Saturday, October 29, 2011

no.. not exactly but i just like this song a lot.

brandy and cracker nuts

we're supposed to have a halloween slash award's night party right at this moment and i was pretty dolled up and excited to go wax it up...

but everything went to zit.

i was just tired. bored. ya know, there wasn't anything going on out there minutes into the party.. i wasn't just feeling the vibe. my office-mate cum booze buddy, i don't know where they were.

so as not to prolong the agony, i went to pack-up my stuff and left in a huff... co-employees told me where i was going or ask why i was leaving or don't leave -- i go, "i'll be back, shortly."

now, i feel like a diva.

on my way home a buddy called and ask "where the heck are you?"

man, ever heard of that senti song that goes "twenty five minutes too late?"

i'm sleepy, i replied.

this guy however isn't gonna take "NO" for an answer so i sorta lied and "assured" him i'll get right back to him and the rest of the "buddies".. later.

if you want my company ya gotta keep me wired to something of interest cos i don't care if we have all sorts of yummy foods, tasteful drinks and kinky girls.. wait, kinky girls? that'll do haha!

yeah, i'm better off somewhere else like home if there's too much lull in between... now, i feel like a divine diva.. wahahaha!!!

yeah, yeah.. i've got more smile on my face looking at my li'l girl blurting non-sense and just soooo affectionate.. pretty much makes my day. besides, i've got a bottle of brandy 'round here sitting since forever.. better pop it up before it lands in the wrong hand/s.

well, "That's all I have to say about that. "

Sunday, October 23, 2011

rest and repair..

my CNS is pretty fried.. well, it had been unable to recover nicely since i pushed too hard and had little to no rest in between days of workout... yeah, i'm still movin' some serious weight.

the plan this week is to ease up. maybe take a one day ON, one day OFF. pretty much alternate the days so i'd come up fresh and not whince days later.

ever heard of DOMS? that's exactly what i've been having doing all that crazy things i dig on the net. tsk.. tsk..


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

overtraining is overrated.

i've been having a blast in the gym lately. cardio had been "exciting." yeah baby!!

been doin' lotsa sprints and that summit trainer thang... it's a lung buster, mate!!

and then add to that the whole lotsa lifting where i try to incorporate all that reading and fuse 'em all into one helluva routine --- it's a killer!

so yeah, everything about workin' out and breakin' sweat, it's pretty covered-up and still consistent.

i'm still sore from doing some back and biceps routine yesterday... today was hamstrings. guess i overtrained yet again, huh?



i got a li'l caught with 'em shebang of things... ya know, movin' some weight, work, earn that much needed moolah  and all sorts in between..

yeah, that pretty much sums up how i roll... it's too bad i'm getting predictable.. i hate it when i come to that.

i take everything as a challenge. even though work had pretty much doubled or tripled up since early this year, i'm still coping nicely. sadly, i also depend on other people and when they screw up, all that hard work i put up goes down the toilet.

i guess that's life... sometimes you wish you can do everything on your own so things gets done.

in my "business" kissing ass is the norm. no matter how pissed you are with this particular person, ya gotta be nicey-nicey... or else, something "bad" is goin' to happen.

still eight minutes left... to get my effing IOS5 update, that's what!

memba what i said about fusing 'em drafted post?

you're reading it. chiao!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

soooo busy coz aside from work, i.....

work out.