girls on my lap, too!

teee heeee!!!


the dreaded legs

man... i'm still wiped out from yesterday's session.. i'm gonna need over 40 winks so i could hit the gym later.. it's legs day.. weeeeee!!!!

but really, got some butterfly going around my stomach right at this very moment..


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miller Hospital...

nice place....

talk about it more, later.

i've reached plateau... i'm stuck in a rut.. though i'm able to move 80 pounds using a 5X5 program, it's still a struggle.. i have to move it smooth and slick before i could up the poundages to, guess how heavy? 90 pounds, momma!


i have to be super sure and confident when the time comes.. anyway, time for my power nap..


Saturday, October 11, 2008

delts on fire!


yep, i'm on it again.. y'know, non-stop, wall-to-wall, no-holds-barred kinda arms training... i hate it.. just like front squat or anything about leg work.. i just hate everything about it.. i hate it when i'm already at the top of my work set during squat cos then i have to really hold my breath hard, otherwise, i could go spiralling downward right after un-racking the bar... that could spell disaster, but since i'm inside the cage (power rack), expect a huge "CLANG!!!" if things don't go as planned..

even though i hate the thought of it, i do it anyway... it's the result that i look forward to.. training the "big guns" before doing "cosmetic" stuffs is the way to go for me... thus, every time i start workin' out, i'd usually train the big muscle group then go on with the little ones.. right now, i'm possessed training my shoulders.. they've stand out all right but i want a nice, rounded shape on my delts... good thing about training smartly these days cos i can bump up my shoulder routine without worrying i'd injure 'em all over again..

so far, it's been fruitful.. however, i've got a feeling i'd burn out real soon if i keep doing circuit training... you're just totally wiped out when you're done..

gotta cycle this up or i'd go on an early "vacation" again...

anyhoo, gotta go... my buddy in London just got on Skype.. missed this dude.. we gotta talk.. err, chat.. later, alligators!


she's got a nice, broad shoulders, dontchathink?

Thursday, October 09, 2008


now that the gasoline prices had mellowed down, now comes the economy in danger of financial hurricane... how the hell it happened and why every country in the world seems to be in the crappers these days, your guess is as good as mine..

sucks, huh?

i don't wanna second guess.. besides, they can't even figure it out.. y'know, those think tanks, nerds, analyst and all of them up there... your leaders, ey?

looking at those images in the news of guys on the phone in the stock market arena.. stressed out and all, aarrrgghhhh!!! must be tough being on their shoes these days.. is that life for you, hommie??

count me out.

human we may be, but we're all tough build.. resilient.. survivor..

we'll weather this storm like we've always had..

shifting channel in a flicker...

my new gear would likely arrive next year... hu hu hu..

but at least, it will.

brother sent me a copy of the receipt and, he just received the items today.. weeee!!!

but he ain't sending 'em pronto... he'll tag 'em along sis' scheduled "gift-giving" package for us come November.. and that'll take 2 long months before it arrives here..

mood: happy and sad.

anyhoo, it's better to wait for something.. than wait for nothing, eh?

hello??? you there??

i'm still waiting....


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

good riddance

this has got to be the most intense sessions i've ever had since i started lifting... not only that i'm able to focus more, thanks to Rey-less times in the gym, the ambiance, environment and the equipment i'm working on is right on the money!

what's Rey-less, you ask? that Mr. Know-It-All mate i had in my previous gym ---- i don't have to bear his antics anymore... all that teasing about me "being on ON roids," or that "i should join powerlifting meets," or "compete in a bodybuilding contest" bullshit had finally stop.. Rey is the only "big guy" around there and if he see's anyone catching up with him, he'd do anything to take you out of your game..

but he's not entirely an ass, though.. he'd throw a few tips here and there.. help me out when i needed someone strong to spot me.. or we'd go chatter on something interesting... unfortunately, his teasing comes at a time when i need to concentrate and focus... and he has this bad habit of bad-mouthing just about anyone in the gym.. some, behind their back.. others, in-you-face style.. get the picture?

now that i'm virtually unknown to anyone, i'm able to focus more.. keep the intensity high... i don't have a training partner but this i can tell you, my improvement these days are soooo much fiercer in terms of strength and mass... yet, i don't even have a training partner to spot or push me...

i met another former-gym-mate yesterday... he's the one being groomed to someday represent the gym in some competition.. trained no-less by the resident instructor, Gaga... he mentioned that the place is pretty tight these days... before i left there, things had started to get really really dense with gym-rats.. it's getting harder to breath...

unfortunately for this mate, he's still lookin' the same... same dude i saw a month ago..

i don't know about you but my friggin' shirts are getting tighter everyday... my shoulders are definitely wider.. so are my back.. my arms? oh, my arms.. being able to push and pull alternately with lesser distraction mentally and equipment-wise (read: less cramped) just keeps me going and going...

did i mentioned that Rey's still stuck with that darn 200 pounds bench press? saw him last week being spotted yet again... i might've been using dumbbells, but i'm courting 85 pounds/piece with my bench... it's so much harder to use dumbbells with those weight than barbell.. and FYI, i already 'conquered' that cute 200 pounds bench press before..

in effect, the move greatly improved me, notwithstanding the fact that i don't have any 'friend' or 'friends' to spot me.. while i have all the help in the old gym, still i got stuck in the rut cos the equipments are limited and it's hard to use 'em since a lot of wannabes sit on them like there's no tomorrow..

hence, intensity rules!

Monday, October 06, 2008


yeah... i'm having one right now.. y'know, DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness..

i went hard with my arm workout last saturday. alternating between biceps and triceps.. non-stop.

but not after kicking everything up with squats (front and back) and deadlift.. this pretty much jumpstarts the lactic acid build up of my body and primes up my arms for the non-stop circuitous, back-to-back, hardcore, whatchamacallit workout..

already, today is the second day of my 'supposed' rest, yet i'm still feeling a wee bit sore on my arms.. what's more, i had a good body massage hours after bangin' those irons.. so, being still sore, i've pretty much went overboard again.. as usual.

i'm still wanting... hee hee!

t'was nice to get a massage again after a long a while... budget constrains had bugged me for eons now.. i can only afford to go sneaky-sneaky if i can..

anyhoo, i'd go sleep early today... i need to recover fast so i can again rise to the challenge ahead.. tomorrow.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kimbo got sliced!

14 seconds?

whatta an upset!

Kimbo Slice Vs. Seth Petruzelli

Saturday, October 04, 2008

exit light

hhmmmm... there'd been an unprecedented mass exodus of key employees since the last few months in the company i work with... i'm pretty used to people coming and going here.. it had been the trend since time immemorial... managers quit, rank and file employees quit... damn, even the lowly technicians quit!

the job which is supposed to be mine had i not declined already had 20 employees and counting sit on it only to quit after a few months... damn, my boss says "it's supposed to be a career move" on my part, but i figured, shet, there's no friggin' way i'm gonna sit my ass the entire day in the office --- boiling room style!

well, they can have it.. i'm here for the fun.. earn a living enough to feed my family, have a li'l fun along the way and maybe enjoy my job.. not stress my brains out!

i've been trying to evaluate myself... y'know, do i have the balls to be, uhum, a leader?? nope... sorry.. i don't want the stress.. the headache.. yeah, just lemme go kick somebody's ass if i have to, but don't, never.. ever.. make me lead.

i'm a good soldier... that, i'm proud of... i obey.. i follow.. barely complains..

look at those leaders we're having right now... Bush, McCain, Obama, Arroyo... damn, even Bin Laden isn't having fun right now... those militant leaders getting jailed or killed.. yeah, yeah... it's better to die for something than die for nothing..


anyhoo, Godspeed to all who've come... and go.. may you find greener pasture out there...

i gotta go hit the road..


Friday, October 03, 2008

Shake It


that was HARD!

this is madness, man... but i like it and i want MORE!!

so, i took a break yesterday since my shoulders were pretty sore... came back today and my golly, i was just waxin' hot... thanks to that hand grip i recently bought, some veins in my forearm are ready to break out.. but they still fatigue rather quickly...

got a new friend named Romeo.. actually, we've been casual friend since i started last month.. right now, this dude is my "idol." he's about 5'1", muscular and he just ate those darn 120 pound dumbbells --- easily.

friggin' strong, hommie!

i know he's "ON" to something (read: steroids). i saw him a few months back competing.. the dude look awesome that time.. ripped and dry.. right now he's a li'l off physique-wise, but he can go competition-ready in no time...

incidentally, he started working out in my previous gym.. him and Rey are "friends." only now he's so much better in terms of strength and mass... Rey's still stuck with those puny weights back in the old gym while this dude, he's just on a league of his own... yet he's not even loud like Rey who relishes on bashing everyone when they turn their back.. what can i say, some people, ey?

i just did incline barbell bench press earlier and it's just it.. i'm done doing those bench and incline bench press using barbell... they just friggin' hurt my !@#%$^& shoulders!!!

i'll just work around dumbbells, cables and machines... save for military press.. i'm fine doing it with barbells...

done ranting... now, watch!

if you want the Official Video, click THIS instead.... y'know, Official Videos these days cannot get embedded no more... tisk.. tisk..

Thursday, October 02, 2008


hhhmmmmm.. amazing.

it's only yesterday i realize that thing they call inflammation... y'know, inflamed muscles... ring a bell??

anyhoo, since it was a holiday yesterday, i trained like a mad man.. going wall-to-wall almost non-stop and whop my shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs to extinction... for hours, momma!

now, i had a brilliant idea before i went to wreck havoc in the gym.. that afterwards i'd hit the log instead of malling.. this is supposed to speed up recovery and growth... Neil wasn't with me, so, i don't see a point strolling around by my lonesome..

after i got home, went to devour a few boiled eggs.. then, as planned, went snoozin'..

boy, it's hard to sleep when you're over-fatigued, tell ya that! i just kept turning and turning.. luckily, i was able to nap in between...

after waking up, that was then i felt my shoulders being warm... it's kinda unusual.. i'm guessing it's the lactic acid build-up on the area that's makin' it warm.. since i bang it pretty good, it took a lot of time for the acid to flush-out of my system.. first time in my lifting years that i have to ice 'em to sorta cool 'em down... then, i have to shower to make sure i "extinguish the fire."

thus, today i'll rest... no lifting, no cardio... no nothing.

and i feel good!


meanwhile, earlier today, i went to visit my old gym... i was just outside walking in, and i was just smiling cheerfully... y'know, it's nice to see the 'boys in the hood' all over again... oh, the place had just been re-painted.. i'm ready to cry, mate!

a few re-arranging of stuffs here and there.. still looks the same... just pretty darn organized now that i'm gone!

man, i'm touched when they told me to "get your arse back in the gym already... c'mon, idol!"

Gaga, the chief instructor told me i'd regret it for quitting... Benito, the assistant was sayin' he'd find me another locker cos mine had already been taken.. Rey was skeptic... he said i could be pretending to be "off" the gym but actually lifting in another gym... but later said i'd be sorry for taking the time off...

told them i'd be back next year... geeezzz, sorry for lying guys.. i gotta keep this "moves" of mine low... as in, in all modesty...

anyway, i missed 'em all... big time!

but no regrets.

things are goin' great for me now... my numbers are UP if you catch my drift.. gotta keep moving forward... but i'll keep in touch with my former mates... that's a promise!

Monday, September 29, 2008

How do you do that?

seems my bro might finally buy me these stuffs:

well, i need 'em very badly.

the straps would help me grasp the bar even if my forearms are already toasted during super heavy sets... your lifts are just as good as your forearms can handle... when it's already fatigue, there ain't no way of adding more plates to the bar cos you can't hold on to the bar no more.. comprende?!

while the heavy grip should help me strengthen my forearm...

i was gonna give-up having them as my bro didn't advise me.. like for weeks!

'til yesterday.

he said he's ordering 'em this week.. hopefully...

i'll keep my fingers crossed for this one, though.

remember that night vision binocular i'm supposed to get? well, it never came... meaning, i don't wanna get burned waiting in vain ever again...

so much for promises, huh?

worst, i never even asked for it... someone was kind enough to sorta volunteer.. kept my hopes up... but zit.. zat.. nada...

tsk.. tsk..

so, lesson learned: keep your hopes up, but lower your expectation... how'd you suppose to do that? lemme know when you've figured it out..

cos i dunno neither.