Friday, May 30, 2008


now that i'm not rushing to go out and do some lifting, i can chill and can afford to actually have a grand time arguing with somebody at some forum.. no, we're not discussing about training or how to develop six packs abs in seven days (like anyone can).. we're talking about politics.. haaaa!

yeah, i'm on my elements to reason out with anyone today.. you wanna try messin' with "the man?"

but really, i would like to forget about training for a week.. but, i'm gonna keep my nutrition in check... don't wanna stir the boat, if you know what i mean.. eat small portions frequently. don't wanna get myself famish or my gains for this R&R will most likely be fats!

meanwhile, me and earl would probably meet up tonight or early tomorrow.. we need to wire the house and i'll be his assistant.. we'd probably have some booze later tonight or after we'd finished the work.. unless we wanna get electrocuted to kingdom come, we might consider boozing in between, but nah, i know him too well to be careless.. he always make it a point to practice "safety first."

now, lemme continue with my latest pastime...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

taperin' down


it's just a temporary "departure" and i'm happy to be off.. finally!

in the meantime, it's time to plan..

i've really got nothing to say... my mind is somewhere else, pal..


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's almost time...

last day in the gym tomorrow.. woooohhoooo!!!

fact: i am really, really tired now.

fact: i need to rest so my body can recover.

fact: i'm losing motivation.

fact: it's natural to feel this way after months of bouts with the iron.

fact: i'm bored working out i need a break to rejuvenate.

fact: i need the break for myself, family, dogs, etc.

fact: i haven't played PC-games for eons now.

fact: i missed watchin' DVDs.

well, above pretty much sums it all.

hope to be back a lot more focus, injury-free and so much more intense sessions after a week or two..

fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ding... dong...

a beer product chooses a lean man to endorse their product. the dude's abs got absolutely no visible beer belly.. not even an inch.. sweet!

yeah, yeah... it's OK to drink beer, in fact, we should drink a lot of San Miguel Beer to get a washboard abs like dingdong!


but then maybe, just maybe, they should come out clean.. like, put in there a model whose bulging stomach is about to burst from all that drinkin' orgy, eh?

c'mon, get real yo motha fuckers!

gotta rant a bit here, homs, cos i'm soooo tired of all the lies these ads had been feeding us and wants us to believe.. makes me sick, mate.


on with episode 02

so i was there just keeping myself in check the whole time.. gotta watch out for the other "me" cos he's prone to pop out whenever i let my guard down.. he also employs some sneaky tactics whenever i binge too much with alcohol and not eating enough.. gotta keep myself away from hunger cos that's the perfect time for him to strike.. you can't win all the time, dimwit!

considering how low my threshold had become when it comes to alcohol, i anticipated to feel "good" after a cup of brandy.. two cups, three, four... hik!

t'was time to jump off the pump boat and swim a bit.. gotta hung on, man.. hang on to myself, that is!

then the foxy ladies and the gents had a grand time taking pictures.. had my camera phone but didn't took one shot.. instead i took more shots of brandy! wahoooo!!

but i kept it together.. i ate sporadically, thus, my body was well nourished all throughout.. all in all, it was nice to give in sometimes to my colleague's invitation as i'm often caught making excuses.. they kept on saying "it's a miracle!" that i joined in.. if you'll recall, i'm known to say "NO!" all the time... if you've been to the cave.

there were MILF's, all right but i'd rather kept it to myself as they are either a friend, an ex-colleague, a friend's friend and a colleague's spouse.. shesh, i said it anyway!

my strokes at the beach were below par.. mr. shoulder pain kept reminding me to go easy with 'em.. gotta listen.


yesterday's shoulder and upper back routine was sooo much better.. i superset, tri-set and did a few rotator cuff workout.. gotta keep 'em healthy or goodbye workout.. goodbye gym!

now, if you excuse me.. gotta pay the bills.

side track

earlier today, i just passed by the place where a lot of "memories" happened.. good ones, gotta say.. i was there looking for a mechanic to fix my bike.. then it all came back..

well, here's the untold story:

wifey was assigned there for a few months.. apparently, i had an MU (mutual understanding) with, uhm, can you keep a secret?

ok, lets put it this way, i had an mu with another girl. i'm not so sure how many here who knows me in person read this so i gotta protect her identity.. you can skip reading this if you've got a problem with that, capish?

you remember that "You've got mail" movie of tom hanks and meg ryan? good. we communicate through emails. well, there was cellphone but under the circumstance, it was way better if we keep it through mails.. then it'll be safer for "everybody."

opposite wifey's workplace is an internet cafe and bhoy, i always look forward when it's time to fetch her from work cos then i could check my email and hope against hope i'll find a new email from her... man, those were the days...

i had fallen head over heels with this woman and i was willing to give up everything... forbidden love is such a thrill, dawg!

but fortunately (or unfortunately), she chickened out... nothing happened. zit. zap.

not even a kiss... ugh!

it hurt big time and it took years to get over the whole dramz, but all is well.. i'm stone cold when it comes to all that romance and love thing.. just.

nuff with the horsesh!t, on with the iron story...

well, it was better today.. i guess that little chit-chat with rex, my bodybuilder friend, helped me focus again... though he's off training, he always dish out the best advice..

i'd love to go on right now but since i'm too darn wasted, in a good way, i'll leave you with some thoughts to ponder from TC:

"As soon as you get married, the Goddess becomes a mere mortal. Out come the sweat pants. Out goes the make up. All that exotic underwear that she used to turn you into a slobbering lap dog with an erection about yay big? It lies moldering in a little used drawer. Once in awhile, you furtively slip into the bedroom to excavate a pair of those exotic, memory-filled panties, place then against your face and snort like a pig looking for truffles, but instead of getting a scent of her perfumed Hoo-Hah, you just get a dose of Lemon Pledge and have to make an appointment to see an asthma specialist."

nice, isn't it?

soooo true!

Monday, May 26, 2008

episode 01

the lowdown...

again, i sucked in the gym today.. sigh.

though i wanted to finish this week with a bang, things had just been downhill lately.. not only that, i also have to nurse my right shoulder as the pain is just around the corner if you catch my drift and, if i screw up my form one bit, it's gonna be sayonara baby!

what's more, i've been doing things differently the last few weeks or so.. like, i've been going to the gym a lot later so i needed to do a lot of hurrying up cos by then the place' startin' to get crowded and it'll be harder to keep things in track (i.e. equipments, machines, bars and plates). good thing i'm using the big plates and dumbbells.. usually, just a select few use 'em and they don't usually dare touch it when they figured it's me, "The One" using it.. hehe

i'm excited and yet apprehensive about my scheduled break as my attitude in the gym lately had been disturbing.. i haven't been like this before y'know, i always, always look at the way i do my thing there as half-full.. not half ass!

i don't know.. i'll figure something out when the time comes..


meanwhile, the island hopping we had was a "success." judging from the number of people who confirmed and pretty much showed up, it was right on the money.. have to give credit to Tina and Emily, my co-employees who organized everything.. good job, galz!

of course, there were some glitches.. we didn't have enough ice, we only had cheap brandies.. good thing i suggested we buy some beers and more ice or it would have been a bummer to most people, Emily forgot the coal thus delaying the much needed grilling of some seafoods.. fortunately, we were able to buy some in one island we hopped in... and the food, ouch! we had some shortages here and there.. the roasted pig didn't last five minutes after "the mob" took turns wastin' the poor animal..

now, when i came to confirmed joining them, i have to set my mind in advance.. keep it together and do everything in my power to restrain the other "me" from showing up.. if you've been around since, uhm, weeks reading this blog-novela, i bet you know what i mean.. otherwise, you need to order that episode where it was full of action, adventure, drama, thriller, etc.. etc..

but kidding aside, do you really wanna know that part?

yawn, i'm getting sleepy doin' this post...

anyway, so there.. i kept my guard up all throughout the event.. thankfully, though he (the other "me") tried in earnest, he failed miserably..

i really, really have to go.. more on this (again!) tomorrow.. if and when i can..

... to be continued.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

t'was nice hopping through islands yesterday... the weather cooperated as well. days before, it looked like we're bound to set sail on a gloomy and cloudy day, but thanks to the good Lord above, it was all sunshine, baby.. well, not until it was time to take off and hit the road.. then it rained a bit..

i had a good laugh with my officemate's hubby. he was cracking jokes of themselves being too fat.. in fact, just remembering it now makes me grinning ear-to-ear..

more of this later... and maybe if i can dig some pictures i'd post some.. anyway, there were at least three MILF's there.. hot mommas!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

ocean deep

if you've been doin' a lot of reading like i do, then you'd probably know how friggin' crazy the recent killings had been happening... everywhere!

the bank massacre, a family massacred, a taxi driver gunned down, some criminals who just came out of prison end up killed vigilante-style, some alleged rubout, then just recently a lawyer sprayed with bullet while driving his pick-up... whew!

whatever happened to a person's life these days? it is as if they're slaughtering some chicken, eh?

soooo gruesome, mate.

what the hell is happening with the world today?!?

just askin'...


it is in the gym where i find some sorta solitude.. for real. i guess, for being off attending sunday fellowships, that i find solace in the gym ..

last night, even though i opted to do multiple exercises for different muscle group, i still felt i was doin' just above half-ass workout.

basically, since i slack a few days back (read: the drinking and eating binge), it affected my performance big time.. and it did not help that my swollen throat is still bothering me, but since i'm in the process of tapering down for a much needed rest, i just gotta be content with my less than stellar performance..

but i sweat-ed a lot though the weather was cold.. the redeeming factor, i guess.

anyhoo, carl, my friend asked if i have developed callous on both my hands.. frankly, i haven't checked it but when i did after he ask, surprise! surprise! it had grown thick, homs! when before it was all smooth, now it's just too darn rough. i use to wear gloves but given the weights i've been hauling, they don't last too long. i've given up wearing them as they tear apart easily in records time.

the most popular grip support that my gym mate use are those for bicycles.. y'know so they can keep the smoothness of their palm when they, ugh, shake some lady's hand.. whatever. i prefer to hold the bar with my bare hands or if need be, some wrist/grip support that has dowels at the tip of the strap.. really helps me grip firmer on those hauling exercises... so far, awesome!

i may not break any PR's (personal record) any moment soon.. but next month, it'll be WAR!

hope the swollen throat is gone by tomorrow.... cos i'd go island hopping with some officemate!!

and some strangers too!!!


and we'll be drinking s'more cheap brandy! wahahahahaha!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


just checked my previous post/s and damn, they are laden with grammatical error, mi-spelled words and full of non-sensical, out-of-context stories... prepare to have s'more!


the post below is actually my opinion to what one guy posted in a forum about how boring it is to be a gym rat with his usual and predictable daily grind.. i should know.. i live the life!

it's pretty chronic, homs.. yeah, friends find me boring when i'd cringe looking at or hearing them gorge pork bellies, roasted pigs, fried intestines, skin cracklings, etc.. etc.. and whenever i get invites to pig out, i'd decline.. as such, they find my kinda dude as such a turn-off cos i'm done being suicidal.. unlike before.

i bet you wanna interrogate me of what's before, hai?

you know the drill..

just sayin'...

i know.. i know.. this blog needs to have some kinda label or something.. it'll probably take me less than ten minutes (or could take hours) to organize things around here but where's the challenge if things are handed out to you easy and in silver platter?

whatever... i'll work on it when time permits, but right now, nada.

veering back..

people liked those who are "easy," "always on the go," "laid back," "ready to party anytime," "moneyed," "smokes and drinks," "looks fantastic even without working out," blah.. blah.. blah... there's something about being "bad" that people are attracted to it.. me included.

it is especially cool if you can do all those mentioned above and still succeed with whatever profession or career you are currently in to.

thus, taking care of yourself the hard way and i mean doin' the hard and sweaty stuff; not to mean taking care superficially, like having a weekly facial, manicure and pedicure, ear cleaning (sheez, can't clean your darn ears?), brazilian wax, laser removal and all that mambo-jumbo, could stereotyped you as a meathead.

meatheads are a dull breed... boring and outcast.

at least, that's what some people think. they'd prefer it a lot if you can play badminton or tennis or shez, any "balls" game.. whatever balls!

then eat up and drink up later...

so common and soooo boring dam'it!

anyway, i bet it's crystal clear to you now as to what exactly i'm trying to drive at..

check out the title of this post above...


my best friend, earl, dropped by the house the other day..

when he's around, all plans: canceled.

we haven't seen each other since time immemorial.. he just pops in and out of me's life anytime.. we had a grand time guzzling those cheap brandies and kicking each other out.. literally.

yeah, we do that all the time to sorta test our strength.. i was fed up with him gripping my hand hard (that's his strongest points) i had to friggin' arm locked him.. and UFCish as it was, he tapped out. geeez, what's the point of all that gym hours if i couldn't beat his sorry ass?

we never took anything personal.. it was all for fun.. the next day we had bruises and muscle pain... i failed to report for work (major hangover), missed my workout, had a bum stomach and a swollen throat (thanks to alcohol i snored like hell).. so much for healthy living, eh?

Go Spurs!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

girls... they like those guys with sex pack.. err, i mean, six pack.

they like 'em tall.. dark and throw in the "handsome" too, uhm, to complete the package..

in short, they like macho men, right girls?

hhhmmmm.. also, they'd prefer it a lot if you can pick 'em up instead of hailing a cab to met up somewhere.. meaning, if you've got "wheels," like four 'em is a plus... however you translate that is fine with me..

and you might wanna pay for that dinner date, movie ticket and oh, the drinks, man.. coffee, juice, tea, beer or that darn drink on the rocks? whatever... heck, pay everything and she'd be soooo impressed she'll take off her bra for you in the movie house.. haha!!

what the hell am i saying? geeezz.. courting trouble here..


she'd be bored and turned off looking at you grunting in the gym with all that weights on you.. much more, you stink!

she'd love to parade you to her friends in some bar so she could show 'em how buff and ripped you are.. but then you turned her down cos you hate getting that beer belly you've been trying to lose since forever.. now, that's a no, no, homs..

she'd be bored to death talking about those darn protein intakes of yours and what the hell is that glycemic index you're soooo concern about? i bet she'd fawn when you start explaining to her that you can't eat hamburger or ham sandwiches as they are made of simple carbs.. you'd prefer complex carbs cos they are absorb slowly into the body as against those starchy stuffs.. you are being a jerk, i suppose she said that to you..

she couldn't care how much ya can bench press.. but she'd love to caress those chest of yours and while she's at it, squeeze your arms.. who gives a rats about you almost breaking your elbows with those weights or dislocating your shoulders.. not to mention, how you squatted so deep and deadlifted weights twice your body weight.. she'd rather grab the end result of all that painstaking ordeal: your ass!

aaaahhhh... life.. but you did a stellar job, homs and that's all that matters..

... and maybe scored a number of chicks along the way, eh?

whatever floats your boat...


i suddenly remembered that babe i met some place yesterday... me and my fellow "dudes" were talking how yummy she looks.. i simply shrug and said, "damn, she's hot, alright, but that girl requires some kinda high maintenance lifestyle... can't afford her"

then all of a sudden the lady approached me and asked, "does your company have replacement for this key? it's broken."

"we do. all you gotta do is go to our dealership and ask for the partsman to take care of that problem...

is it ok with you if we'd have sex tonight? that is, if you're not too busy."

and she said, "why sure yes.. lets!"

haha... i made up the last few parts, but dang, i wish!

done ranting.

Monday, May 19, 2008

bad. bad. bad.

i am bad.




let this be a warning to everyone: i am a bad person.

trust me on this.

especially when i get drunk.. when my other "self" shows up and lets it all hang loose.. tsk.. tsk.. tsk..

it's either i'm too hard on myself or i'm just it. bad... with bad intentions.

you've been warned.. don't stand around my corner when i had one too many or else, you'll find out what i've been meaning to say... that i am bad!

'nuff said.


i miss my walkman phone, though... hard pill to swallow, but i gotta.. no choice, really.


since i already made it to 300lbs this early, time to set another goal: 400 is the new 300!

unfortunately, i have to accept the fact that both my bench press and standing military press had to take the back burner, and they will continue to lag for... sigh, God knows when..

my right shoulder's still feeling the crappers.. can't force it though as i might aggravate the injury s'more.. besides, i'm close to my "gym vacation" days... like in a week and for a week.. to be perfectly precise about it..

anyway, i'll make up for whatever deficiencies i have on other exercises.. the goal isn't really about aesthetics but for strength.. don't mind looking good after all the bangin', still.

dang, my core muscle hurt a lot today.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

natural developmental occurrence

i just came from a wake.

the thought of going there just annoys me no end.. even more, that it is an obligation and not some kinda option.. it had to be done.

the dead: our former landlady.

cause of death: breast cancer.

now it isn't really cool to bring back the past, may the God Lord bless the landlady's soul, but during the many years we lived in our former place, it wasn't always "smooth and slick.."

let me count the ways...

- we can't have dogs while they can.. they live one apartment apart from our place

- they'll be on to you if you missed paying the rent for the month.. like every minute of everyday! okay, follow-up in the morning and another in the afternoon 'til you grow tired and weary you just have to find a way to shut them up

- we had a number of rows with them.. apartment issues such as repairs, rentals, renovations and stuff.. damn, too lazy to enumerate but you get the picture?

- aahhhh!!! too many times during the day that the place go loud cos "the landlords can't speak low!" not to mention, all those little tykes (grandchildren) of theirs keep running around and playing with other children from the neighborhood.. the place is teeny small and all that yelling just bounces off the walls to our apartment.. whew! that was quite and ordeal

- i almost had a brawl with her son-in-law for kicking our door in the middle of the night cos wifey parked our vehicle right up the ass' of theirs thereby blocking their passageway.. it's an "emergency" and they can't friggin' wait no more.. when i came looking for the asshole in the morning to sort things out, all the landlord's clan jumped on me verbally.. that's quite a scene, mind you

- we had some dubious deal with them in past.. like selling us a vehicle (that was our first, by the way) with a bloated price tag .. they practically took advantage of our being naive.. a few more similar incident happened 'til we finally got ourselves kicked in the head... wake up already!!!

got plenty of stories to tell, but heck, can't remember most now.. got bad memory for bad memories, homs.

whenever we meet with the landlord or any of the landlord's clan, i know they'd mendaciously greet us with their seemingly sincere "hi's & hello's..." but we know better.. well, frankly my dear, the feeling is mutual.

thus, whenever i am told by wifey that i should show my ass' at the wake, i'm not too excited to say, "Yes Dear.."

had been making excuses the last few days 'til just earlier i decided to get on with it and pay my last respect to a person i'd love to hate, forever...

so there, i saw her again.. and from this point.. i.. dunno what to say...




hah!! can't listen to this one right now on my PC but i'm betting this is the one being played at Y101 FM station like a million times a day, and is the number one song of the week..

suffice to say, but i dig this too..

Friday, May 16, 2008


the numbers are in!

squat @300 lbs, 2 sets of 5 repetitions

deadlift @310 lbs, 3 sets of 1 repetition max (1RM)


and i'm ALIVE, baby!!!

this calls for a celebration... like a beerfest!

haha!! i did it!

wasn't easy but it's neither hard.

how you like me now, homs?!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

it's the wife

this is all about wifey..

guess what? wifey had been working out since months ago.. religiously at that! she makes it a point to hit the gym after work.. she's pretty consistent and i gotta say, bent on hitting the iron no matter what..

case in point: two days ago when she was out shopping for neil's clothing for his summer culminating activity, though she had a rough time at work, manages to shop and when i told her that we'd go buy some eggs (eggs are the main staple of my everyday meal) NOW, she replied, "not yet cos i still have to workout." then i told her to just skip it since we're running out of time.. and she said "no way! i'm gonna do this now.. good for you cos you're done doin' gym.. wait!"

so, you see how dedicated she is working out and she's not even fat. just by looking at her you'd know she's pretty lean but from her own words, she needed to tone herself up since she's got some loose skin on her arms, abs, legs... and she could use some nice ass while she's on it.. personally, she could use some ass workout.. yeah baby! yeah!

as of late, i checked on her arms and it's getting firmer.. not that firm you get when your fat but it's muscle baby.. muscles! and, her butt is starting to stick out.. her shoulders are up and her body is now evenly proportional... she's definitely hotter... lucky me!!

before, she was actually scared that she might look muscular, but after that bodybuilding show we've watched last month and looking at those curvy ladies posing who're using steroids, by the way, her apprehensions disappeared and her resolve to do strength training multiplied by leaps and bounds... in fact, she'd love to join one in the future.. sheesh! slow down, tiger!

now that she's soooo into it, she's asks me for pointers and all but since we workout in different gyms (gotta be convenient to our place of work) i can only "demo" here how to go around doing the the butt enhancer exercises: squat and deadlift.

unfortunately, she's lifting puny weights so i advise her to up it a wee bit more.. y'know, enough weight she can carry and perform at high repetitions.. that's her program in the gym.. not mine.

anyway, i have no doubt in mind that she can do all that strength training and not look freakishly muscular.. even those gals who're on steroids could barely look like that, much less, her... either way, i find muscular women sexy.. jennifer garner and jessica biel both look hot in those bods, agree?

yeah, something like that...

this may come late but happy mother's day, wifey!

you've got balls?

i'm in pain... damn, i had a minor accident in the gym earlier!

actually, i hate doing chest workout. it is during the pressing on the bench that the pain multiplies a million times.. i was also in a hurry to get to my top set.. puny 210 lbs... what can i do? i tried to save time by minimizing my warm ups, so, instead of a 40lb increments, i went for 70... not that i can't do it but deep inside i knew i had something "coming..."

so it came down hard and fast.. what do you know, it's my right hand that got tangled with the bench's bar peg.. my fault.. my fault.. but it would've been avoided had i had a stronger spotter (help)... the kid who spotted me.. dang, he's just a kid.. a teener at best.. not only my ego got bruised but my knuckles too.. a minor concussion here and there.. superficial, i hope.

bad idea.. bad idea..

hhhaaaaaa!!! can't wait for my week-long vacation... you recall me hoping that i'd be injury-free last post/s i had, right? cos i might not make it to the day i was hoping to R&R.. instead it'll be an early vacation.. God forbid!

tomorrow? i'll probably taper down.. but wait! where's the challenge in that?

it's a scary thought but i'm actually gonna work my legs and lower back again... and i'll try to make it to 300lbs... i hope i can report back here tomorrow.. exaggerating? maybe but tell you what, i haven't in my whole life squatted a 300lb weight.. it's not something i'm excited to do or look forward to, but i'm gonna whip myself to overcome it.. it's a nagging itch that i gotta scratch off my back..


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

gimme more!

more rain!!!


i'd love to go shower in the rain... *grinning*

i don't know if we'd push through but there's a plan among my officemates that we'd go outing somewhere south.. not hoping for anything, though.. i'm fine both ways.

summer's almost over but we haven't hop some islands yet... shesh, that's the only thing i'd care to do this season.. well, that's aside from bangin' iron.. yawn.

finally, i know how to grow my biceps... it's a little intricate and technical but it gets the job done.. what i've learned is this: muscle growth is boundless.. if you just know the fudge factor.. you like those new vocabularies? bet you don't know the meaning, eh? hee.. hee... here's the meaning..

anyway, i tried soooo many ways but it all came down to one simple solution: pull-ups and chins... easy, huh? try hanging yourself to the nearest beam you can find then pull yourself up... you want a little bit of challenge? put some weights on your body, like a backpack loaded with books or whatever you can put some weights on... now, if you have trouble pulling yourself up with your own bodyweight, skip the challenge already, will ya!

now feel which muscles are doin' most of the work..

nuff with the tips, pansy.

experiment and figure something out that works for you...

are we good?


when i came down to post this sh!t, i had a good grasp of what i'm gonna say.. only to deviate once again.. i do that all the time...

like a million times already!










Monday, May 12, 2008


rain rain don't go away please come again another day....

love the rain.. don't mind if it rains all day... miss the sunshine, though.

happy birthday to maridren and dexter... two of my ex-colleague.. even though they ( or we are) a world apart in so many ways, i have to say.. i miss your company, guyz..

meanwhile, i got a message from my pal, lui yesterday.. he's coming home soon.. i replied, "would it be OK if i go out and wear sleeveless shirt in your bar?" then i went on to finish my message with "i'll see your big, black ass soon paker!" he replied by saying "you still workin' out, cio? you bet my ass' black cos i've been burned out here!"

looking forward dude... i miss this friend, too!

many, many posts ago, i mentioned him here... he was the guy who influenced me in so many things and he is one of the reasons why i made a big turnaround with my life.. you want me to spill everything out again? nope.. nada.. you gotta do some digging around here cos i'm tired babysitting people.. you gotta a problem with that? sue me!

so, i've heard that everything had been totally "quits" on his married.. heard it yeah, but not from him though, thank you..

just sad.. really sad.. but i'm not here to judge, condemn or fix things.. in fact, if anything, i'll zip it.. but here's hoping for the best.. for all my friends out there.. please.. do.. try.. to make it work.

in a perfect world everything would have been "... and they lived happily ever after." but it ain't, so we roll with the punches.. suck it up and just live and let live..


nuff said.

switchin' channel...


200 lbs

280 lbs

first i broke another personal record yesterday... those figures above are for my front and back squat, respectively.

lovely, eh?

i'm gonna cruise through 300 lbs before the year is over.. i can smell it.. but not before suffering a lot.. as in a lot of pain, homs..

that 300 number i'm aiming for is the number that will motivate me throughout the year.. while some people had gone back to their "old ways" like totally abandoning training (saw some people in the forums asking for a "kick" to get motivated again), i will press on.. there's no turning back... whatever it takes, this is one goal i want to pursue, get done and accomplish.

two more weeks of devouring iron and it's time to fall back again.. de-load.. relax.. chill... smell the flowers... hhhmmmmm...

hope i don't injure myself..

love flowers.... yum! yum!


i gotta write this...

i gotta write this...

i gotta write this...

i gotta write this...

nah, tomorrow can wait..


Sunday, May 11, 2008


hhhmmmm... i didn't had an inkling i would stir a bit of controversy when i asked about a certain supplement in one forum.. love the exchange of ideas, homs.. keeps me sharp and the learning, priceless.

this is one reason why i have to keep myself abreast with whatever discussions happening in the world wide web.. i dig learning and trying to figure things out.. discovery channel is the first of the channels i'd click.. sometimes, i'd stay up late just to finish up on some detective stories.. sheesh, if only i was good with words i'd be all over articulating myself.. speaking my mind..

incidentally, i was watching that discovery travel series about millionaire people.. how they've become and how they spent their millions.. whoa!

i'd kill for that position.. but kidding aside, i am searching and looking at what exactly are my interest and the things i'd love to do that would make me pursue it to the end, and eventually, will one day feature me in that channel... dream on, hombre!

musing on...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


ironman, i love it!

watched it last night with wifey and neil.. t'was pretty, i suppose. i've had some ironman magazines back in the days.. so, having seen the movie was somewhat nostalgic but at the same time, awesome to see "mr. tin man" is, after all, human beneath all that high-tech titanium and gold, well, iron shield.

i could probably watch it ten times more and not grow tired of it...

later on..

ryan, our new sales dude (i think he is the 512th sales guy we've hired since day one) texted that we'd have a couple of beers... sweet.

i was hesitant cos it's around 10 in the evening already and i presume they must've been binging since earlier.. anyway, i went after he gave a friggin' runaround directions (must have been the beer or whatever) to find two lovely ladies.. the shmuck dated two ladies! one was his ex-girlfriend and the other, he just recently met and knew.. apparently, she was our customer!

what can i say, the dude works fast!

i'm not really comfortable hanging around strangers.. much more, a client!

anyway, we had some beers and ivy (our customer) had pineapple juice... hhmmmm playin' safe, huh? the ex-gf was cool with the beer... one, two, three, four beers... damn, i'm having trouble getting drunk...

and i'm bored.

videoke is boring for me... more beer please!

i had a "green light" from wifey to "morning the night" away but sheesh, i'd rather go home... no plans to get laid at all (as if i will be.. assuming!)... my testosterone ain't bugging me, and besides, i worked my legs earlier, thus, i'm tired.

had to make a lot of excuses just to escape, and tho the ladies and ryan tried to sway me to stay on, it was all for naught as i made up my mind to bail out, no matter what...

sorry... sorry... sorry...

this is the new me, homs.. everything is set including the limits... i've been saying "NO" now.. it wouldn't hurt if i say it a million times more.. prepare to get pawned!

on the other hand, it wouldn't be "appropriate" if i get drunk and wasted in the presence of a client with whom i'll be seeing more often in the office.. if she was drinking then maybe we'd be on equal footing... we'd rather be both guarded than embarrass ourselves later..

ryan can!


as for the gym "chronicles..." har.. har.. har..

it was soooo tempting to work the shoulders and back again but i felt i needed to rest 'em... pacing dawg... pacing..

well, aside from doing a lot of pulling and presses the last few days and feeling a pang of pain underneath my shoulder blades, i felt i needed to back down in order to prevent an "early vacation." remember, i have to take a break in the last week of May.. not tomorrow or next week!

it's also worth mentioning that for the last few weeks, i had been training even on Saturdays... yet i've been ranting since time immemorial that the farting bug called "wear and tear" had catch up with "the old man."

so, in choosing between rest and retire.. your guess is as good as mine, sweetie.

meanwhile, time to sulk in the corner...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

lets talk about sex.. baby

geeez... resident coach said "this fella is one strong animal!"

ok, not exactly but something to that effect. i can only count with my one hand the strong folks in my gym... modesty aside, i probably rank in the top three.. resident coach just watches me in awe as i easily hoist, push and pull those irons up and down..


it's not always what it seems.. that everything's easy.

joint pains and sore muscles, for starters.

and, whenever i get inside the gym, first feeling i get is how tiring it's gonna be... then, as i start stretching (boy, you should watch me stretch cos this routine alone gets me sweaty already) i'm already laying out the "blueprint" for the day's workout.... too much brain works, momma.. hate this part!

when i gear up (uhm, this is the part where i put on my make-up, lipstick, eyelashes... joke!), instinctively, everything just falls into places... this is the part where "i'm in the zone" and i feel like i'm in my "fortress."

i would've love to swagger my way inside and bully all those pencil-necks, but that's just not the way i am... i don't make eye contact and i always keep my head down... cos i have a mission: get in, get down to business and get out.

otherwise, if this iron thing would have been like Friendster where we can all socialize, customize and multiply-ze... then life would have been boring.

why boring, you ask? cos i said so.. just.

this isn't some kinda democratic blog.. this is martial law and i rule this place, so whatever i say, stands. got that? capish? intiendes?

good.. good..

excuse me for deviating...

but really, you go to those "high end" gyms and you'll find a lot of people yapping instead of lifting... chatting instead of rowing... smiling instead of grunting... text-ing instead of sweating.. playing instead of panting...

you like how i constructed those words up there? you should cos my brain was about to burst figuring 'em up.. ahhhh, you don't? not my problem, winnie!

this is really non-sense here.. my apologies for this worthless post... not a grain of truth... non-sensical.. crap!

the title is a scam!

whew!! the rain is falling hard...

anyhoo, i'm a big fan of T-Nation... obviously, as you can see in my banner.. so i kinda like this article by TC.. and quite frankly, a number of this "30 Things..." are right on the money, homs... like bullseye!

here goes,

30 Things Women Don't Know About Men

1. Our balls are living thermostats, rising up and down in accordance with body temperature and climactic conditions. In fact, the astute female would do well to study this phenomenon as a man's balls provide the most accurate meteorological information possible. For instance, if a man's left testicle is hanging down four centimeters, it means that skies will be sunny and clear, the high will be 82 degrees, and sunset will be at 6:35 PM.

2. When you get out of bed to go to the bathroom, we put your panties over our noses and start breathing in deeply like the Dennis Hopper character in "Blue Velvet."

3. Our idea of a self-help book is TV Guide.

4. Our penises really do have minds of their own. They also have a nifty little timeshare of their own in the Hamptons. On any given weekend, you can see scores of them out there water-skiing, antiqueing, or lunching on fajitas.

5. If you have any videotapes that contain precious memories, do yourself a favor and knock out that little plastic tab. Otherwise, when our friend lends us a really hot porn video and we want to copy it, we wouldn't think twice about recording over our wedding video.

6. We fantasize about having the ideal family, but our ideal family is the Sopranos. Take for instance your sister. If she started yapping about her latest boyfriend or complaining about why we don't get "a real job," we'd have Pauly or Big Pussy rub her out.

7. We masturbate all the time when you're not around. In fact, house dust is nothing but desiccated semen.

8. Contrary to what we tell you, "little elves" have not stolen all of your Victoria's Secret Catalogs. In truth, we've stolen them all from your night stand for the last 10 years and they're piled up in our sock drawers.

9. When we're alone in the house, we grunt, forage for food, and scratch our bodies unashamedly. In fact, when we're alone, our behavior is pretty much indistinguishable from that of Dian Fosse's beloved mountain gorillas

10. While we like the card you bought us for Valentine's Day, we'd much rather that you shaved your pubes into a little heart and hid chocolate Easter eggs in there, thereby killing two holidays at once.

11. Perfume is fine, but if you really want to drive us wild, rub a gooey cinnamon bun over your neck and ears.

12. For every stuffed animal or ceramic turtle decorating the bedroom, the angle of our erections drops one degree.

13. Chances are, we've stuck our dick through any remotely round object in the house, so you may want to wash out the napkin rings before you set the Thanksgiving dinner table.

14. We pray that your birthday or our anniversary doesn't fall on the day the new "Star Wars" movie opens up, or for that matter, when the NBA playoffs begin, or when it's the day of the Super Bowl, or the first game of the World Series, or the day of the NFL draft, or when TBS is showing "Lethal Weapon" for the 80th time, etc.

15. If we watch "Felicity" with you, it sure as hell ain't because of the story line. The truth is, that curly-haired little vixen kinda' turns us on.

16. There's a small erogenous zone about the size of a dime up our right nostril. No, no, forget what Cosmo tells you about our erogenous zones. We've got one. It's 5 to 7 inches long, slightly reddish and angry looking, and we prefer you address it as Shamu, Conan, or Two-Ton Tony.

17. Our idea of ballet is the gun battle in any John Woo movie.

18. Screw the romantic meal and the mood music. If you want to be laid properly, screw a red light bulb into your bedside lamp. Either that or just show up.

19. Our tear ducts are largely vestigial organs, but they do spout a few paltry tears when Old Yeller dies at the end of the movie, and when we learned that Denise Richards is getting married to Charlie Sheen.

20. We don't like it when your dildo is bigger than we are, not that that's possible, no siree, no way.

21. The Corpus Spongiosum is not Chrysler's follow-up to the LeBaron.

22. The next time you want to criticize us, please remember that, unlike you, we'll never experience the miracle of birth. (Like we care.)

23. Your Ricky Martin CD is cracked because we used it to prop up our TV dinner tray when you were visiting your mother.

24. Most of us would give up a week's pay just to see you in your bra.

25. Men have a sense of smell that's over 1,000 times more sensitive than yours. Oh, wait a minute, I was thinking about dogs. Never mind.

26. We have trouble urinating at ball games. This is either because the alcohol in the beer has caused our prostates to swell (thereby impeding the flow of urine); because the bladder has been stretched too far by all that beer and won't contract properly; or because we have "Shy bladder syndrome," a psychological condition that causes our urinary sphincters to tighten up and prevent our bladders from contracting. Or, it could be that we just forgot to unzip our pants.

27. If it weren't for women nagging us, we'd never go to the doctor. Ever. Even if we had an ice pick imbedded in our right eye.

28. Things we find beautiful: a double play; a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth; a game-winning three-pointer with no time left on the clock; an 80-yard TD pass in overtime; and oh yeah, sunsets and stuff, I guess.

29. We have much greater upper body strength than women, but our breasts aren't nearly as nice.

30. If we're single, we desperately want to be married. If we're married, we desperately want to be single. Please kill us now.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


oh my!

i was hoping i could work my back and biceps today but as luck would have it(or the lack thereof) i only had biceps instead.. i guess all that hanging in the bar (pull-up and chin-up) toasted my forearms and well, biceps... thus, it's next to impossible pulling some more weight after my, uhm, i'll say it again, biceps start nagging on the latter part!

it's just a small muscle group but shoot the dang thing got me soooo exhausted after a few sets.. easy, eh? actually, not. i did three exercises in progression.. kinda like doin' push-ups then sex and then immediately do jump rope.. get the picture? yeah, yeah i know it's getting green around here but i'm not horny yet.

i guess the "hangover" of yesterday's leg and shoulder routine got the better half of my energy... but, there's no way i can expect to go all out every time cos bubba here is getting old... *cough* *cough*

no biggy.. we all do.

i think i'm gonna need another week of break from all the bangin'... most probably, last week of this month.. gotta heal and chill... relax again... this time, i can't wait!

sign out.


standing military press @150 pounds

front squat @190 pounds

back squat @270 pounds

shrugs @210 pounds

and that was yesterday, homs, when i'm suppose to be still reeling from a wild drinkin' weekend.. wonder what my numbers would have been had it been otherwise?

today i am tired and sleepy... but i'll hit the gym later and work my back and biceps... i dig challenges.. i'll work my way up.. tell ya that!

my abs sored a bit even though i didn't do any direct ab workout.. well, i hit my core muscles doing those i mentioned above.. two birds with one stone, nice!


i needed that image to jolt me off my seat, homes..

too sleepy here..

Sunday, May 04, 2008

packing heat

lemme see if i can find an easy way getting back into the swing of things... cos i just had a drunken weekend, thank you!

yeah, for two days i had alcohol supplementation instead of branched chain amino acid, creatine, zinc-magnesium-calcium and fish oil. great, huh?!

well, not my idea of fun really but hey, we all could use a little break from all that everyday run-of-the-mill mambo-jumbo thingy we've all grown accustomed to.. just my thought, anyway.

ok, so we spent a night in the beach practically in a huff; we didn't thought it out or had prepared in advance.. spontaneous, baby!

it was good 'til the booze lasted, alright. we had wifey's friend and family with us... her hubby (wifey's friend's) was into the iron game so we had a grand time sharing notes... gotta say my 'sangay' (namesake) is way, way stronger than me.. hands down!

well, that is base on what we've discussed.. uhm, like how much he can lift.. yadi yada... i dunno.. i'm not that confident to say that i look better than him but damn, the dude snores like hell! even though we drank the same amount of alcohol, his snoring caused me to wake up way earlier than expected of a drunken mister... then, i was told by "my people" that i was as quite as a lake... whoa!

some lady actually had a "hots" for me on the night we boozed up.. a male foreigner approached me and told me "that lady over there likes you.."

geeezz, i still pack some "mojo" eh, i supposed. anyway, i had one too many drink/s i must be dreaming or something but truth to be told, the lady walk up to me and said "hi."

shoot! what am i gonna do? i'm here with family, wifey included.. there's no way i can fool around with the "tiger" just around the corner of my eye.. so, instead of saying "hey, you want sex?" err, i mean, say "hello," i opted to say bluntly, "but i'm married!"


wrong place at the wrong time, bubba... tough luck, indeed.

and she says "i know you're married.. it's OK." then i step a wee bit farther from her to sorta "gulp" some beer.. then she went away and had some dancing.. actually, there was a party near our room as somebody celebrated a debut.. an 18 years old and ripe for the picking.. yum! yum!


so there. she went her way and was dancing around with her girls and boys friend while i salivated watching 'em gyrate right in front of me.. whew!


she came back to where i was at and whispered "which one is your wife?" and i said, "you see that foxy lookin' lady, white complexion, nice hair, sexy bod and appears ferocious? that's her."

and she said, "ah, OK!"

since i already guzzled enough booze to fill a car's tank, every memory i had since that moment had been hazy 'til i remembered clearly how i went down the mat and lost consciousness... like a log, mate.. like a log.

anyway, it was nice in the morning since i managed to swim a few meters and had a "strong performance" out there in the beach. i guess all that workout translated to a stronger paddle for my arms... it's cool to know that even though i'm not getting any younger i can still swim as fast and as quick as my heydays... not too many people can claim to do that.

beach is best in the morning... the water's calm and clear.. lovely!

meanwhile, gotta go work, do some gym time later and then chill...


Thursday, May 01, 2008

peso bill

i've been meaning to write since earlier.. i just couldn't gather my thoughts. had a lot of reading early on and all were interesting i have to shuttle in-between tabs..


that's how i felt after getting some feedback from accounting that i seem to not care following-up my cash advances for the client's documentation processing as i seem to "not in dire need of money.."


i think i just posted earlier here how i need some serious cash flowing through my wallet (or pocket if you may) since i gotta lot of bills to pay, thanks to credit cards and supplements!!

yeah, yeah... how nice of them to assume, eh?

i would gladly sell the contents of my wallet for a grand.. wait, the license and some IDs could cause more than that for duplication.. uhm, maybe.. make it two grand.. please!

well, i can't go on cringing with whatever they think of me.. just live and and let live, mondo!

then some BUMMER in the GYM...

top my day!

some guys just can't accept the fact that all my lifts are becoming "routine" now. for them, it's next to impossible to do. this is really one of my dilemma.. as much as possible i want to be invisible to everyone.. like being "low profile" or unnoticeable.. as you can see, this blog barely has picture/s of me.. but then, i have a goal... it's not something many people do especially in the gym. most guys just go and lift and do all that barbell curl to "grow some bicep and impress the chicks" thingy.. i, on the other hand do a lot of compound exercises as they give me bigger bang for my buck.. then do some finishing exercises like the famous curls and all that isolation exercises.. y'know, the "detailing" kinda exercise.

so, these "primitive" folks in my gym, since they can't match me strength-wise, they'd end up teasing me like "dude watch your back you might break it" or "steroids!!!" or screws around when i'm doing some heavy work.. now, if you're in a situation like mine wherein you could literally snap your back doing heavy squats or deadlifts and there's this guy who basically lifts the same amount of weight each time(read: measly), makes unnecessary cheap shot when i'm in the middle of completing my exercise, that's crazy and downright stupid.. to think this moron who had been way, way "advance" than me as he was there long before i started working out, should know when to screw around and when to get serious... must be the reason why his man-boobs hasn't vanished after all of those chest exercises he does... cos he's a fuck-up around the gym! there, i said the "f" word.


anyway, ignorance is a bliss.. indeed! if you stop smiling or entertaining their corny/lousy jokes, they'll go away, eventually.

of course, when they see how heavy my lifts had become, they don't have much choice but to give respect where respect is due.. whose your daddy now, bitch??

quite frankly, these guys (save for some) will be lifting those puny weights 'til they'd realize how they've come so far and yet so wrong.. no gain whatsoever.. cos much of the things they do are for "detailing" and muscles don't respond well to isolation exercises.. no matter how hard you do all that barbell curls and french press, your arms won't grow much nor your chest would develop, pencil neck!

do some reading and eat well.. then you might have a chance..

and did you know your muscle grows when you give it a rest?