Tuesday, August 12, 2014


wow... days just blows us by, huh?

it's kinda crazy in the office these days.. so many new faces! boy, how we have so many new babe and greenhorn.. they're everywhere!

yeah, there are only four of us left from the original.. hhmmmm.. lemme think fifteen.. twenty? can't remember exactly.

i tried quitting a few times. i remember the two times but i'm almost certain i resigned three times.

i wonder if i quit now, will they finally let me go considering i'm *cough* *cough* old?

i'm really good at what i do these days but there's a bit of a snag.. i'm not as nimble and as quick as i used to.

now, we have all these new faces and i'm wondering when are they gonna put somebody who will be my heir apparent. most departments already have somebody to assist them while i'm still a one-man-show. not that i mind.

anyway, whatever. after many years of being here and doing what i do, i'm very adept at adapting.

i'm open-minded and i play my card with aces up my sleeve. i don't think i'm that smart but it's working out fine for me.

i dunno if it'll work out for everybody, but my single biggest trick is, to keep a low profile. ya know, stay in the shadows.. below the radar.. out of the map.. away from the magnifying glass.

and then, there is God of course, you atheist!!

wifey however is the opposite. she likes to being the center of attention. if she can get a selfie on top of the highest building or a mountain, she'd gladly oblige.

just a few days from now, we'll fly out to Palawan. exciting!

meanwhile, that's all there is today.