Saturday, February 22, 2014


looks like i've reached my maximum bandwidth for my internet connection. yeah, thanks to FUP or Fair Usage Policy, they can arbitrarily slow down your internet connection almost to a halt because you, my friend went bat shit crazy downloading movies, music, etc. and, watched too much YouTube.

nice, yeah?

i've got two words for these companies... FU!!


the last two weeks had been a major beating for my lower extremities. switching between cardio machines and really went at it at extended time... wow!

i never imagined getting back into that conditioning. in fact, i have all the excuses in the world not to push myself to the edge cos primarily, i'm like forty years old and it's a rarity for people my age to be fit... save for some few.

and, although i workout regularly, i was drinking and eating a lot at the same time. thus, it's no wonder my conditioning is off most of the time.

i'm just gonna go on push myself a tad bit every time and see how it goes and feel.

i don't brag and say "hey man, do i look trimmer to you now?" i'll just wait for the "compliments" to fall into the right places.... lol

this is the goal. the before and after.

yeah, some people are starting to notice now.

seems most of the participants aren't really in to win this contest. everyone's making an excuse. lets see how this plays out when we weigh in next month, March 20.

some are probably just playing mind games.... we'll soon find out.


i miss Baguio City already. i love it there. what's not to love about the city of pines? it's mostly cold. when you're inside the hotel or an establishment, it's a bit warm, but once you're outside, that's when it feels like there's an air conditioning being turned on and set to the max!

traffic in Manila though is unbearable. for a lowly person from the province like me, i could not imagine living there and work. it's too congested. they have all these projects that's about to begin construction.

the worst is yet to come.

and we wonder why Mindanao and the rest of the countryside is too far behind in terms of progress. Manila gets the lion's share of all the revenues collected from all over the country.

anyway, pictures are at wifey's phone... might be able to sneak a few snaps in here but since i'm always very, very well spent everyday, it's quite an ordeal to copy and paste them here..

good night World!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


the city of pines... such a nice place.

other than riding on a plane and a few snags, everything was goin' great in that three days and two nights of grand vacation.

but before that, we won some twenty five grand on some contest my wife had me and the rest of the wrecking crew in the house joined in.

it was a kickoff party, raffle draws and an award's night rolled into one.

t'was Sunday and since we have this little contest called Biggest Loser in the office, i decided to hit the gym for some serious cardio.

after the gym, went to the venue famish.

i was feeling tired, hungry, bored, envious, and did i mentioned bored? yeah, it took a while to finish. a lot of awardees and winners were announced wifey included.

some pals i know of were winning... cash, appliances, cellphones, etc.

i was feeling dismayed cos everyone's seems to be winning but us.

to make the long story short, during the final draw, i kept telling myself i hope i didn't win cos i hate going up on stage and getting pictured at... i didn't wanna be seen at all.

to my surprise, i got called!

the irony.

my wife is twenty five G's richer... yeah, i gave it all to her. well, she did all the work.. from buying the tickets, to making sure everyone goes, all the way to filling 'em tickets down.

what did i do? make sure i get my ass into that convention center.

i wanna go on talkin' but shayt, did some freakin' serious workout earlier, thus, i am very well spent.

Bagiuo City story will have to wait.... *yawn*

Friday, February 07, 2014

Biggest Lozer 2


it's been a helluva tiring week! yep, bump up the cardio and really lessen the food intake... results are obvious, i guess.

i'm just waiting for other people to notice. i don't go around and brag about how i've lost weight.

my fellow competitors are showing signs of giving up. they probably thought there was no way of beating me... i doubt it very much.

we still have over a month more to go... plenty of time to turn things around.

i wish i could swim again though. that would really put me in the forefront, hands down.

unlike college days wherein i swim for twenty to thirty laps but then eat loads of junks afterwards like burgers and all that oily food being sold outside CCSC (the swimming place), now i can just eat boiled chicken breast and be content with it.

if i continue in this course and keep doing the things i do now, i believe i can top that lost weight i had before.

me and wifey are going to Baguio this tuesday for a three day vacation. nice, yeah?

i'm still scared shitless riding a plane and, we're gonna be travelling and riding on a bus  for hours going to our destination. heard about that news early today about a bus falling off a 120 meter ravine? many died.

that's even more scary!

anyway, if it's your time, it's your time. only the good Lord above knows when it's your time to go.

the cardio section of the gym is now my favorite hangout. i sweat like a bucket every time i'm there.

time to kill the talk and embrace the sacks.... nighty!