Monday, July 30, 2012

make out session...

friday... buddy invited me to have some drinks.. declined. said i was nursing a fever.. been burning tracks on the treadmill and them cardio machines.. all that effort and pain isn't worth dick if i just go waste away on weekends..

saturday.. another invite. just when you plan to go home and chill, getting bugged at on regular basis ain't somethin' to smile about... not when the weather is really crazy and intermittent rain all over the city.

heck, lets indulge this dipshit, yeah?!?

that's what we call ourselves, by the way... moron, asshole, dickhead, dimwit... you name it, we probably blurt it!

anywho, so we went downtown and had some rum and iced tea. just a flat, hon. we're pretty fine after that.. oh, make that two flats! now, we're pretty tipsy.

went uptown... that's when things got a little interested. i dunno.. it was crazy. my pal was buying us beers when some gay, the straight lookin' kind, was being nicey-nicey with my friend and he kinda smiled at him... next thing he knew this gay guy's hands was all over his chest! anyway, he just let it go. no harm done anyway.

one thing led to another, i couldn't recall completely how things turn out but i remembered going near that gay dude who had a korean girl as her company. i had a conversation with the korean girl.. most likely, i was stuttering. with all that alcohol, whaddya expect? what happened next is something i would cringed about every time i remember it... it's kinda embarrassing yet it felt good in a bad way.. what the heck am i talking about?!?

i can't really talk about it. i mean, i would love to! thing is, my son reads this blog too!

whatta predicament!!!

anyway, feel free to draw your own conclusion. last i remember, this was a free country.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


there's a bit of shayt going around the office lately. some new folks are up my ass.. i've been doing a lot of emails to the semi-big boss explaining things. it kinda zapped the zest outta me.

we're pretty busy right now with all the shebang of things that's going on.. these kinda thing just take your focus away. i know... it's their job. might have been that they are ordered from the higher echelon of them - management.

well, lets just see how thing shape up in the coming days... then, come up with an action plan.

anyway, work can go the eff itself off... let it worry by itself.. ya know what? bring it on!!

meanwhile, conditioning had been improved a bit. the endurance had gone up, thank you!

it's gonna get tweaked, adjusted and more importantly, bump-up as days passes by.

i've got a lot of unfinished stories to tell. someday, it'll be given its proper closure. if i wasn't worried about anything else, i'd love to get me some freedom.

gotta bust my ass... for now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

filler 827

it must've been the weather or, my body is telling me to slow down.

see, i've been really putting a lot of effort with the cardio and diet thing. gotta do whatcha gotta do or else... you'd end up nowhere.

strength training is just as fierce. been doin' a lot of chins and pull-ups (neutral grip). i'm tryin' to be smart on this though.. cautious about how the body's responding..

keyword: calculated risk. 

my body is really warm right now... telltale signs of overtraining. had an hour of massage earlier.

anyway, the body is sore.. really sore. time to heal up.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the three stooges - episode I

we don't go out on fridays anymore, but.. we did last week.

my ex-office mate invited another ex, and the latter invited me. it was fun! we had our usual poison of choice - red horse beer (explains why i'm bulging like a balloon).

this ex-office mate is my drinking and smoking buddy back then when he was still employed at my workplace. we would smoke very often and drink almost, like, everyday! so, when he was given the pink slip, he found work at some call center and met new friends and all.. we barely hangout anymore. i guess he got caught up with some pals that are really at his level of ya know, highly sociable kinda people. he sorta spent more time with his work and his new found friends and eventually we've taken different roads.

this other pal with whom i often hang with during weekends, well, we did have our own little "issues". i've wrote about it here sometime ago. only this january did we started to hook-up again after over a year of ex-communicado. lol!

it's always been my nature to wait and not start, ya know, yapping "what's up?" and "how's life?" i mean, i do miss the good ol' days but it's different now. we all have our families and if we don't hang out, i just channel my energy somewhere else close. like my kids, the dogs, etc.

{i've got four minutes to finish this episode and hope to continue tomorrow}

anyway, we had a good laugh, as always! we talk a lot things and boy, this dudes, their lives are really taking off.. i mean, they talk about vacations and stuff.. going abroad! geez man, i haven't been out of the country since........... birth!

so there.

time is up.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

something strange....

around 2 o'clock in the morning... i was wide awake as i slept like a log in the afternoon..

dogs were barking like crazy.. unusually loud.

went down to check what's the fuss all about... might have been a suspicious person lurking around..

or a robber!

hit the lights off.. that's my technique, by the way.. waited for someone to appear in my vision..

saw a dog outside the fence.. weird. i've never seen any kinda dog like that in the neighborhood.

pretty big for a "local" or a native dog.. went closer...


Pudz, our rottweiller had gotten off his leash and went outside the house!!!

damn, that dog is one badass creature. you wouldn't wanna mess around with him. i almost got bitten by him twice!!

and so, when i went and call his name, i wasn't sure if he was gonna come, cos i thought he enjoyed his new found freedom so much he wouldn't wanna come back.

good thing, he went straight inside the gate's door when he heard me. took him right inside our now defunct store and he strangely, just cooperated. when inside, he didn't bark or make any noise.

thank God there was no mishap while he was outside. this dog has a temper. see, he didn't grow with us. he was given to us cos the owner kinda feel scared of him. it's nothing really, he just bit a few people in the household, ya know.

anyway, another dog story next time?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

there was some news last week about a PBA player who got fined to the tune of five hundred grand and, suspended for a conference because he lashed out at the organization that makes up most of the money he made. kinda like biting the hand that feeds you. he got all this testosterone in him to say there was fixing, etc. only to retract afterwards.


it is because of all these social sites that people use to vent out their angers or speak their mind.. or ya know, blaspheme other people. i believe you're walking a freakin' thin line my friend. people are gonna get hurt, piss and some are gonna return you the favor. and, you wouldn't like it. it gets nasty. before you know it, you're in knee-deep trouble and you can't wiggle yourself out rather easily.

and that's why in here, there's no linking to where and what especially Facebook. there's no promotion and there's less than stellar visits as compared to other blogs and sites. it's like a secret society. lol.

i did got jumpy when i started this and went telling people.. when i think about those times, i kinda regret that. there are people who will do otherwise. it's nice when they want to be accountable and all. me however, don't think so.

when i'm ready to put everything on the line, that's the time there'd be no hold's barred and things are gonna get crazy and ugly. yaiks!!!

off to the gym in a short while.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


time to run again. if i was gonna go improve on my blood work, i gotta start pushing it. conditioning is where i fail at. when it comes moving weights, i got it all figured out.

it wasn't easy to start running again.. my knees are bumming out. i'm too heavy and geez, gimme some oxygen cos i'm short of breath!


one word: SUCK IT UP, FATASS!!!!

i know, i know... gotta be hard on thyself if you ever want to accomplish things. gotta roll with it, man-up and grind to the very end.

F-O-C-U-S. eyes on the price, baby.

... too wasted (physically) to continue..

Friday, July 06, 2012

here's something i've been digging to sorta remind me of my, uhm, *glory* days, so to speak.

it goes somethin' a little like this:

Thursday, July 05, 2012

stay alive.

my BP has gone haywire. along with being superstrong and well, HUGE, there's a price to pay. i think it's high time to change the phase. it's not healthy. admittedly, this was my goal - to get freakin' strong especially with the bench cos that's where i'm weak at. as a rule, being large and strong is relative. you don't become stronger by being puny, little pansie although there are a few people who are an exception.

so, having HBP is a bummer. i eat mostly fish though occasionally i'd go have a few servings of that fatty part: the head. it's crazy how much fat you can get when you eat that part of the fish especially the large ones.

anyhow, Taylor Swift is blasting on my boom-box (lol!).. i'm having a hard time bringing myself to a point. so, later again?

chill and stay out of trouble, boys and girls.