Monday, September 29, 2008

How do you do that?

seems my bro might finally buy me these stuffs:

well, i need 'em very badly.

the straps would help me grasp the bar even if my forearms are already toasted during super heavy sets... your lifts are just as good as your forearms can handle... when it's already fatigue, there ain't no way of adding more plates to the bar cos you can't hold on to the bar no more.. comprende?!

while the heavy grip should help me strengthen my forearm...

i was gonna give-up having them as my bro didn't advise me.. like for weeks!

'til yesterday.

he said he's ordering 'em this week.. hopefully...

i'll keep my fingers crossed for this one, though.

remember that night vision binocular i'm supposed to get? well, it never came... meaning, i don't wanna get burned waiting in vain ever again...

so much for promises, huh?

worst, i never even asked for it... someone was kind enough to sorta volunteer.. kept my hopes up... but zit.. zat.. nada...

tsk.. tsk..

so, lesson learned: keep your hopes up, but lower your expectation... how'd you suppose to do that? lemme know when you've figured it out..

cos i dunno neither.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mr. Olympia 2008

the new Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson

thanks to the dude who shared this.. tho it's a little blurry, still better than none, eh?

Saturday, September 27, 2008


our manager whose on his "last days" as an employee cos he's resigning due to, uhm, lets just call it "unfair labor practice" on his part, invited me for a beer... i would've wanted to go drown some alcohol away with him and the rest of the "gang," but i was just "totalled" today...

i hit my quads, arms and abs earlier... so, right now, i'm just wasted... in a good way, that is..

i just feel totally exhilarated whenever i'm feelin' the "pump..." gym rats live for that, in case you dunno...

watching Dennis Wolf (feel free tou google or youtube him) train like an animal, just floored me down - good!!

doin' circuit training ain't for the weak heart, hommie... and it's best to have a partner.. the weights could go crashing on your teeth if you mess up due to too much exhaustion and, no one can assist you in moving the friggin' load.. lucky them.

good thing, Sir Doy was very cool with me not being able to accompany him on his "farewell tour." if i have to drink, i'd better be doing it at home where i could just crap wherever i feel like... besides, i feel the need to watch F1 cos it's the first time that they're racing at night! gotta be there for, duh, history, babe!

tired.. sleepy... and goin now...

Go Hamilton!

Go McLaren!

Friday, September 26, 2008

week in review

these tickled my fancy...

- China's milk - contaminated

- US Economy - down the shitters

- Motorcycle's indiscriminately towed all over the city

- Adminstrative Order "against" motorcycle... well, enthusiast ain't sayin' "hallelujah..." go figure!

- Formula 1 Night Racing in Singapore

- Virginity being auctioned... i'm broke, yo!

- Just passed the Nursing Board female student killed in Negros... military says she's an NPA rebel who engaged them to a gunfight... pity

- SRP seeing the light of day


work it!

I Hate Lard


before i go miles away further, lemme thank my buddy, Earl, for helping me out last week... he really is my best pal.. he stood by me all throughout my *uhum* ordeal and deservingly so, a best man for a best friend to keep... my your tribe multiply, part!


i am declaring WAR...

a WAR against LARD!!!


i just saw a guy curling super heavy dumbbells earlier... this dude is, i dunno how to describe his body... he's fat, big, muscular... but if you're eyes ain't trained, you'd probably judge him as an obese man.. i haven't seen him squat or deadlift, but his leg press, hack squat and some rows are pretty decent.. unfortunately, for his height, his legs are waaaay too big! ever saw an electric post? it's something like that...

yeah, i lift to be strong too but not to the extent where i'd look like a ball if i roll over..LOL!

he just look so bloated all over.. he walks around like a duck cos his inner thigh keeps rubbing against each other.. that's quite a pain, tell ya that! even i, who don't have as huge legs as he have, yet i get the same amount of friction if i wear a mere boxer brief... gotta have those cycling undershort, hommie!

i dunno what's his goal, but i'd definitely not take that direction.. i'm even killing myself in the threadmill to lose lotsa lard.. right now, for a change, i really wanna look good nekked.. but i don't wanna lose any strength while on it.. in fact, just bought me a hand grip... obviously, to strengthen my grip when holding the bar or anything that requires a good amount of squeezing.. i wanna grow stronger in every department while losing lard along the way...

now, it's definitely hard work. it's good that our body is able to adapt to whatever stress we put it into.. i.e. changes of temperature/weather, being subjected to constant pain, your pain threshold increases... look at those MMA Fighters who can take whatever the opponent throws at them.. unless of course you get 'em right on the money, thus, knocking them out.. etc... etc...

unfortunately, it has its setbacks... your muscles won't grow when it's able to adapt to the same stress.. your weight won't go down when you hit plateau... that is, when it's used to the same weight for a period of time, it won't budge anymore unless you do something different or drastic.. that's why you see most people in the gym who look exactly the same since you saw them the first time.. save for a few who really wax it up wall-to-wall..

so now, i'm trying to up the ante with my cardio thingy and i will continue to so 'til i hit my target weight... wanna know?


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


can't wait.

"We're It..."

this thoughts actually ran through my brain while we went through that mob attack last Sunday when only two policemen showed up... love that movie too!

"where's the rescue squad??"

read the title for your answer...

scenes from the movie Black Hawk Down.


addendum to the last post below...

i failed to mention that, yeah, the pricks had a gun...

no matter how well trained you are in whatever field of physical combat if your opponent have gun/s, better run and hide, hommie!

we don't need no dead hero no more... plenty of 'em have gone to the other side..



it's been weeks now since i've noticed some bruises on my upper quad.. there are some red spots scattered in one area.. kinda freaky, mate!

anyway, there must be a logical explanation to it other than me having some creepy thoughts that some "white lady" in the house must've something to do with it.. remember that white lady in the rooftop hubbub goin' around the neighborhood?

nah, you're too lazy to read back and i'm too lazy to put labels... that should be fair for both of us now, huh?

damn!! damn!! damn!!

i'm sooooo slow!

finally figured it out yesterday.

why it's blacked and bruised? cos i friggin' catch the dumbbells on the way down using my upper quad (thigh) and the new gym's dumbbells don't have a smooth edge.. instead, a bolt actually concave dead center on the dumbbells outer rim.. not too big or sharp but enough to do some damage like what i'm having now.. so shet, ey??

here, lemme illustrate:

above is an overkill, though... but the one's in the gym had about an inch of bolt protruding on the edge...

however, i wouldn't mind one bit if that's how our dumbbells look like in the gym... that is, if Jamie Eason is in front of me..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Element Of Surprise

"call up the police!!!"

a man shouted..

"ssshhhhhhh... keep you heads down..."

"turn off the lights.."

"lock the doors!!"

"anybody called the cops already?"

"be still... they might see you!"

"don't open the windows.."

"take off your clothes!"

i made up the last one... ha ha!

too serious, eh?

anyway, a mobile patrol car came with two cops on-board... we felt a li'l secured, alright.


the darn stone still kept raining at the next house!! those sons of bitches ain't got no respect for policemen... they're ON to something.. and your guess is good as mine..

they were still shouting.. those fools want elmer out so maybe they could lynch him..

we still waited inside.. with only two policemen around, it's too risky to go out.. we're up against a rowdy mob here whose got nothing to lose..

good thing another mobile patrol arrived.. they really could use a back-up.. quite a number of policemen now.. some are carrying M16's.. good thinking hommies!

minutes later, things settled down.. those chicken-shit outside turn the table on elmer accusing him of being the one who possesses a gun when they were the ones who fired at us... a policeman came at the backdoor where we were holdin' up... but, instead of those bastards being pick-up and questioned, elmer took the brunt and was taken to the police station.. while he was escorted outside the house to the mobile car, the pricks kept yelling a him, and your guess is good as mine, they want his blood.

so off they went to the police station.. a few policemen were left and we took advantage of having them escort us to our vehicle.. good thing i parked the van a few meters away or it would have been smashed and wrecked too like elmer's motorcycle.. he happened to park it right outside the host's house.. and, he was there smoking, whiling away time and gave the dickheads outside a good idea he owns the bike..

finally, a lot people have gathered outside the place.. damn kibitzers! it was soooo hard to get out, but i thought, man, i gotta get out of here fast!

so, i muscled my way out and heaved a sigh of relief after arriving at the main road.. another ordeal down the drain.. thanks good Lord we made it in one piece!

why it's so scary?


ok, why it scared the shit out of me?

- it ain't our neighborhood

- we don't know those pricks

- they've got nothing to lose

- they are ON drugs, drunk and pissed for not getting invited, much less, given food

- we don't know whose with us or against us

- we were caught with our pants down.. surprise!

add all that up and we're pretty screwed... more reason not to loosely party around...

called 'em up later (wifey's relatives) for update, and boy, those assholes did quite a damage to their house.. except for elmer's battered head and bruised ego, everyone was safe.

after cleaning up the mess, they found three bullet slugs from what appeared to be a .357 gun.


Monday, September 22, 2008

the aftermath

i'm bleeding... financially.. HELP!


after last week's hullabaloo i've been talking about, it swept most of my hard-earned moola i'm now scrambling to pay my debts from credit cards and whatnot.


sucks this way...

i hope to turn things around before i'd go kick my head to wall (is that even possible?)...

i will survive, however.


last night we went to a birthday party.. it was the birthay of the child of wifey's cousin... her niece, to be exact.

if you've been my fan, you'd know i'm not IN for parties. no, i'm not really snub or anything that resembles one, but it ain't just my forte... partying, crowded places, fiesta's and all that drama we've all grown to... so un-me, hommie.

anyway, after a shetload of constant prodding from wifey, i gave in and went ahead to a place i have yet to discover and people i've yet to meet..

everything went well except for my crumbling stomach because of a few delays in serving the food and drinks... oh, there was that loud videoke machine that wifey and her cousins took turn abusing... the "abusing" part didn't got me worried.. it's how close the neighborhood houses/apartments are and how loud they tuned it up.. anyhoo, i didn't bother to sing one song cos my throat seem harsh... it's always been like that..

after eating, we were served beers... nice.

a few more shots.. sips.. snort.. swig...



one of the visitor who was hanging outside the house had a 'misunderstanding' with some neighborhood toughie..

"no!! don't do it!!"

the toughie's companion shouted at elmer...

elmer, the visitor who scuffled with the group of addicts, punks, hoodlum and 'boys in the hood' took a chair so he could finish off the guy who smash a bottle of beer into his head and is now laying down the street after he punched his face... and maybe if he's lucky, he can use the chair to bash the mob who are trying to attack him..

unfortunately, he's no match to the rowdy people who wanted to kick his ass.. so he ran for cover.. we all ran for cover..

stones started raining like hell to the host's house... some guns were fired..

that was one helluva scary scene you'd only see in movies..

fortunately, the next door neighbor open their back door and allowed us in 'til the cops arrive..

we were there.. hiding.. kept quiet.. but the friggin' stones continued to rain over wifey's cousin's house..

(to be continued....)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

hung over

t'was fun last night.. *yawn*

a bit.

whenever i hear some house music or anything with a nice beat into it, i'd usually feel nostalgic and missed hanging out in a bar... with many people dancing, gyrating and the likes..

but, when i'm in there, i kinda hate it.

i hate the smoke, those cheap, young chicks smokin' their lungs out and drinking extra strong beer like they are 'amongst men' when it comes beer bingin'... those horny guys.. you should watch them.. ha ha!

it's quite a mix.. some gays.. boys, girls.. and they are very good at picking their target.. a looker, usually.

i hate that we have to share a glass to pass around when we can just have our individual poison... so liberated yet so old school, ey?

i hate taking a piss when i'm inebriated.. i have to go through a bunch of drunks like me on my way to the C.R. then accidentally bump a few of them on my way out.. sorry my ass!!

now, the worst part of course is when i'd have one too many and going home safe, sound and early is next to impossible... what's more, the effing hang over to deal with the next day!

so there.. it's a love and hate thing.

last night was no different.. it's fun, yeah, but it's bum afterwards.. i was at my best behavior, i'm happy to report.. t'was all clean fun.. whatever that means to you.

anyway, though sluggish and felt sleepy today, i've managed to hit the gym and salvaged a few workout..

been hitting the threadmill after my lifts are done.. to sorta burn some nasty lard off.. and oh, the darn alcohol too!

gotta be sexy, baby..

i dunno.. i barely wore body-fitting shirt around the gym.. always those XL's and i can see how people look at me lift and wonder... if i ever look good nekked?? wahahaha!!!

even those lanky lookin' folks wear tank-tops "cause they've grown lotsa muscles doin' barbell curl.." yeah right!

i'm always cool wearing not-so-revealing shirts.. i don't need to go out like that to show-off..

but i wouldn't mind girls, ladies wear one like this:

guess, to each his own?

what am i talking here???

i better hit the road...

later folks.

Friday, September 19, 2008


i've done it... quite an ordeal, tell ya that.. i'll never ever do it again..

glad it's over.


meanwhile, i'd probably stuck at that darn 80 pounder dumbbell for a while... it'll take a good while before i could move up the weights again.. but i'm happy for making some progress.. usually, when i go to the gym, i'd have butterflies on my stomach.. especially when i enter that zone where i'm about to conquer another 'milestone' of a lift.. i mean that for me is the challenge that keeps me goin out for more..

meeting Lui for a beer in a moment.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

face off

it's almost time...

i'm not really ready....


let's get this done and over with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

into the groove

whew! things are getting niftier in the gym.. those body-huggin'-top-tank lovin' boys are bunch of punks who needs a spotter for a tiny-little-puny-weight they're benching.. damn! you guys are a wuss.. pussy, to be exact!

so there... they've laid out their cards.. what i've notice with this 'boys in the hood' doin' frequently in the gym are bunch of isolation exercises, drop sets and a few supersets here and there.. no major compound exercises such as squat and deads.. alright, they'd do military press but on the smith machine and with a spotter at that, again!! see, they really are pussies, eh?

earlier, this short and scrawny dude kept gremacing while lifting and he never fails to grunt, drop the weights before and after lifting, abuse the machines by rapidly letting go of the handles thereby causing it to thud helplessly... hey hommie, you own that darn machine??

then another guy who works his legs, squats in the smith machine (boy, they just love abusing that poor thing) always pouts his face everytime.. darn, the wimp is just lifting about a quarter.. ok, maybe half of what i'm squatting, but i squat in the power rack, free from machine mambo-jumbo and i always go past parallel.. never half ass.. i almost burst into laughter watching him doin' leg press in that sissy nautilus machine and seeing how he seem to be in severe pain with the way his face looked... why sissy you ask? cos it's soooo safe to adjust the weight at the flick of a finger and you can't overload the darn thing cos everything is fixed at the machine.. whilst the hardcore version allows to load as much plates as your guts can wield and, make no mistake when executing the exercise cos if you screw your breathing or loads it more than you can handle, the weights will go down crumbling on you.. meaning to say, you screw up and you could end up dead..

can you spot the NOT?

there are still plenty of jokers out there... waiting to be discovered.. he he!

in fairness, there are a lot of hardcore just the same.. some startled me with the weights they're able to handle.. kinda freak show to watch, mate.

anyway, i'm happy with my progress right now.. i now know how to handle the weights better and control my breathing.. gotta keep the whole body safe from accidents and whatnot.. my 'toolbox' is filled with useful stuffs... and i'm not even done filling it up..

on the other hand, it's been a huge contrast with the way i deal with people around the gym.. while in the former i used to joke around and talk lotsa shit every now and then or in between sets, now it's all business.. most of my friends now are PT's (personal trainer) but the jokes and the chatters are at bare minimum.. while it's good cos i can focus more, the bum of course is when i can't pull anyone for help.. but hey, Henrik Ibsen says "The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone."

i'll keep that as my motivation... i gotta.

off to the mall.

Monday, September 15, 2008


yeah, the title says it all..

to whom?

my brother.

he's been out there in the 'land of milk and honey' and earning some good greens, but he's pretty much forgotten his own brother/s.. guess people can easily forget when things are goin' great at their end.. hope they don't fall hard and fast, cos hommie, when everything is said and done, it's always the family that takes care of their own.. no matter what!

i ask him a small favor.. i actually needed some gear for my, you know, training.. things are getting serious at my end and i can't find the darn gear in this side of place.. so i ask him if he could instead send me those stuffs since i can't get it here... as my birthday gift, that is. well, ever since he flew there, not once did i ask him a favor.. not once.

so i figured, it's the best time to "try" to ask him this li'l favor, after all, he never sent me anything brand new, straight from him and never on any occassion..

almost a month since and to my dismay, nothing came... *sigh*

so, i'm better off getting unsolicited gifts from other people than from my own blood? i've received a lot from our customers, friends (here and abroad), and from many others who appreciate what i've done from them or are just happy that i belong to their circle.. that's a matter of factly and modesty aside..

except for my sister.. she's always generous.. she just gives and gives and that's why life for her out there is a breeze... though she encounters a few bumps along the way, but she always pulls it through..

yeah.. yeah.. my brother did sent me a few stuffs.. those run-me-down shirts.. shoes.. etc.. but he just "freeloads" them with my sis' box when she sends us some stuff.. so 'he could save.'

appreciate that, bro.


really. sincerely.

but if it was me in your place, i'd send you some some run-me-downs.. and lotsa brand new stuffs too.. after all, you are my brother..

if i can give something to a total stranger, how much more to you?

rant over.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

80 and toned - NOT!

whew! that took a while.. conquering 80 pounds of those darn dumbbell was a steep steep 'Everest to climb,' eh?

havin' combine my push and pull exercises in one session took its tool on me.. strength and stamina-wise.. i'm not like one of those gym rats who do one bodypart a day.. i like 'em more.. the many-er, the better.

besides, it's just a waste of time hitting one muscle every time.. that's aside from what the 'experts' advise -- that you combine antagonistic exercises to different muscle group.. to sorta strike a balance..

havin' said that, i'm still on course to press and pull that 120 pound dumbbells.. someday.

now i've been reading a lot these days, thanks to those cheap back-issues of Ironman, Muscle and Fitness, etc. and it's been really nice to discover new things again.. though i'm pretty well-read courtesy of internet, it's different when you have a hard copy conveniently at your disposal than keeping a tab on things mentally... especially if you have a memory like mine!

the new things i learned compliment the new things i'm discovering at the new gym.. now, you can call me crazy or an ass, but i don't make it a point to do a "to-do list." i guess being on this thing called the 'iron' game, i've pretty much memorize the things i need to do..

it's funny looking at those dorks in the gym going around with their 'program' and doing everything "by the book." nothing wrong with that really.. just a little nerdy and robot-ish.. he he!

but we all have to start somewhere.. they are noobs.. so i let them be.

oh, felt like a noob, too! these days, since i'm always wearing super loose shirts when workin' out, those tank-top-buddy-hugging boys stares at me like i'm an obese fat-bastard.. a strong fatass, i'd reckon. they must be laughing at the back of their head.. thinking they're the only cool 'boys in the hood..'

i'll just let them think what they want.. at least, i know my strong points while they already spilled everything they've got.. i'll just keep them wondering.. i'll be like FPJ.. getting beaten up, stepped over and kicked to the ground... only to stand up, beat the odds and whop everyone 'til they surrendered.. just like his movies, homie!

i really can't say i'm an outcast.. i mean, not too many people there can do what i do.. almost everyone just want to be "toned." PT's (physical trainers) aren't even muscular save for a few.. and, if most people in the gym are meatheads, a lot of "functional" guys, gays and women would be turn off... thus, being "toned" is more saleable than being big, freak and muscular.. or the gym business will die a natural death.

it's even friggin' hard to convince people to sweat it out.. exercise.. or get their butts off the couch and hit the gym.. all the more if what they'll see inside the gym are bunch Jay Cutlers and Ronnie Colemans.. they'd rather pig out at Mc Donalds than workout..

anyhoo, i don't like being simply "toned." neither a meathead.. just somewhere in between..

nuff with this non-sense.. off to the buffet!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008



sometime next week i'll do the darnest thing.. i really don't wanna do it but out of "respect" to *ahem* other "people," i gotta..

nope, it ain't somethin' for public consumption.

meanwhile, it's been fairly getting better with the gym sessions as of late... i don't sweat as much like before but i've worked twice harder.. in fact, i needed to rest the next day... why? cos that's the only time i felt the effects..

nonetheless, i'm having a ball with the new equipments i'm using now.. sometimes, i wobble jumping in between sets.. what's it gonna be? free weights or machines??

shet, i'll do them both!!! aarrrggghhhh!!!!

catcha later, folks!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Magkita na Tayo

what can i say.. i like this! *giggle*

makes me feel young all over again...

Moonstar88's "Migraine"

proudly Philippine made...

and she's one Filipina beauty!

Friday, September 05, 2008

the longest yard

this should take a li'l longer.. uhm, the post that is.

whatdyathink, it's been really tough this week, mate.. sigh.

got a whole lot of "issues" to resolve at work and they ain't over yet!

well, i always anticipate them.. especially when i don't bump into one for a period of time.. kinda "calm before the storm" thingy...

i gotta have a mindset like that.. y'know, just a little paranoid so i won't get blown away when shits come crashing down on me.. i have to be on my toes, guarded and mentally prepared for anything.. quite frankly, it's pretty draining.. sometimes, i feel like quitting, but on the other hand, it's better this way than sitting my ass in the office whole day round workin' and waiting 'til the bell rangs.. i'd rather quit.. like most of the pioneering and not so new guys here who can't handle the pressure, are being pestered to perform, just plainly bored with their job or are paid to the barest minimum.. they've all come.. and go..

well, that's reality.. if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

anyway, hope to roll with 'em all.. whatever they throw my way, i'll eat 'em! when the smoke clears, i'll still be standing.. that's not a promise.. it's a deal!

i know everything here seem vague.. i'm not a person who relishes on detailing every little story i can muster.. besides, where's the thrill without mystery? i've always been that - mysterious. to my family, friends and acquaintances.. i'm just not comfortable spilling everything out.. but i wanted to... someday.. maybe.

right now, i belong to the:


75 pounds.. i'm stuck with that darn number in the dumbbell presses.. i've got a feeling i can make it to 80 pounds if i force it, but i won't.. i'm still struggling with that friggin' 75 weight to begin with.. when i'm comfortable, like i can make it 10 or more repetitions already, that's the time i'll bump it up.. right now, i gotta be patient.. and work even harder to get there.

in fairness, before, i was pressing maybe 60 to 65 pounds at my former gym.. and got really comfortable with that weight the rest of the folks there can only look at me and say "whooooww!!"

since that's the "heaviest of 'em all dumbbells" in that gym, people make a mountain out of a molehill when you reach that weight.. if they can only see the 120 pound dumbbell in my new gym, they'd probably cringe.

this dude is an inspiration:

so now i'm on a different league.. lotsa people in the new gym are big, strong and muscular.. they employ new techniques in training.. while the former gym had a handful of "meatheads" and stuck with an old school training methods...

these days, i belong somewhere far down the food chain.. it's quite a challenge, tell ya that, cos before i moved to this new gym, i was a few steps away from the top (took me almost two years be an "elite" in that gym).. now, i'm at the bottom again working my way up.. even more challenging is the fact that it's only now that my elbow and some part of my joints are creaking ferociously.. there was one night that i felt a stab of pain on my elbow when i rolled over.. could be a nightmare or i might have been dreaming but earlier that day, it was creaking crazy everytime i straighten out my right arm... geeez, already, i'm ramping up my Glucosamine Chondroitin intake to keep my joints and whatever whatchamacallit healthy.. i'm still on the third week of this twelve-week-hard-bangin' program.. can't have an impairment this early, hombre!

(notice: i'm referring to my old school gym here..)

so how do i define being "elite?"

well, for starters, your physique should show it.. nice shoulders, arms, chest, lat, back, etc.. etc.. there ain't much of that there..

then you gotta be strong.. i was.. at least among my peers..

you gotta have techniques and variations.. most of 'em are just stuck with what those old-school veterans do at the gym.. they simply follow.. i did 'til i started reading and do some research.. then i started to break away from the pack.. started doin' my thang..

last and more importantly, when you gain respect among the noobs, the veterans... you know you're there.. among the "top of the class"... moreover, the instructor, the coaches and the rest of the pack who raves at you for being the "cream of the crop" is just --- elevation, baby!!

now back to square one.

yet i'm still looking for that 300 pounds bench press.. double the pleasure.. double the fun, eh?

love ya Chris Brown!

i miss my home PC and internet.. missed posting photos of my kiddo, Neil.. dude is growing fast and smart.. by the way, that bro-in-law i ass-whopped months ago came back asking for forgiveness and wanted to live with us again.. fine. i don't hold grudges to anyone.. especially those who're within family circles.. and those that i kickass.. ha ha!

but don't fuck around no more, hommie.. next time might be worst.. just a friendly reminder..

i'm a big fan of Fight Quest.. everytime i watch that series, i mentally pick-up a few tips here and there and visually execute them.. below's my favorite fighting style.. street fightin', baby!

when finances permit, i'll get me a punching bag and some gloves, mitts.. the whole fighting gear.. i'll have Neil, my buddy, Earl and maybe that drunkard bro-in-law to practice with.. i'd probably have more time with Neil cos he likes to kickass.. he adores Bruce Lee.. like me!!

there ya go.. the drama of me's life unfolding before you.. happy now?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"a creative mind is never bored"


more shets comin' my way.. dam'it!

work related.. mostly.

kinda suck these days....



workout had been good.. i see to it!

the snag drag a few of my routine.. like my elbow (the right one again!) seems to be creakin' forever.. and there are times that it literally hurts..

hope the Glucosamine Chondroitin supplement i bought yesterday can help ease my predicament..

darn the boredom strike again.. so, see you when i see you?

ciao, humans!


you might wanna try figuring this out:

cos i can't!!!