Saturday, April 28, 2012

pain is temporary....

things finally sink in... wait, that's syncing in, i mean.

my lower back felt like it's been run over by a bulldozer it hurts sooooo bad!

had my massage earlier and i must say THAT WAS STEAMY!!!

well, it's supposed to be a clean one. my regular masseuse was nowhere to be found so i opted for the nearest next available... i guess i'm too sensitive or naive.. i really don't know.

she pulled my boxer brief waaaayyy down and really squeeze the shez out of my ass, for starters. then she work her way through my inner thighs... really, really close to my crotch, if you have to ask.

to top it all, she massage thoroughly my chest and went all the way to them nipples.

and NO, it's not usual.

anyway, like i said, i was in it for the clean kind, so NO, nothing "extra" happened.

she did a stellar job of really giving me the HARD massage though. i was wincing in pain but ya know, gotta man-up.

i definitely was looking forward to getting a massage today as i have been really pushing it hard in the gym.. like four days in a row. that's exactly the reason why i'm aching all over. then, since i was eating iron like a man-possessed, went to kill the cardio sessions as well.

so yeah, things are syncing in, finally.

still achin'... i need more... *wink* *wink*

Monday, April 23, 2012

life is..

no matter what i do, no matter how fun it went, when comes down do it, i'm still not happy.

yep, that's how it is with the world. worldly thing to be exact.

if you go examine yourself and really, really ponder on things in life, what you achieved, how much wealth you've managed to amass and all that, honestly, were you able to quench your thirst? were you satisfied? are you really secured? underneath the core of your very being, can you HONESTLY say that you are happy? do you have JOY in your heart?

only you can answer that.

anyway, that's a li'l deep to tackle at the moment so.. i'll leave you to ponder on that.


finally, the mini-van we have that's been sitting on the garage and rotting in rust had a taker. we had it for sale for months now but opted to halt it when sister arrived so we could use an alternative transpo when the other is being used to accompany her when she's out and about.

i kinda feel sad to see it go but at the same time, i'm worried that the longer it's sitting there, the less it's gonna get dispose. although i use it every weekend just so it could run around and warm up the engine and stuff, it's quite unreliable after all the deterioration it has gone through.

i hope the new owner can do a better job at maintaining that car. i know wifey didn't.

we did had a lot fun time with that cage.. it's pretty fast for a little van. i believe it's the fastest in its class. for one, it's a Subaru, it's an all-wheel drive and best of all, it's turbo-charged!

i'd love to talk about work and training... but, gosh, i'm just not syncing right now.

someday... someday...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

tardiness is in the house tonight!!!!

iz too bad, yah?

really, i need to F-O-C-U-S.

i'm kinda out of the loop lately... "too much radiation" Cpt. MacMillan sez it on that awesome PC game Call of Duty, Modern Warfare Game. it's distraction actually.

hope to get back on the swing of things.


Wednesday, April 04, 2012


it has come into conclusion.

wait, make that a few hours more and sister's off to the land of the milk and honey.

one more driving to go and it is done.

i really can't complain even if i wanted to. she rarely comes home and it's usually in a short span of time. twelve days to be precise.

and she's been of a real help to us.... to all of us her siblings, in fact.

sadly, i get the sole duty of driving her and her friend (including her friend's entourage) around whenever and wherever they pleases... and boy, it's just exhausting.

the waiting is worst.

anyway, we didn't do anything "super" this time around... in the future, we hope to make her vacation a lot, lot better.

that's not a promise..

it's a deal.

Monday, April 02, 2012

limo drivin' fatass

it's been a helluva week, huh?!?

been driving around town like almost on a daily basis. gotta say, drivers of public utilities and those who do it regularly cos it's their job, they have earned my respect.

i mean, it's not easy driving around this place. i drive a motorcycle and i don't have a problem skirting through traffic and just go in and out like a fly. basically, i can get through my destination half the time (even less) as compared to a four-wheeled vehicle.

since sister arrived last week, i had the sole duty of driving her around wherever she and her company pleases. to think i'm driving an automatic transmission vehicle, it would have been less burdensome, but hell no!

it's crazy out there. utility vehicles cutting you off with zest! people crossing the streets, ya know, the kind where they'd walk across the street then look later if there's an incoming vehicle? in short, dumbass!

oh man, i can count forever the many ways i would rather not be driving around with a cage rather than a bike. it's no wonder how a lot people get killed or shot at or whacked by some road rage assholes and whatnot, cos it's a freakin' jungle out there!

it just takes away the fun of driving.

well, it's not over yet... there's still a lot of hours left to log on - driving.


training had to take a back seat.

but would you be surprise if my strength had gotten really crazy wicked? well, lemme tell you why.... coz i'm freaking FAT again!

we've been having a lot of that brainsickening ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet, that's what.

since i'm fat and obese nowadays, i better be freakin' strong.. and i am. anyway, when sister leaves and the holy week, over, the plan is to lean out again. i know the drill -- been there, done that.

i've set some serious PR's while i'm here sitting fat as fuck. but, even while i'm strong, i don't feel healthy. my BP's at borderline high and at some point, i feel weird.

so, NO, being huge and a strong mofo at the same time, isn't good for the health in the long run. gotta scale back while i'm not as huge as THIS GUY yet.